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Police Statistics under Robert White
Louisville's Crime actually got much worse during Robert White's tenure as Police Chief.

LMPD Chief Robert White announces he is leaving

After being the one who broke the story yesterday of Chief White's decision to leave for Denver, I then sat back a few hours and waited for mainstream media to catch up since they didn't even know it until I broke it. What I was waiting for was simple. I wanted to see how they portrayed the news. Taking aside they actually got the story from my site (with no credit as usual), I wanted to see if they did the typical fluff piece.

Honestly I was not surprised at how bad they handled it.

Mayor Greg Fischer of course portrayed Chief White as almost a hero in his press release and subsequent media conference at 3:30 pm yesterday.

What is Mayor Greg Fischer thinking

I was wondering why Mayor Fischer could make statements such as,

"Chief White has been a high-caliber leader who has made our city safer and who has earned tremendous respect across the city,” Fischer said. “It’s not a surprise that, over the years, many cities have tried to hire him. Denver is gaining a police chief of high integrity."
Louisville suffered through an INCREASE under Robert White
Let's ignore for a moment that NO other City to date wanted him. Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas. All turned him down for good reason. By the way have you ever seen a person of such "high caliber" uproot and leave to go somewhere else for essentially no significant pay raise? That is what White has just done.

Safer city?

Perhaps he should check here:

What? That can't be true, can it? Very much so.

Crime has gotten worse under Chief Robert White and most certainly because of the way he handled his responsibilities. There have always been two sets of rules for this department under White. One for him and another for everyone else.

Reclassifying a felony breaking and entering to a criminal trespass to satisfy some reporting standards is a crime. Creating the illusion felony crimes are lowering is a crime in itself. Yep these things are a daily occurrence under Chief White and his lovely longtime girlfriend and assistant Yvette Gentry.

Classifying a crime from one to another classification does not mean crime is getting better. It means there is a system in place to create false reporting.

Of course I am being told Mayor Fischer loves Yvette Gentry and she is who he wants.

Mayor Fischer? One word of advice.
Stay away from her as a replacement. She will not pass muster and will be an albatross around your neck. Chief White can be blamed on someone else, fully on Jerry Abramson, but this decision will be your burden to bear alone. None of the officers that would be under her command respect her in any way. That will unleash all kinds of problems in a department that has felt powerless and leaderless for so long.
Think morale is bad now? Just wait if you make that appointment.

Tremendous respect?

Perhaps Fischer should be talking to the real people who have worked under this Chief of Police.

Morale has not been any lower. It is a constant struggle to be treated equally within the Department. And let's not forget about many "rumors" of Chief White drinking and driving, think Blackiston Bowl, or a nickname of Captain Cannibas to some, the cover ups for his son who was just recently arrested for domestic violence, or even his long time affair with now one of his commanders in Yvette Gentry.

We have yet to see the bill for the damage done to his city owned car by his son either.

Yep this Chief brought plenty to the table but none of it good. All of which was outed as far back as 2006 when Abramson was touting Chief White during the Mayoral race while myself and Kelly Downard were stating the truth about him.

Of course this is yet one more example of Mayor Fischer being saddled with the problems of former and current Lt. Gov candidate Jerry Abramson.

Thank Jerry Abramson for this nightmare

A quote from Jerry Abramson?

Abramson said in a prepared statement: “We gave Robert White an audacious challenge — to unite two very different police departments, to restore the community’s faith in our police force and to make Louisville safer.

Chief White and his team absolutely succeeded on all fronts, and our community is a much better place for his leadership and professionalism. ”

And lipstick on a pig makes one a supermodel.

Abramson as usual continued to ignore the fallacies of this Chief simply because he ALWAYS hires people who will do exactly what he tells them even if it is wrong.

Chief White was no exception to this. He was hired to play ball and go along with what Abramson wanted and continued in that role until he could not any longer.

Denver loss is our gain

To the good folks in Denver. Sorry about your loss. It is a loss to hire a Police Chief who clearly in this case has been a failure in every avenue. Free advice? Do the research on his career. Check out Greensboro, NC, and everything here in Louisville.

You will find a dismal record of failure, reports of corruption, cover ups. You name it they are there. And all by design to protect one element of the community at the expense of another.

Read about that from Thomas McAdam:

After all is said and done, you folks have just been bamboozled. Remember that in your next Mayoral election. When you start singing the song "hey,hey,hey goodbye" to your new Chief and the Mayor who hired him do two things for me.

Make sure you mention me to them that will make their day, and secondly?

