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Presidential debate: The aftermath

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Louisville, KY – In an earlier article we simply asked the question in regards to the Presidential debate, does anyone care? It would appear that many indeed do. There can be no doubt that Republican challenger Mitt Romney owned President Obama in the first debate of the season.

Many were left to ponder whether Obama’s heart is really in this race at all. The President came off as either bored, under the influence, defeated, or flat didn’t care either way. You can insert your own excuse here ______.

For myself I saw a man who looked like a child getting scolded for having his hand in the cookie jar. Romney did that well in the debate folks. He showed a contrast between a pretender and a leader.

It wasn’t pretty.

But do the debates really matter?

Thanks to social media these days we can get a clearer more accurate picture of instant reactions.
Romney gained an immediate surge amongst independents and undecided voters after just this first debate so it would appear that debates still matter.

What should come as no surprise is the instant downplaying of the significance of the debate itself and the immediate attacks by not only the Obama campaign, which is predictable, but the mainstream as well once again.

While the democrats reluctantly agree Romney won the debate they, with the help of the MSM, downplayed the win as insignificant and decided to go on the offensive against Mitt Romney’s claims. What makes it even funnier?

Obama says Romney owes the American people the truth.

Mr. President, with all due respect to the office, if anyone owes the American people any truth at all, it is you who has been the most secretive, lying, and manipulative President I have seen in my lifetime. I don’t say these things callously.

Lies about your past, your religious leanings, and so many other things frankly scare the hell out of many Americans. The “truth” is that when one gets so wrapped up in their own lies they generally have no choice but to go on the attack against others accusing them of having the same problem.

Besides truth is in the eye of the beholder.

There are always three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and the truth.

Truth is a relevant term to those who choose what they want to believe then distort the “facts” to adhere to what they want the outcome to be.

Sounds like political polling doesn’t it?

The truth is that any candidate running for office will use facts, figures, and argue that they have a plan. Another truth is that for partisan hacks they will never believe anything from their party opponent. Another one?

Not every fact or figure can be logically explained as truth to everyone? Ask any scientist.
In a future article we will address some of the so-called “lies” of Romney’s statements. You will find that they weren’t the lies that the liberal MSM want us to believe. Or the President for that matter.
Mr. President you remind me of a typical man with a bully complex. When you don’t get your way you find a way to blame others and attack them because they found a way to get theirs. When faced with certain accountability you abuse the power of the office we entrusted you with to get the
outcome you want. Need proof?

Check out executive orders of this administration. When given the opportunity to be “Presidential” and defend yourself and your policies face to face you showed us a weak ineffective leader who essentially cowered in fear to Romney.

It is a lot easier to attack someone’s character, morality, and fortitude when hiding behind fictitious campaign ads then it is to say the same things to their face and deal with the consequences. Bullies typically back down when faced with an equal opposing force.

You proved that Wednesday night.

That is a childlike quality not an adult leadership one. And that is one more reason President Obama has failed.

When you lack substance use someone else. The references to Bill Clinton and your administration were insulting to anyone who believed Clinton did a good job. You sir are no Bill Clinton.Nor have you shown any inclination to follow his lead. Until you need him for reelection purposes.

As I have admitted many times over I actually voted for Obama in 2008. Bush was as bad as billed, McCain was no option, and I, being open as always to trying something new, decided to take that chance.

It was the worst vote in my 30 years of voting and one that must be corrected. Mitt Romney showed me why.

No I don’t believe Romney is great, nor do I follow traditional party line thinking. In this election we have two choices (no offense to Gary Johnson or other candidates) we will have either Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama as President for the next 4 years. Of the two do either really stand out as perfect?

Romney simply is …….what we need right now.

A CEO with a lifetime of business experience who actually understands how markets work and has shown himself to be a willing partner to the opposite side. In short someone who can lead by example but be open to the discussion.

Is Romney who he portrays himself to be at all times? Of course not.

With the exception of a very few, many people are not who they portray themselves to be 100% of the time. And that’s ok. That’s human.

Think I’m lying? Be honest about the relationships in your life. Not just your loved ones, but expand that to include your co workers, bosses, and anyone else you come in contact with.

You will find that my statement is true.

I waited a day intentionally to discuss the debate because I was eager to see if Romney would get a fair shake with the MSM or if they would aid and abet Obama once more. Hoping for the former I realized quickly that the latter was happening.

And that’s the saddest part of all.

What did MSM do on Thursday? Instead of being “fair and balanced” when attacking what they consider Romney’s inaccuracies (actually by their own fact checkers words they fall short in proving they were lies), they went on the attack claiming Romney wanted to kill Big Bird and predictably trying to make the so-called 47% argument once again.

Using “Big Bird” as an example of how far out of touch Romney is, by implying that one expenditure was his only way of reducing the deficit, a miniscule expense at any rate admittedly, what they failed to do was see exactly why that statement was important. Considering those same funds account for only 15% of the funding for PBS one can argue they don’t need the money anyway.

No one could rationally believe that a CEO of Romney’s caliber would be stupid enough to think that eliminating public broadcasting funds would fix the economy. But what it did tell us is that Romney is willing to look at expenditures at every level, no matter how great or small, to fix this out of control spending government.

That’s what business leaders do.

Those small things add up to big money.

While Obama’s handlers, like the lying David Axelrod and the complicit MSM media, have decided to hold Romney accountable to his statements ask why the same does not apply to the President himself.

Did we hear any detailed plans on how he would fix the economy or address America’s shortcomings? No. Instead what we hear are once again repeated statements from his 2008 campaign.

Those tactics worked coming on the heels of the Bush failures in some ways.

The President cannot play that card again with any rational voter. We simply know that he has had 4 years to follow through on the claims he made then and has been a dismal failure in his attempts, or lack thereof, to implement them.

Romney won because he was substantive, informative, and showed leadership.

All in contrast to our current President.

Keep it up Gov. Romney. You may not be perfect but you are what we need right now.

I can live with that.

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