Tuesday, October 30, 2012

US Economic Perspective Remains Shaky

USA 2012 Election Return Projection Map
By Clarence Amador

The economic crisis ended in 2009, so why is the US economic outlook still so unstable nowadays? There are plenty of factors why the economy has failed to pick back up because the financial crisis passed. Political gridlock in the united states government makes it impossible to predict what exactly the laws and regulations soon will be. The healthcare mandate which was passed is being litigated in courts , and this mandate could prove expensive to several company owners.

Consumer spending is still at very low levels, and lots of clients are selecting to save rather than splurge. Americans with no jobs in high numbers and many have lost their homes and retirement funds. The national financial debt continues to climb devoid of end in sight, and the price of gas, energy, and foodstuff are at incredible levels. With all of these problems it's no surprise that the perspective for the financial system isn't favourable.

The US economic outlook nowadays reflects many factors. The trade debt for the USA will be over $600 million by the end of 2012. The rate of economic growth is quite small at around 2%. Numerous companies are waiting to see what happens in the presidential elections before making any employing or expansion plans. Job growth is also very low, and the new jobs being made are usually not high wage jobs that promote the middle class.

Numerous economic professionals predict that the poor economy will continue for at least another 18 months, and possibly much longer. Similar things that are bringing down the US economy are also dragging down other economies across the world also. It will take some more time before individuals become more confident regarding their financial condition, and the future of business rules.

The US economic outlook is still uncertain according to some because of the mixed signals given and the changes in direction that the US Government continues to take.

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