Please Dear God keep him out West, we don't want him near here.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Ed, and thanks for nailing the Robert White story once again. Like you, I have many friends on the LMPD force, and they are of one mind: Bob White has been the worst Chief in memorable history. It's a sad reflection on Louisville's mainstream media that they have chosen to whitewash the failures of this incompetent racist. --Thomas McAdam

  2. Ed...Youre depiction of Col. Gentry is wrong. How dare you pass this type of judgment..Look at the numbers, look at her past work on the dept. SHE WAS AND IS A REAL COP!!! Since she has been over the patrol Bureau, she has saved a ton of officers from BS reprimands from IA.....Dig a little before you spew your verbal diarrhea!!

  3. The beauty of a blog is FREE failed to post my comment because it contradicts your view....Your a jOKE

  4. Anonymous #1 I disagree. There is a lot there that will be coming out this week. I have dug and done interviews. Quite frankly out of the many I have spoken with ON the Department you are the only one who has even shown any favor to her at all.

    Thanks for the comments

  5. Anonymous #2 do you even have a clue what you are speaking of? LMAO. The only comments that have ever been censored on this website are ones that have porn links imbedded in them.

    Are you the person who keeps trying to link them?

    Maybe you need a lesson in civics as well. The beauty of MY blog is MY free speech. I have no obligation whatsoever to post yours.

    Feel free to start YOUR blog so you can enjoy your unlimited FREE speech.

    Weird you would feel like your speech has been denied, without merit I might add, yet you hide behind a comp instead of putting YOUR name on your comment as I do.

    What are you scared of? Free speech isn't free by the way nothing is. If you are scared of taking the risk then don't gripe about no reward ;-)

    In the meantime thanks for the ISP address so I now can track you and help stop child pornography.

    Have a great day!

  6. Anonymous #2 says....

    The comment was about you not posting my first comment, but I see you did. I think we have plenty of qualified people to run LMPD, and that includes Col. Gentry. Saying that she was having an affair with the chief is like saying that you exercise and eat healthy, JUST NOT TRUE. The ISP threat does not effect my views of you or your blog. Im not your Porn guy, just a police officer who goes in every day and works his tail off and doesnt like people like you spreading cancer amongst us.

  7. So you were both anonymous comments then which leads to questions.

    1. Why not use your real name if you are going to complain about free speech?

    I use mine on everything. I don't live in fear.

    2. How long have you been with LMPD? Because what I have stated is very true.

    3. What is the average length of time in service before the usual promotions to Lt., Major, Colonel, etc? How long did it take Gentry when compared to the normal average?

    By the way there was no threat in regards to ISP address. I regularly keep them in a safe place for my protection. based on your assertions you could very well have been teh one who keps trying to get porn on my site. I just wouldn't know without checking it out.

    I haven't felt the need to publicly out anyone yet but they are there if I feel it necessary.

    Finally, don't hate the messenger. I am a huge supporter of our LMPD officers and have for many years hated the fact that you had to work under an asinine individual such as White, and his handpicked cronies.

    Trust me I have plenty I can put out on the so called "leadership" that White installed but I don't feel it necessary to out all of them since White is finally gone.

    And yep I hope they appoint someone locally instead of importing someone like they did White. It just won't be Gentry if I have anythng to do with it.

    Finally, for your own credibility, and that of LMPD, I suggest one thing. Relax, and show some patience before you go off half cocked in outrage over some perceived slight on a blog and a comment you made. If not then the only one that can be responsible for, in your words, "verbal diarrhea," is you.

    Quite honestly, by stating you are an officer the way you have handled this only adds fuel to the fire of those who feel you guys are out of control. It reflects poorly on LMPD and that is exactly the opposite of what we need right now.

    Thanks for the comments.

  8. Thank you for your true articles on the Chief and Gentry. I am new to your blog but will be following it with relish in the future. As a member of the large police family, I appreciate your point of view.

  9. Thanks for the props and being a new follower of this website! I appreciate it very much.

  10. Ed, I am worried that Mayor Fischer will keep a majority of the command staff in place. They are tainted by the horrendous leadership of RC White. The man literally said at a rollcall, "I do not care about you or your families". Word for word. He has let Gentry and other promote a former City only command staff and run off the former county staff. A simple power play that needs to be righted. Quinton Buckner needs to be demoted along with Gentry. Buckner though is as incompetent as it gets. Gentry continues to allow though not recommended for hire to be hired because they are a person of color.

  11. You are not alone in that worry I assure you. And yes I have been told many times about White's comment regarding families. It is a pathetic example of one in leadership and quite honestly that attitude probably has much to do with why his own family is always in turmoil.

    Keep the faith and I will keep the pressure on in hopes of righting this wronged ship White left us.

    Thanks for writing.


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