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Apparently Vickie Welch is now using supporters to spread lies against her opponent Renay Davis. In 2006 they lied about Renay Davis residency accusing her of living in MaDonna Flood's district off Cooper Chapel Road though Renay was and is a resident of Blevins Gap Road.

Apparently they feel they can try the same thing again. How desperate do you have to be to continue to resort to these cheap lying political stunts? Apparently quite a bit.

And before anyone gets all twisted remember I just called out Republican Todd Lally for the same thing in his desperate attempt to remove Libertarian candidate Ed Martin from the ballot.

So why is Vickie so scared and why resort to possible libelous behavior on her facebook page? Well for starters she has proven to be one of Abramson's favorite yes voters. The facts bear it out. Additionally, she has even sponsored legislation, later withdrawn, without even knowing what the hell she was doing.

Since she wants to go that route let's look at some facts about Vickie Welch.

Vickie has voted for and pursued:

More low income and section 8 housing in South end neighborhoods. Teaming up with Bob Henderson, Rick Blackwell, and the other Abramson Democratic machine cronies Vickie has not seen one of these projects she did not like. When was the last time we saw the SW included in anything but these things?

More requirements that parents take off from work to obtain a prescription for over-the-counter medications. Yep Vickie tried to sponsor an ordinance that would force parents to get a prescription for allergy medicines among others that would force higher healthcare costs on families. Even though these meds are over the counter they are already regulated by law to force anyone purchasing to sign for them through the pharmacy. So why force people to take off work and lose that income, pay an office visit charge, while at the same time having them pay the co pay for the prescription that most insurance requires? So she could pretend she was better than the State law.

This is a cost that could easily reach $100 per family and that is if you are insured. Why try to force more money from your constituents so the drug companies and Drs can get more?

More jeopardizing public safety by supporting the mayor's bomb storage facilities on our water supply. Yep even those who now are supporting her, and trying to degrade Renay Davis and Councilman Doug Hawkins for standing up against this issue, were the same ones who were standing beside me at the hearings in opposition to this. It didn't bother Vickie she blindly approved it anyway against her constituents wishes.

More violations of ethics laws by campaigning with taxpayer money. I can't even type enough to cover this but you can read more here:
Louisville News and Politics: WHAT DO DISTRICT 13 METRO COUNCILWOMAN VICKIE WELCH AND COUNTY ATTORNEY MIKE O'CONNELL HAVE IN ... And according to WHAS TV more discretionary spending ($5,000 in 2009) on airplane tickets. This is just a smaple there is plenty more.

MSD rate increases? Vickie does not even know what her role on the Council is in this regard as evidenced by her own statements on her facebook page once again. Read about that one here:
Louisville News and Politics: VICKIE WELCH DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE

More money to Kentucky League Cities. As we all know the KLC was found to be corrupt and loaded with wasted tax dollar money on free trips and getaways for members. Guess who went along for the ride and enjoyed the free trips? Vickie Welch.

Money for the Arena. No problem says Welch. The arena was approved with Vickie Welch help even though the majority said we could not afford it and did not like the site choice. Once again ignoring her constituents who now have the obligation to pay off the money she made them accountable for.

Library Tax? YES says Vickie Welch. Vickie was one of the strongest supporters of the library tax voting for it herself even though the tax was defeated by whom? The majority of the SW she says she represents. The people told her no and Vickie once again in her wisdom decided she would do what she was told by the Abramson Democratic machine regardless. Do we need more tax and spenders like Vickie Welch? And what was the payoff for that blind support?

Blogger: Louisville News and Politics - Edit Post "LATEST VICKIE WELCH MUSINGS AMONG OTHERS.."

The SW lost the regional library for a smaller Fairdale one in her District. So much for SW involvement eh? Get me mine.

Money for Cordish? Vickie once again says yes. Where was Vickie when Cordish was getting more money from Abramson? Standing right beside him saying ok.

Finally this. Vickie continues to lie anout the residency of Renay Davis and then continually tries to paint her as some kind of nut job because of her job working for Doug Hawkins in hopes she will get a two-fer. One that she beats Davis, and two that she can help Hawkins opponent David Yates win as well. Hawkins has been painted that way by mainstream media though the people in SW agree with his stances. Does she support the CJ and liberal media agenda instead of her own constituents? It would appear so.

Need an example? Once again from her facebook page...

Vicki Aubrey Welch.
Thanks for your support, Steve. And David will model himself after those of us in SW who are proactive and promote the SW, not make up negative issues. He will be a team player with the rest of us, too!

Vickie does not model herself after anyone in the SW who is pro active in promoting the issues and I most certainly would be very concerned by a partisan hack like Welch who would recommend someone because they will "be a team player" with this Democratic partisan machine.

We most certainly do not need another Democratic machine "team player" on this Council. They have destroyed our fine City enough as it is.

Speaking of David Yates. There is a whole lot to David Yates that has not been reported yet including a lawsuit stemming from an injury to a young girl he was involved in 1998. Though I have been reluctant to do this story until now this I guess is the time.

Why now?

Because we most certainly do not need more support for the good old boy Abramson Democratic machine system. Haven't we suffered enough?

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