Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Judy Green, THE LATEST........

We are now being told that Councilwoman Judy Green has voluntarily checked herself into an unnamed hospital with an unnamed "serious" illness that will linger for possibly weeks. So what is it then drug/alcohol abuse? Depression? Or is it perhaps a way to stall the hearing for an even longer time so she can collect some more paychecks before she resigns right before the hearing due to a "medical condition" that she believes will help her save face after promising not to resign.

Why are we the taxpayers paying her a salary at all, especially in lieu of the fact that she cannot perform her elected duties if she is hospitalized for an extended time. If it is mental that raises even more alarms.

The game from the outset has been to delay for as long as possible.

With the help of former U of L player and current 6th man to Judy Green, her attorney Derwin Webb should be accused of aiding and abetting in my opinion.

Looks like a page right out of Green's friend Councilwoman Mary Woolridge's playbook to many people. You may recall that Mary Woolridge went missing for a few months (March-July) using the same excuse. Private illness, assumed name at an undisclosed hospital etc.

Rumors abound that Woolridge was in rehab though no one has substantiated the rumor. Perhaps she is teaching Green how to get paid without really trying on our tax dime. As if Green needed any advice there.

I for one am sick and tired of elected members getting paid with our tax dollars and hiding behind the "undisclosed" and "unnamed" mystery illness garbage.

IF Judy Green has a serious illness I hope she is getting help I sincerely do, but her record of fraudulent activity and lies and deceit don't make me believe it for one second. Stay tuned on this one........

While many of us have been complaining about EMS for a long time now it seems we now may have one clue why they are messed up. Besides the obvious Abramson screwing them up so much before he left office. Jake Payne has a nice story on it here:

Senator Rand Paul made a visit to Kentucky yesterday and spoke to veterans with the VFW. I have to admit I thought he handled it well:

All this and more will be talked about tonight on the MyViewMatters Radio Show at 7 pm. Check it out at

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