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This week in Louisville area news and politics

First, due to some family issues that needed to be taken care of, and a mountain of research to get through posting has been light as you know. The upside? The much needed research has given me enough to write about for a long time so stay tuned.

In the meantime Katie King gets nailed by media again here:

So here is the question as I honestly am torn on this. Did Katie do anything wrong here? I know, big surprise me looking at it from that angle, but the woman was unruly in her courtroom and did not follow the rules nor do as she was instructed. So who in the Hall of Justice has it out for Katie to bring this issue to light for the media? In all honesty, if it was any other Judge would we even care?

Gatewood files papers to run for Kentucky Governor:

While Gatewood made his candidacy legitimate, finally, I have one question here.

Was it really necessary for WHAS11's Joe Arnold to turn this into the same old 30 year old debate on Gatewood's stance on marijuana? Even including old footage of Gatewood with a bag of weed? Whether you choose Gatewood or not, why in the world was this relevant to his campaign for Governor now. Gatewood has been an open book on his stances on everything from education to tax reform yet the mainstream continually tries to discount him because of a singular issue like medical marijuana.

HINT. If you guys want to continue down that road then perhaps we should have mandatory drug testing for all candidates for political office. Include the Judges races as well. Private employers require it for a potential hire and we the people are hiring these candidates to represent us. Level the playing field a bit and stick with ALL the issues fairly across the board.

We deserve it. These cheap shots are the biggest reason some mainstream news folks are now unemployed or on their way to be.

Judy Green finally has a hearing date before the Council Court. Why the Court decided to postpone it until September 12 is beyond me. This case can and should be tried tomorrow. Get it over with. At least they finally are moving forward though and for that we should be grateful.

The interesting part is the witness list presented by the prosecution attorney Greg Hovious:

Looks pretty complete to me and should keep Green's attorney's on their toes.

By the way mainstream you are welcome. I am tired of giving you guys all this great stuff to cover without credit. No biggie enjoy your unemployment checks. ;-)
Final thought for now. Valley Station is getting a great new store at the old Kroger on Dixie Hwy. Yeah right.

Just ask them what they think of their new flea market in a prominent location like that. Two Valley Station guys who run their corporation out of a trailer (no joke) have decided this is what we need on Dixie. Another flea market. Is it no wonder people don't take the residents out here seriously?

It is yet another pathetic display by leaders in our community like Democrats Bob Henderson, and his cronies Blackwell, and Vicki Welch. Oh yeah don't forget the newest member of the substandard club Democrat David Yates who took over Hawkin's seat.

I do wonder though. After getting over inflated media mega attention for a banner flying on the side of a building on Dixie, is this the type of business the Southwest Dream team is focused on? Have they done anything noteworthy at all?

Henderson, Blackwell, and Welch took a lot of credit for "working" with the Southwest Dream Team in attracting new business for this area but we have to be honest here.

The Southwest Dream Team and aforementioned Democratic Council members have proven to be a big fail at this point.

Surely we can do better.

See you next time folks.....


  1. Per C-J:
    On Thursday the council court officially scheduled the removal hearing for Sept. 12-14.

  2. That will teach me to sleep type. You are absolutely correct and the article is changed to reflect the correct date. Thanks very much....

  3. Ah the Southwest BAD Dream Team.

    There has never been a more dedicated group of Democrat loyalists than the SW BAD Dream Team.

    This sham of a group has consistently been feeding at the public-money trough. Appropriations from Henderson, Blackwell, Welch, Yates, et al, is the only thing that keeps this group financially solvent.

    I'm with you Ed:
    Aside from spending more than $5000.00 in tax-payer provided money for only ONE nearly useless feel-good BANNER sign in SHIVELY, what has this group really accomplished?

    Even their own website shows NEXT-to-NOTHING about their "accomplishments". Lots of platitudes, lots of "I wish we had a ....", lots of trips to Ft. Knox, really lots of nothing!

    Southwest "BAD DREAM" Team -
    we CAN live without it!

  4. Ed as you know, Judge King is a personal friend of mine, and I actively supported her, and was the principal sponsor for a large fundraiser for campaign. I also worked at the Hall for a long time and was in and out of every district court courtroom daily. What happened in Judge King's courtroom happens every day, people get held in contempt every day. The fact that this person thought she could show such utter disrespect to a judge is ridiculous and speaks to a larger issue in our community. People have no respect for anyone of authority, and they think that they are entitled to act like a horse's ass everywhere they go. Step into a classroom or courtroom any day of the week and I think you will agree with me.

