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Many of us in the blogosphere break stories or do the work mainstream does not do anymore. Serious investigative pieces, along with our own opinionated commentary, have made the blogosphere a must read for many throughout the community. Literally thousands follow local blogs with a vengeance and make us part of their daily news cycle.

With that in mind, have bloggers finally become recognizable for content versus the constant attack from mainstream trying to prove we are insignificant?

Based on the following I believe so.

It is with great honor that I inform you that I have been selected as a panel member for the U of L Yearling series post election analysis on November 14, 2010.

So far the Chairpersons for both parties have been invited (though it appears that the Republican Party chair will send someone in their place), Ryan Alessi, formerly of the Lexington Herald Leader and currently with ICN/2, Phillip Bailey of LEO, and yours truly will be part of the panel.

Barry Bernson of FOX41 will moderate the event.

So what does this all mean? I guess it means we have arrived.

From the U of L website on the series.

About the Yearlings Club Speaker Series

UofL at the Yearlings Club is a Sunday afternoon speaker series sponsored by the UofL College of Arts and Sciences and the Yearlings Club, offering serious discussion of community issues. Our goal is to find solutions.

There are many important issues addressed by this series. Talented individuals share their expertise and help us discover solutions.

Former speakers at the series have included the likes of Jack Conway, Dan Mongiardo, Sheldon Berman, and a whole host of people.

Led by Reginald Meeks, the Yearling Club series is devoted to civic responsibility, community service, leadership development and civic responsibility. Worthy goals to say the least. You should attend.

The October meeting featured then Mayoral candidates Greg Fischer, Hal Heiner, and Jackie Green and focused on West End issues.

So why invite a troublemaking blogger like myself?

Maybe because I have led the way on many stories and am not shy about telling it like it is?

Who knows but one thing is for sure. To include a blogger like myself speaks volumes about the series reaching out to alternative "experts" in the media in their quest to seek answers and solutions. To say I am humbled would be an understatement.

It is indeed an honor to be considered an "expert" and be included in an event such as this.

By the way since it is open to the public I recommend all who can attend please do so. It should be an interesting conversation.

The forum will be on Sunday November 14, 2010 from 4-6 pm at the Yearlings Club, 4309 W. Broadway, and include refreshments and networking opportunities. No reservations are required.

Make plans to attend and I will look for you there.

For more information, contact Reginald Meeks at 502-852-3042 or

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