Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I could spend hours writing about how ignorant current Metro Councilwoman Vickie Welch is but why bother. I will let her show you in her own words with this facebook page statement made by her:

Vicki Aubrey Welch warning of negative ROBO calls out on me! Metro Council does NOT vote on ANY utility rate increases (MSD/Water Co./LG&E). That is done by their own Board of Directors according to state law up to a certain percentage rate each year. Don't believe the LIES!! Call or write if you have any questions. Thanks!
Yesterday at 3:23pm

Seriously Vickie? Don't believe the lies? Ok I won't.

There are so many things wrong with this statement that it defies belief that after all this time on the Metro Council, recent events including a lawsuit against MSD, and the fact that MSD just recently tried to slide in language during the bonding issue you voted on just two weeks ago where they essentially stated that the Council has always approved MSD rates past and present, well you get the picture.

Vickie Welch is so out of touch with what her job is she doesn't even understand one of the most basic laws of doing her job. Yet she still voted to approve the MSD bond a few weeks ago.

For starters Ms. Welch the MSD rate plan is governed under KRS 76.090 where it clearly states that ALL rate increases must be approved by the local Governing authority which would be well, you.

Additionally, the argument by MSD's Bud Schardein against this STATE law has been that Louisville has approved local ordinances that give MSD the right to increase rates by their board, and not the Council, up to 7% per year.

In your own words:

That is done by their own Board of Directors according to state law up to a certain percentage rate each year.

Um Vickie there is NO STATE LAW that says this in any way shape, or form. And since Schardein has continually alluded to a local ordinance in testimony with you guys well obviously you don't A) pay attention when in chambers, or B) can't comprehend basic info. Additionally, since Metro itself is included in this lawsuit and trying to hide behind a fictitious ordinance should you not be up to speed on exactly what ordinance that is?

I mean considering that YOU have to follow those ordinances and should know it as part of your job!
Again in your own words:

Don't believe the LIES!!

I agree 100% and the only one lying is you. With that in mind I can now assuredly say don't believe Council woman Vickie Welch.

She lies.

Any questions?

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