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In the interest of fairness I have to make a disclaimer here. I have become a Paulbot of sorts in the GOP primary for President. Sue me but it is becoming hard to be objective in this race anymore. Tonight's South Carolina GOP debate proved once again just why Ron Paul is the class of the field.

Is he as articulate as say Newt Gingrich? Nope. Is he young like Rick Santorum? Nope. Does he look the part of the traditional Conservative Republican like Mitt Romney does? Nope.
But there is something. Something undefined in any other candidate in this race. Character. So how do you define character?

Here is a dictionary reference to character:

char·ac·ter noun

1. the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.
2. one such feature or trait; characteristic.
3. moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character.
4. qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity: It takes character to face up to a bully.
5. reputation: a stain on one's character.

Perhaps numbers 3 and 4 sum up Ron Paul well. One thing that none of the other candidates have had the audacity to do is question the character of the man Ron Paul. While all have challenged the integrity of each other none have even come close to challenging the integrity of Ron Paul.
That in itself speaks volumes.
The CNN debate tonight proved that we have become too enamored with the fluff attacks and non answers from candidates running for the largest job in the world. CNN allowed Rick Santorum to be the whiny ass titty baby he is becoming known to be, let Gingrich go on the attack against the moderator himself, and Romney to try to justify his weak flip flopping positions.
The one guy who stuck to the issues and answered each without the fluff and double speak we have become accustomed to was none other than Ron Paul.
Santorum tried his best to include Paul in the fray and I enjoyed watching Paul set him in his place.
Especially when it came to pro life. While Santorum tried to bring Paul into this asinine argument by insisting Paul only scored a 50% on one of the idiotic questionnaire's that continue to fixate us on things that are not the real problem in America, Paul made sure Santorum knew two things.
One, Paul made sure that Santorum understood that basically the reason Paul scores so low is that he will not back off his position that each State should have to make that decision, and it should not be a federal issue, and two Paul made sure that Santorum knew that if the States were to make this choice individually Roe v. Wade would in effect be overturned since the feds no longer controlled the issue.
Since practially everty Republican candidate uses Roe v. Wade as an example of their supposed reason of being pro life it would make sense to follow Paul's suggestion would it not?
Why is this distinctive in and of itself? Why would someone, such as I, who constantly condemns the whole God, Gays, Guns, and Abortion (GGGA) fanatics, even use this as an issue for this article?
Because I believe that Ron Paul in this one example proved he was a statesman and NOT a politician.
In this race this is an important distinction.
This is perhaps just why no one can attack Paul effectively. He is just too intelligent and too constitutional for faux wannabe leaders to comprehend. This is one example of why no one dares challenge the integrity of Ron Paul. It will backfire as he continually has proven.
Rick Santorum knows his days are numbered so he and Newt made a deal. Yep in my opinion Gingrich and Santorum set up this whole "attack" by Santorum on Romney and the Grinch in an attempt to deflate Romney. My best guess is that IF Newt Gingrich can somehow secure the win in the primary that Santorum will be his VP pick. Santorum just isn't smart enough to come up with the idiocy he displayed tonight. Nor does he have the money to buy the research supplied to him.
He came off as an ultra sensitive, whiny, spoiled brat of a child and clearly isn't comfortable in the role he portrayed tonight. Or maybe that is his real personna. If it isn't one of two things are going on.
Either he is being led like a sheep to slaughter, or his ego went into overdrive after the whole Iowa scandal. Either situation disqualifies him as having the temperament to be President in my opinion.
Character. Santorum lacks it in spades. Romney? Well Mitt Romney still cannot speak directly to a question nor can he take the heat. This has been clearly on display since the subject of his finances and tax returns continues to pop up. He clearly is worried about something. Look at his eyes when he speaks. Constantly shifting and constantly blinking is a sure sign that he is covering up something based on body language.
Character. Newt has none at all. How can someone profess to be a person of character and family values and live the life he has led. If he and the Republican field want to continue to make this race about values he cannot qualify as a real Republican based on his well publicized lack of such values.
And what about the character of CNN moderator Jon King? Good question.
King had no control over this debate and allowed it to become a free for all attack ad for the Democrats. King set the stage for this asinine "debate" by starting with the first question about Gingrich's recent tabloid fodder about his ex wife and an open marriage. While we were waiting to get real answers to issues (knowing full well that would be a pipe dream anyway) King allowed Santorum and Gingrich to run the show. This of course allowed the whole mess to become a whiny ass titty baby pissing contest as would be expected from these two.
CNN truly owes an apology to the audience for having to put up with this grade school attempt at a debate as clearly they either didn't know how to run a debate, or were working as a Democratic de facto operative.
As for me I have had enough of these faux debates. Paul gets my vote if for no other reason than the best reason I can think of.
Ron Paul appears to be a man of character.............
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