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FOX 41 General Manager Bill Lamb's wife was rewarded thanks in large part to Bill Lamb's friendship with Jim King. I can see no other reason. According to the CJ, Council President Jim King just announced the three person panel that will redraw the old County Commissioner's seats required by KRS. Jim King names panel to redistrict Jefferson Fiscal Court areas The Courier-Journal

Interestingly enough 2 of the 3 names listed jumped out immediately.

Rebecca Lamb for the "A" District just happens to be the wife of FOX41's Bill Lamb. Why would she be involved in the redistricting? Because of Bill Lamb and his abuse of his position as General Manager of FOX41 during his POV segments on that channel. In my opinion Lamb went beyond asking questions to openly supporting a Mayoral candidate, and using his position as GM to do so, during the 2010 Mayoral election.

I always thought Lamb was above politics until last year and appreciated his integrity. That changed dramatically during 2010. Want more? read here:
Louisville News and Politics: Search results for Bill Lamb

There was nothing "fair and balanced" in these POV segments and it seriously cripples the ability of FOX41 in that regard. Lamb has proven, to me anyway, that he will use his status for his own gain and not for the people of the community FOX41 serves. Stay tuned for his chastising POV on my view in 3, 2, 1.......

Clarence Yancey in "C" District is another hack in my opinion. Appointed by Governor Steve Beshear in 2009 to the State Board of Auctioneers only reinforces that. There is literally not one thing Yancey is not involved in when it comes to democratic politics and the West End of Louisville. So much for thinking we would move forward under a Fischer administration or a Council that finally is rid of the gestapo of Abramson.

Admittedly, the offices have no power, and no pay, but this shows once again political patronage is alive and well with more insider appointments. If merger does indeed get recalled this redistricting can be a major player in a new elected government.

The "B" District is represented by Michael Mercer. Is this the same Michael Mercer who was part of Stansteel corp, a corporation in Texas in 1978? Or perhaps associated with Louisville Dryer incorporated in Florida in 2005? Or is this the Michael Mercer of First Security Bank of Kentucky, or perhaps Community Bancorp of Kentucky.

We will find out but all appointees seem suspect politically because of the movement to end merger. If that movement is successful these "non" jobs then will have some serious meaning and redrawing the boundaries will be more important.

And of course Bobbie Holsclaw is the 4th person, though not a voting member. I'm sure because she is the current JCC. No problems on that front.

Speaking of Holsclaw would someone please stop the Bobbie Holsclaw email drive. Seriously. I have seen 3 year olds do a better job presenting a message than what Holsclaw staffers are putting out. I am sick and tired of the idiocy of this candidacy. Holsclaw seems intent on one thing. Berating Phil Moffett.

Seriously. She continually sends out email (like anyone even cares that she is in the race) and always beginning with an attack on Moffett. She even goes on the radio and does not even know 1. What she is for, or 2. the difference in something as simple as industrial hemp versus marijuana. Not to mention the mega stories I continue receiving about how the JCCO is really run under her.

67 years old making over $100k a year AND drawing Social Security. She doesn't need the money and if this candidacy is any indication she wouldn't know what it was anyway. No visions, no plans, constant negative attacks against not the front runner but a fellow Louisvillian as well. True indicators she does not have a clue and needs to go bye bye.

Give her a diaper and a baby blanket and put her to bed. Her staff needs the same.

Her running mate Bill Vermillion? Quit embarrassing yourself. Every cabbage head needs some dressing for Coleslaw and apparently she found her dressing in Vermillion.

On Tuesday do us all a favor folks and vote anyone but Bobbie Holsclaw.

Finally what does Frank Simon not get about removing me from his idiotic robo calls? Simon is a bigoted piece of garbage in my opinion and it is insulting receiving what seems like daily robo calls from his office. Simon cease and desist or there will be legal action period.

See you next time folks.......

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