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My good friend Mike Maharrey over at the tenth amendment center posted this recently and you should read it. . Seems the roots of this whole occupy Wall Street movement are imported. Can we in America not even organize ourselves anymore?

For those of you who know of Star Parker, Ms. Parker will be the featured guest on The Ed Springston Show Tuesday night at 7 pm and can be heard live at Star Parker is the President of CURE and a nationally syndicated columnist. Check out more on Star at and remember to tune in Tuesday. This is one show you won't want to miss.

Seems there are all kinds of questions about the Metro Council redistricting and of course the fab four in the South/Southwest Council districts can't even answer simple questions. Yep Louisville Metro Council members Blackwell, Yates, Henderson, and Welch couldn't even answer basic info about which precincts would be changing in their proposed redistricting plan.

Funny how other
Louisville Metro Council members such as District 19 Councilman Jerry Miller has had this info available for his constituents for some time now. Shouldn't we expect better by now from our elected leaders in the South/Southwest?

You would think a high school teacher (Blackwell), and a lawyer (Yates), would at least know how to conduct an informational meeting.

By the way check out how the number one goal of redistricting was to protect incumbent
Louisville Metro Council members. From their own handout:

Finally, apparently MSD has made a great deal for Bud Shardein. There is money apparently being paid into a trust fund quietly established in 2008 and is on top of Shardein’s annual salary of $181,147 and benefits, including a government pension. If Shardein remains in the job for another 15 months he gets the money. One has to wonder where the CJ has been for all these years in regards to MSD. Now that Abramson is gone they finally do some real work?

Stay tuned this will get better I am sure.

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  1. So you're applauding Jerry Miller releasing information about redistricting that was inaccurate?
    While it's very true that Councilman Miller has information about the "current" precincts that are involved in the redistricting available, you again fail to realize that not only is this map a draft, which if you need to know what that means I suggest you invest in a dictionary; but that the precincts aren't going to be accurate either way until the whole redistricting process is complete on both local and state levels and the County Clerk has redrawn all the precincts accordingly. Which at this point shows that the information that Councilman Miller has posted is an rough estimation at best, not actual accurate numbers.
    I was at the meeting, and the purpose was clear that these were the hard lines based on census data and final precincts aren't known yet and that this was a draft map, which not even 2 days prior was altered again and by nature could be again before being finalized with the Council vote and Mayor's signature. The Council members present made all this information known at the start of the meeting, there were no allusions to the contrary, save for the ones that were imagined by a certain few in the audience.
    With that said, I would recommend that if the only information source you have is either Chris Thieneman, Ray Pierce, or Paul Hollinger then I'd work hard to find other sources that were actually accurate for a change instead of just being insufferable pains in the collective ass of the SouthEnd.

  2. LMAO. Seriously? Do you really want to be outed as teh writer here "anonymous." Come on get real you can do better.

    My sources come from everywhere. Each Metro department, each Council office, you name it I get it. You should be thankful I work a real job instead of being fully funded or I would expose a helluva lot more quicker than what I have so far. Don't worry though it still gets done just takes a bit longer. lol

    Interesting "anonymous" you fail to even mention the incumbent protection angle and Goal #1. Anyone who believes this "draft" would be altered in any meaningful way really does need to invest in magic powder from Tinkerbell so they can fly.

    Thanks for writing.....


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