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The Metro Council as we now know is taking as much action as they can against the renegade wannabe cop Constable David Whitlock. As we previously reported a resolution to the Ky House asking them to impeach Whitlock, and at least one ordinance severely limiting the powers of the Constable in our first class city, is just the beginning.

What many people are asking is, why did the Metro Council get involved now?

I can answer that one.

Since the first day of the shooting by Constable David Whitlock at Wal Mart sources have been coming forward with all kinds of evidence and alleged charges against Whitlock and his illegal deputy staff. Most of them came to me while the lamestream media, including the local news stations and the CJ, would not give them the time of day or follow up on the evidence.

Of course now they do AFTER we at LNP started writing about it and showing some of the pics. I also discovered that former Sergeant Rob Chapman who had been a guest on my radio show while we were discussing the bridges fiasco just happened to be the investigating officer during the felony investigation into Whitlock's thievery.

After meeting with at least one of these sources last Sunday, to verify the evidence firsthand, and meeting with Sergeant Chapman (Ret) it became clear to me that everyone had dropped the ball in regards to Constable David Whitlock.

We at LNP knew about allegations of Whitlock's wrongdoings. We knew about his felony conviction that was ultimately expunged by a crafty attorney through Commonwealth's Attorney office Dave Stengel. We knew of many allegations against Whitlock and his illegal Deputies wrongdoings against citizens of Louisville. So did LMPD and Dave Stengel's office and a whole host of others.

Except the Metro Council.

What we did not know, did not have, and could not report on, was the evidence that existed. That evidence is now in the hands of the LMPD, the Metro Council, and Dave Stengel's office itself. We could only do that after it was verified.

On Sunday afternoon November 6, 2012, I met with an anonymous source to review the evidence that included fake Metro ID cards, illegal badges, and a whole host of other stuff.

Some of which is posted on my site in other articles.

After verifying the evidence, I decided to act immediately to see if we could pursue action against Whitlock and his illegal staff.

I immediately tried to contact several Council members finally getting hold of Councilman Kelly Downard late Sunday, and later Councilman David James. I explained to Councilman Downard about the illegal evidence and he asked me to meet him at Metro Hall Monday morning with it.
I, of course agreed.

I took with me a CD with some of the evidential pictures to leave with Councilman Downard on Monday. After reviewing the evidence all I can say is Councilman Downard was livid and appalled that Whitlock had been able to continue doing the things he was against the citizens of Louisville/Jefferson County.

I also ensured Councilman James received a copy as well. Being a former FOP President, as well as the first Chief of the KBI, I felt Councilman James was the best source within the Council to lead the direction on just how the Metro Council could pursue action against renegade Constable David Whitlock.

I was not disappointed.

Councilman Downard and Councilman James within hours had everyone working to aid in solving this problem and bringing it to light.

Both should be commended for their work on this. While Councilman Blackwell is going to get credit for some of this, because of politics in some way, it is important to make sure the citizens of Louisville understand just how and why the Council is acting.

As usual while lamestream was busy ignoring the big picture, and how the citizens of Louisville were being harmed by Constable Whitlock and his illegal crew, LNP was going straight to the source and the heart of the matter by getting involved.

While local news was trying to play games and catch up by trying to use my sources and not give credit, we were busy meeting with Metro Council members and getting results.

So why did the Council get involved now?


While other news sources were busy trying to do the fluff pieces, I was busy trying to seek justice. I took the Council the evidence and asked them to get involved. It was that easy.
So easy in fact one has to ask just why the media does not help eliminate the criminal element when they have access to the same info I do.

Your welcome Louisville. And if I may also add.

Remember to call and thank Councilman Downard at 574-1116, and Councilman James at 574-1106. They deserve it in this case.

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  1. To the anonymous poster who wrote in my apologies but I had to delete yoru comment.

    The Denny's employee who brought charges against Whitlock wished to remain anonymous and we at LNP will honor that. Your post tried to out the source and we will not go against the wishes of the individual.

    Thanks for writing.


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