Thursday, November 3, 2011


Whistleblower Eric Garrett case goes on

For those who have been asking about the status of the Eric Garrett whistleblower case, I have been waiting until this week to update. The case of Garrett was supposed to be heard this week from Nov 1- Nov 4 but has since been postponed until February 14, 2012 due to a vacation by the sitting Judge Shake.

Since this case began many things have been uncovered about the inner workings of the Public Works department under the gestapo reign of Betty Younis and Ted Pullen. Retaliation, lies, and misuse of public funds are but just a start.

Just how incompetent are these people

I have received reports from many sources about Younis and her ineptness throughout. I have also been told that Jennifer Maupin, legal; administrative liaison in HR who supposedly did this sham of an investigation, has been reassigned thanks in large part to her poor handling of this investigation.

Sources indicate that she was investigating Garrett’s legitimate Ethic tip-line against Betty Younis while at the same time, investigating Garrett for misconduct at the request of Ms. Younis.

While she was supposedly verifying Garrett’s complaints of public works fraud and waste, she was simultaneously arranging to have Garrett evaluated by a Forensic Criminal Pyschiatrist after Garrett filed his lawsuit. See any bias there?

Surprised that Garrett’s ethics complaint went unsubstantiated after he was suspended without pay (later overturned for lack of merit)? Sources tell me that Younis and others were literally caught in their own web of deceit during their testimony but we do not have them as of yet to confirm. The investigation was handled in such a retaliatory manner, that HR backed off completely from pursing Garrett and sources say HR Ast. Director Fleming pointed fingers at Younis for how this situation was so mishandled.

Though the case will be continued in February there are some things that need to be answered now. The biggest of which is since when did Betty Younis have permission to use our hard earned tax dollars for a personal security detail?

Our tax dollars at work

Yep this did happen. According to sources Betty Younis unilaterally authorized $4,500 a week of taxpayer money for “personal protection” because Eric Garrett put her in the center of a Whistle blower lawsuit. The contract was cancelled after Eric was reinstated and his name cleared in the middle of October (08-06-10 to about 10-10-10; so about $40,000.00 paid for younis’ private security detail). Ms. Younis was paying $4500 a week for off duty police officers through a security firm to provide personal security in front of her office. Their instructions?

To watch for Eric Garrett.

They were given a picture of Mr. Garrett and told to watch for him specifically. That was their job. Several officers at once, paid $25 per hour to be on the lookout for a person who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against her Department. For roughly 10 weeks.

Our cost? Approximately $40,000 - $45,000 of our tax payer dollars for a personal security detail.

Was this a unique request and expenditure? Yes it was. Never had this been done before or since. Upon Garrett winning his case, and being reinstated with full back pay, the security detail was disbanded a short time later.

There are many more things to report and we will as time goes on.

In the meantime Louisville News will be continuing to lead the way on this important story.

Once again, now it would seem we have other charges to bring against yet another Metro Department in which Younis and Pullen need to resign now.

Stay tuned..........

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  1. I really want to see some foloeup on how the security detail was paid for


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