Saturday, February 12, 2011


For the last few weeks the world has been watching the plight of Egyptians and their quest to better their Country. For many like me it was a beautiful sight seeing the people stand up to be recognized. The sad part was that they had to do this to effect change.

Even sadder still more than 300 people died and thousands more were injured. Howe many of you would put yoru life on the line for what you believe in? Interesting question I know.

(Pic courtesy of BBC)

Protesters were fed up with decades of poverty, repression, rigged elections, corruption, and high unemployment under Hosni Mubarek. And who can blame them?

What is fascinating is that after a couple of weeks President Mubarek had no choice but to cede power and give in to demands of the protesters.

Even after cutting off all internet and other communication to try and hide the protesters from the world and hide as well the brutal lengths that Mubarek would go to to protect himself.

According to Al-Jazeera news even Egyptian labour unions have gone on a nationwide strike, adding momentum to pro-democracy demonstrations in Cairo and other cities. Al Jazeera correspondents, reporting from Egypt, said around 20,000 factory workers stayed away from work on Wednesday.

People rising up against tyranny should bring faith to each of us who demand better here at home.

Admittedly, no one wants to see a protest the likes of which Egyptians felt compelled to resort to in order to force changes, but one has to ask the question: What would be the cause of such demonstrations here at home?

Rising fuel costs? Rising taxes? Food prices?

Everyone has a breaking point as Egyptians have proven, but what is the breaking point here in America?

There are many similarities in our plight and the Egyptians in the opinions of many. Many feel we continually fight for freedoms abroad while stifling freedoms here at home. Many believe our electoral system is rigged and can be bought. Corruption? High unemployment?

Yep these factors exist here at home. We touched on this on Friday's MyViewMatters radio show and now we bring those questions to you.

And yes we have had similar protests resulting in similar actions. Vietnam was not that long ago historically speaking. Remember Kent State?

So here we go. Is America on the decline? If so, what will it take to right the ship and force the needed changes to preserve our culture.

It is now up to you dear reader to fill in the blanks.

Your thoughts?

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