Monday, September 22, 2014

Glenmary, Greg Fischer Updates

Louisville, KY - Investigations take a hell of a lot of time folks especially when you are investigating the continued shenanigans of the local Democratic mafia in power here in Louisville. With that said here is a quick update on two of our most important current investigations.Glenmary
As you are no doubt aware of by now the Glenmary case we have been diligently reporting on continues on. What started as a simple report continues to grow. An old board of directors versus the new, soon to be old board of directors, in a fight over an unsustainable golf course in their neighborhood. Should have been a simple story right?
As usual nothing is ever as simple as it seems on the surface. Our other reports right here have outlined and detailed much of what the fight has been about but yet there is always more.
While investigating we have now uncovered emails sent by one of the former Board of directors, Scott Kennedy, who works in the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) using our public paid for resources to argue about his personal property and fight against Glenmary. 
Can we say once again unethical? How many more of our tax paid employees continue to get caught in this situation.
It makes you question even further the integrity and honesty of  those involved. We will be doing an in depth story with copies etc in the near future. 
No wonder current President Ron Huff has his hands full.
Hang in there...
Greg Fischer lawsuit
In the meantime, one of my current investigations is set to get crazier late this week.
As everyone knows by now, even mainstream has followed my lead and reported on this story without credit once again, but I digress, Mayor Greg Fischer has been sued by former Ford employee Jay Morgan.
In July we let you know that Greg Fischer and his legal team, which apparently includes Ford Motor Company, who was unnamed and has no relevance to the case at this point, was attempting for the THIRD time to have the case dismissed essentially over the same arguments they had previously used. 
These feeble attempts at avoiding answering the charges against Fischer will be heard in a full hearing once again this Friday at 1 PM in front of the Honorable Judge Mitch Perry.
One would think Judge Perry will finally put an end to these ridiculous, expensive, waste of the court's time, and our tax money pleadings before his court. How much more money will we the taxpayer be forced to shell out on this Mayor's legal expenses based on a private lawsuit brought against him?
Ford's local attorney in this case, Thad Keal, was present once again in today's quick hearing sitting with the Fischer legal team. A simple hearing to determine a date for a full hearing regarding Fischer's latest attempt to dismiss.
We have to ask once again. Why is Ford involved in this case at all?
Just who is calling the shots here anyway? Fischer tried to involve Ford in this suit, they were not named as a party to, and now Ford is apparently collaborating with his legal team?
IS there something both Fischer and Ford need to hide?
Hopefully, Honorable Judge Perry will finally put an end to these shenanigans on Friday and we will be able to finally get at the truth.
This is the tip of the iceberg folks on these stories.
Stay tuned.......

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