Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today at 2 pm the ethics commission will announce their findings on my charges against Green for the fraudulent 100 Black Men grant. As if it hasn't been bad enough for Judy Green to date. There is more.

Green supposedly is set to start a radio show on Saturday July 9 at WLOU (big surprise). It is being reported by WLOU that Green is paying for her show with proceeds from her dental practice. There is one hitch.

I am receiving many reports that Green no longer has dental equipment to practice with. I am being told that Gus Goldsmith, who filed the foreclosure against the Green's was given the equipment as part of a deal to remain in their home.

With no equipment how does one practice dentistry?

It gets worse and here is the bombshell.

Ms. Green is, according to anonymous sources, under investigation for medicare/medicaid fraud from the AG's office.

I am being told that there was a procedural problem with the initial charges and that the complaints will be dealt with by the Department of Health and Human Services first since it involves children, then will be forwarded to the AG's office.

Considering I lodged a complaint against James and Judy Green about being foster parents months ago with no word on that I won't hold my breath on that Department.

However, it would seem there is more going on than meets the eye.

Time to pay the piper Ms. Green and I don't think this will end pretty.....

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