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There is so much I am uncovering and I still haven't scratched the surface of Councilwoman Judy Green. That is saying something. This is one more part in the ongoing saga of our City Councilwoman. It appears Mrs.? Green uses several aliases when conducting business. I use the question mark after Mrs simply because of one nagging question. Why would a person having been married for 30 years to the same man continue to use multiple names including her maiden one when conducting financial business?

How many of us could do that without raising suspicion?

Ms. Green uses many names including Judith Green, Judith G. Green, Judith E. Greenwell (maiden name) and a couple more variations. Alarmingly no one has done any background checks on Ms. Green or her husband James Green.

After a quick search I found many things that cause concern.

First in the case of James Green there are at least 2 pending lawsuits against him and Judy Green, or Greenwell in at least one of them.





The et al portion of the Goldsmith case includes his wife listed as Judy Greenwell, the Department of Revenue, and Curtis Reynolds.

Apparently Gus Goldsmith, remember that name from the Wayside situation?, loaned the Green's $140,000 that they have apparently defaulted on. The suit involves the Department of Revenue perhaps because of this:

JAMES P GREEN $14,113.41 749 S 43RD ST LOUISVILLE KY 40211 JEFFERSON 542 741

JUDY E GREENWELL $14,113.41 749 S 43RD ST LOUISVILLE KY 402112776 JEFFERSON 542 742

Tax liens folks.

There was an order of sale rendered by the courts November 10, 2010 against the Greens. Was this their personal home or the Perkins property. If they owned the Perkins property then why are they being sued by Perkins?

I am working now on verification but it appears that Goldsmith lent money to the Greens and has a security interest in the old Perkins Chrysler Building at 2105 Dixie Highway which just happens to be the same address that James Green used for Green automotive.

Green was also approved for a $100,000 forgivable loan through Metro but I have not verified if it was ever collected upon or not.

Had enough yet? It gets worse believe me.

By the way does anyone know if Curtis Reynolds is related to Keith Reynolds, mortgage banker for First Commonwealth Bank? That could be interesting considering Keith is the husband of Judge Sadiqa Reynolds.

But I digress.

In the case of the Greens there is also an existing IPL Lien against their home and there have been charges, dropped as of this month, for false alarms stemming from their home.

It would seem based on the available evidence that Councilwoman Judy Green is no longer qualified to be a foster parent as well.

According to the website in regards to foster parent qualifications:

3. What are the qualifications for becoming a foster parent?

An applicants must be at least 21 years old with income sufficient to meet his or her family's needs. Applicants may be married or single and applicants and family members must be in good physical and mental health. Physician statements are required to verify physical and mental health status. Applicants must meet the requirements for housing safety and space, provide at least three references and authorize the release of criminal records to the Department for Community Based Services.........

It would appear that the income sufficient part is lacking at this point and that would not do justice to any foster child put in the home. Additionally, I have been told that James P. Green is no longer allowed to practice law in Ky. I am searching now to determine whether he voluntarily gave up his law license or had it revoked.

If it was revoked it would have to have been for criminal behavior even if it was part of a plea agreement.

These things are important.

Stay tuned folks this is just the beginning of yet another scandal of an elected official......

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