Saturday, November 19, 2011


Edited to reflect that Rep. Shaughnessy is vacating his seat at the end of term. 

The search for Louisville's new Police Chief is on and so far I can't say I am really impressed with the possible candidates listed here CJ. No names pop up as really worthy in my opinion and appear to be more of the same.

The article mentions that Kenton Buckner and Yvette Gentry are both "considering" applying. Mayor Fisher pay heed. If either of them apply and are considered, rest assured you will have your hands full trying to justify it.

I have to admit though I really don't see it happening. White's girlfriend Gentry is slotted to go with White to Denver in the near future, and Buckner is rumored to be negotiating a pension buyout so he can follow and not lose 17 years towards retirement.

Speaking of Chief Robert White, he is under investigation right now by yours truly about a possible sexual harassment charge brought against him a few weeks ago that was then, according to anonymous sources, covered up by Gentry. We will keep you informed if it pans out.

And then we have the whole Occupy New York scandals going on. According to Fox news FOX, ACORN is actually paying folks to protest in New York and is now firing and shredding evidence to prove it. It really is no surprise to anyone who has actually been following this lunacy. Great read check it out.

Additionally the 2012 campaign season is getting underway with at least two folks from the "Say no to bridge tolls" movement have announced their intent to run. Shawn Reilly is going to run for the Ky House seat being vacated by Tim Shaughnessy, and Curt Morrison will be challenging Metro Councilman Tom Owen.

Though I don't personally agree with these guys on many issues, I have to admit I know them both and have much respect for their passion and commitment to what they believe. Pay attention to these races as both Reilly and Morrison will bring much to the discussion. 

Finally, we have this about the GM bailout. GM Bailout costs billions. Apparently, as many of us already knew in the first place,  GM is set to lose money and cost us taxpayers more than what they originally planned. The key word here is planned. Though we in the public knew we would lose money on Government Motors they have not been willing to tell us that. Until  now.

Seems even the fed is tired of covering up the obvious anymore.

See you next time folks!

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  1. Senator Shaughnessy is retiring this year; Shawn is running to replace him not against him. I am sad to see my friend and my former state senator leave elected office, he was one of the best! Hopefully, when Shawn is elected he will fill the void that has been left by the 2004 retirements of Lindy Casebier (R) and David Karem (D) and this sad retirement of Tim Shaughnessy. We need more men and women like those three to serve our state not less.

  2. You are correct on Shaughnessy Jacob and the article has been updated to reflect that. As far as Karem is concerned we would strongly disagree with each other. :-)

    Thanks for writing!


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