Friday, November 12, 2010


Seems newly appointed State Rep Wade Hurt, his Democratic opponent was disqualified making him the only candidate, and former Jefferson County GOP Vice Chair Ellen Reitmeyer have decided we needed a Southwest Republican Club for the SW Republicans. They held a closed meeting on Sunday at First String. Sounds great doesn't it?

Not really because as usual there is a problem.

The idea was mine and working with others such as Republican Paul Hosse, a Southwest community activist and conservative strategist it is amazing that they would choose to have a "closed" secret meeting without including those like Hosse and myself who raised the issue and worked to help them in this year's elections. I told them my idea last March. They were shocked that no one had attempted anything like that yet. So what do they do?

After working to help them gain credibility after they were ousted from the County GOP they decide to hijack someone else's idea and try to make it their own. AFTER they also had the benefit of being a couple of people my group, that includes Republicans Paul Hosse and Ray Pierce to name a few, helped during the recent elections. Very telling I believe.

It is hilarious to say the least.

Funnily enough from what I am told happened at their meeting no one could even come up with a plan on how to start. It turned into a money plea as usual. How can you ask for money with no structure? Yep I know what they want the money for and they won't like it when I tell the world. Wonder what the Jefferson County GOP thinks about this?

Speaking of helping people many on the inside know that this year a local Southwest group started a candidates school to aid those seeking office on how to become better and more educated candidates.

The school was a non partisan school that included many such as Renay Davis, Mike Nemes, Brian Simpson, Wade Hurt, Gail Powers, and Michael Lewis to name a few. It was offered to all conservatives, regardless of political party, at no cost this year. Though Republican candidates and independents took advantage of it Democrats did not even though it was offered to all equally.

That wasn't our fault, but recognition must be given where it is due, and apparently there is false credit going around.

From the beginning Paul Hosse, Paul Holliger, and Ray Pierce designed, developed, and ran the school, which was designed to develop individuals as candidates and familiarize them with the issues affecting residents west of I-65. I was included as a consultant. I helped not only those in the classes but many candidates around town. I will not divulge them all at this time, but I have to say I am very proud of those that won, AND those that lost.

All worked hard to better themselves and that was rewarding in itself to see people improve themselves. Hosse and Pierce also were involved helping individual candidates, while Hosse was also advising several other candidates.

What I am disappointed in is some of those we worked diligently to help such as Wade Hurt and Ellen Reitmeyer. By their recent actions they are employing the same tactics we are accustomed to from politicians and political insiders in general. They are proving that they aren't interested in bettering the political process, or the South End issues, but in helping themselves only.

That is unacceptable.

Wade won by default as his opponent was disqualified from the election. The election totals will prove that and Wade may very well be a one term Representative. We shall see in two years.

In the meantime many are stating this was Renay Davis school and that is false as well. I have to say none of this came from Renay herself. Renay is a true champion and tireless advocate for community change. Whether you like Renay's politics or not she is a class act with a pure heart and would never take credit for someone else's efforts.

Renay was gracious enough to lend us the use of her home for the school, to save money since the classes were free, and we were and are very grateful for that.

Now that the record is straight I assure you this year we made a huge impact. We had some wins, and we had some losses, but even those losses were closer than anyone could have predicted.

Just wait it gets better going forward............


  1. For someone who has run unsuccessful in three straight cycles, under three different parties, you sure do include yourself in the "we" alot. Don't you have to be a Republican to include yourself in the "we?"

  2. lmao is that the best you have? We includes the people of the Southwest regardless of party for the betterment of the South end. Nice spin though.

    As far as races are concerned I have yet to run one to win. Even I was not delusional to think Iwould win the Mayoral election in 2006 nor the Democratic Primary in 2008 when the Dems stacked the deck with so many players.

    Thanks for the laugh....

  3. Ed, you wrote "Hosse and Pierce also were involved helping individual candidates, while Hosse was also advising several other candidates".

    Actually, I think you meant someone else's name and Pierce were also involved helping individual candidates, while Hosse was advising several other candidates. I was helping out several campaigns in an advisory capacity, and was a speaker/MC at two events.

  4. This is the kind of representation you get when we let a judge decide who our candidate will be. Wade Hurt got less votes than any person who won or lost the election for District 37 in almost the past 2 decades. Lets hope he is in and then out.

  5. The raw numbers would make it appear that Donohue received roughly 5400 votes. This is far more than Wade received but the breakdown is not yet complete.

    Thanks for writing.

  6. To Anonymous -
    It should be noted that a judge did NOT "decide" the race in House District 37. That "decision" was made by none other than Jeff Donahue when he submitted FAULTY paperwork: he only needed 2 signatures and he got one WRONG!

    It's always fascinating that your gripe is only with Republican Wade Hurt's victory.

    Perhaps you didn't know that Democrats Joni Jenkins and Jim Wayne had their races "decided" in an IDENTICAL way. Or perhaps you did know, but because you're a partisan hack you just didn't want to mention that fact.

    Whatever the "real" reason, and in the spirit of FULL DISCLOSURE I've set the record straight.

    To summarize, in Jefferson County, Ky. there were 3 Kentucky House races in which candidates submitted FAULTY paperwork, and 2 Democrats and 1 Republican were the beneficiaries of those mistakes.

    Case(s) closed.


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