    I firmly believe that there are people in this community who have a vested interest in making Judge King look bad, because they are jealous of an attractive, smart, and driven WOMAN. I have always said that she does an excellent job as a judge, and I personally think that this video proves me right.

  5. Thanks for the post Jacob. Honestly I do agree with you when it comes to lack of respect for authority. I see it too often everyday. In this case everyone knows there is no love lost between me and Katie King and expected me to bash her accordingly.

    Funny thing is though I would disagree with your portrayal of her I don't think she was wrong here. As I pointed out the woman was unruly and did not follow the rules or do as instructed.

    It isn't easy being me sometimes

    Thanks for writing.

  6. Maybe there'd be more respect for figures of authority if they acted more in the public interest instead of in their own via big corporations deep pockets. Just because someone buys an appointment or election doesn't mean they're buying my respect along with it.

  7. You can argue that Judge King may have "bought" her first election to the bench, but she was re-elected on her own merits. I wasn't referring to her personally, I was referring to her position. It is ridiculous that this woman thought she could show such utter disrespect to a judge, and what's even more ridiculous is the other guy who decided to add his two cents, when he was a defendant appearing before her.

  8. Gotta love the Southwest Dream Team and their total lack of vision. Their vision for SW Louisville is one of more flea markets, low wage jobs, fast food places, and service industries. No wonder we see such a decline in the standard of living here in American when our choices consist of buying slave labor goods from Red China or generally nothing else except something that might have been produced in the past.

    I live in Shively near that pathetic sign that says Southwest Louisville Welcomes You or whatever crapola that they put there. In fact, I laugh every time I pass that sign from going up and down Dixie on my way to work or home. I'm certainly not trying to bash the people of the SW areas of Shively, PRP, Valley, Auburndale, etc. I think it has a lot of potential. But that potential won't be reached when you have an insurance agent, temp service owner, etc running things. They don't think in big ways and SW Louisville and the rest of the city needs technical jobs, manufacturing, and higher skill jobs. Instead leaving us rotting away working at jobs that don't pay the mortgage or rent in my case. I don't have to make 100k a year but I do need to make 30 to 40k a year and have my wife chip in a bit so we can educate our son and pay for what we have to pay for. Not just extras or frivolous things.

    When I see the stupidity of the SW Dream Team and the so called representatives of the SW area from the Metro Council it makes me want to throw up in my mouth. Just like when they recently announced in the CJ about putting a new sign near Valley Station for several thousand dollars.

    What kind of nincompoops do we have in Metro Council and these so called do gooders. Seriously, do any of these people have any education or common sense to realize what we need in the Dixie Hwy area is jobs and plenty of them. Not only that but city services such as road repair. I've been driving just about every 2 or 3 days from Shively to Valley Station on Dixie Hwy. I usually commute to downtown or the east end for work. However, I had some errands to the south of me. US 31W/60 Dixie Highway is getting in really bad shape. To the point that it just makes me want to buy some new shocks on my 2004 model car. The roadway is falling apart at every area, the traffic lights aren't synchronized like Jerry Abramson and John Yarmuth planned in 2010. In fact, they were to be completed last fall. They never got fixed and that goes for a great amount of the city. No wonder Louisville families on average spend 179 dollars a month on fuel. I have to turn around and put at least 40 bucks a week in my largely fuel efficient car. I would hate to pay the bills of some folks.

    Does the so called leadership of Louisville get it? Or are they asleep at the wheel again? It seems that Bob Henderson, Rick Blackwell, Mary Wooldridge, Vicki Welch, etc are asleep again.
    Not to mention the members of the SW Dream Team. By the way, when are they going to start working on Greenbelt as well since it seems to be falling apart again. At one time, it was a great road to drive but not any more. Plus getting some family sustaining jobs in SW Louisville. In that case, probably all of Louisville needs a lot more family sustaining jobs because there are too many people out of work with no future because of the stupid economic policies wrought by the decisions of the last 30 years. This crisis was brought to us by bad policies and stupid decisions of both political parties. Thanks for your fighting for us Ed.


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