Thursday, September 2, 2010


I can't even believe this story myself. Never did I ever expect someone to confirm what I already knew. The lawsuit originally filed by Lally cronies, with the aid of the Republican Party leadership has been exposed as not only having no merit, which I reported on, but was it also illegally filed? You can read more here: Louisville News and Politics: 3RD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT HEATS UP: REPUBLICAN PARTY ONCE AGAIN GOES AFTER THE LIBERTARIAN CAN...

Thanks to an email from Vice Chair Cordell Lawrence this is indeed the case.

Falsifying a lawsuit is about as bad as it gets for a lawyer and there are countless examples of discipline including disbarment for those who choose to go down this path.

In the case of Caldwell and Republican Vice Chair Cordell Lawrence filing a suit to rid the ballot of Ed Martin and Mike Hansen we have this situation.

The suit was filed by none other that Vincent Heuser, Jr, 30th LD of the Republican Party. I have been told by several that Heuser claimed he only filed this suit because of pressure from the party itself. This in and of itself is a serious concern.

Since when does an attorney misuse his practice on behalf of politics?

I know I know, Democrat Mike O'Connell is a good example of one that does, but he is after all an appointed political hack so we expect this from him right? But a private practice attorney? A private practice attorney violates the law and ethics for a political party by filing a lawsuit on behalf of someone who never gave permission to do so? What kind of attorney does that?

A crooked one in my opinion.

From Cordell's email to me:

"I never saw the lawsuit. I did not sign it either. Someone put my name on their so that it would appear that the county party was behind this. I swear on the holy bible that I had nothing to do with the lawsuit. I was on a business trip out of state."

And now we have a problem.

Vincent Heuser, Jr, attorney at law, knowingly falsified a lawsuit. This is huge and forces us to ask the question of just how low will the local Republican party go to elect an inferior candidate like Todd Lally who clearly is undeserving of the office.

There will be charges filed against Vince Heuser, Jr, the Republican Party itself, and more. This is certainly the tip of the iceberg. Hell I will file them myself.

Cordell Lawrence should sue these clowns himself for damages. He certainly deserves damages thanks to this atrocity.

Many within the party have told me that this plan was contrived by Todd Lally, his campaign staff in Jay Hill and Joel Adams, and an unnamed source within the Republican party leadership. Unnamed to date but rumored to be none other than John McCarthy, the Washington lobbyist installed in the local Republican Party by none other than Mitch McConnell.

For Lally and crew? I AM A VETERAN and I don't use that term loosely for my own gain. Most Veterans I know have something called honor, integrity, and ethics. There is absolutely nothing honorable about your behavior in this. It shows no integrity and certainly is unethical.

Not exactly what one expects from someone using their veteran status in the hopes it helps them get elected. We deserve better.

Quite frankly, many Veterans I speak with, after seeing the stories of your behavior in this, agree. And I still have not reported on your attempted hijacking of the VA Hospital event for your own political gain instead of on behalf of the veterans themselves.

You should do the honorable thing now and withdraw. You certainly do not deserve to represent we the people. You most certainly should make a public apology for your behavior including a personal one to Cordell Lawrence.

You say you are a man of honor? Now is your chance to attempt to prove it. Man up and take responsibility for these actions. Admit you screwed up and promise to do better. We can respect that much anyway but I won't hold my breath.

Cordell Lawrence my sincerest apologies. Seriously. I have been stalwart in outing you in this case and including you as part of the problem. Based on your statements I was wrong. I can man up and admit that but you do have some burden of proof required in this as well.

The record shows you as the co plaintiff in this case and there has been nothing until your statement today refuting that. Now your path is clear. You must pursue charges against those involved to clear your name. By not doing so it suggests that your comments are not truthful.

If you need help let me know I will certainly do my best.

I'll make myself available.

Give me a call ;-)


  1. How do you REALLY feel, Ed? ;)

  2. lol this is just the beginning. The teaser if you will. There is so much to come I cant even begin to outline it all. thanks for writing and stay tuned...........

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