Friday, November 18, 2011


Stephanie L. Sandmann
Sort of anyway though few would want to be a star of this caliber.


Looks like Richie Farmer has been sowing his own seed with our money. Former Ag Commish Richie Farmer put his girlfriend, Stephanie L. Sandmann, a former low wage receptionist for a gynecologist in Louisville Ky, on the payroll as a non merit employee for $60,000 per year during the final days leading up to the General election.
So what does it take to qualify for a $5000 per month job with Richie Farmer? According to the CJ very little.
 Sandmann’s application for the Agriculture Department position said her last job was as a receptionist at a Louisville doctor’s office that provides gynecologic and obstetric care.
Before that, she worked as a title clerk for a title insurance company, as a real estate agent, a mortgage processor and a cellular phone saleswoman, according to the application.
Great creds eh?
In my opinion we now know just why it was so important for Farmer to pay for hotels on our dime at the State Fair and a few other places.
Of course they are both going through divorces and Farmer, and the GOP in general, continue to tout themselves as the"family values" party. Anyone else see the hypocrisy in this besides me?
But let me assure you that though David Williams and Farmer are from the perfect example of family values we cannot brush everyone in the GOP with the same stroke.
There are just as many hypocrites on both sides of the political realm and no one can be assumed to be guilty by association.
The real problems now are just what exactly will happen to Farmer from here?
There must be charges of malfeasance and/or misfeasance, dereliction of the duties of his office, and a whole host of others. Richie Farmer must be held accountable for the waste of our tax dollars or no one else can be.
That is the reality. Misdirecting our money for his own personal gain is akin to what Judy Green did.
We had her impeached for it, though we are still waiting on Dave Stengel to do his job and charge her, I won't hold my breath since it involves the Democratic mafia, we must be consistent and the actions of Farmer justify the same treatment.
Sandmann should resign, or be forcefully removed effective immediately, and we must be reimbursed for any and all money spent for her salary and other expenses of which she was involved.
Many believe it should be this way, as do I.
Charge Farmer and hold him accountable.
In the meantime Mrs. Sandmann?
The gravy train you thought you were"riding" just ended. Time to look for another job. One in which you are suited for.
You can figure out what "job" that is.....
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