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MORGAN V. FISCHER: How worried is Ford?

Louisville, KY - Over the last several weeks the case of Morgan v. Fischer has been allowed to continue forward quietly. While local mainstream media continues to ignore this important story we at Louisville News have not. Our first bit of concern came when Ford Motor Company, who has not been named as a party in this lawsuit, decided to interject themselves in it by arguing for a dismissal of it. Why would Ford try to intervene in a case that they are not even named in?

It becomes a case of David v. Goliath, or in this case Fischer/Ford v. Morgan.

On top of all that Fischer has wasted the court's time and resources, along with Ford Motor Co aiding and abetting in my opinion, to delay the case as long as they could presumably until at least after the most recent elections were over. It worked, however delays are now over thanks to an order by Judge Mitch Perry finally. 

Note that in Judge Perry's ruling he points out that this is the second time he has ruled against Fischer because Fischer tried the same set of facts. In short? Waste of his time.

Is Ford working in collusion with Greg Fischer? For me the answer is yes.

Perhaps this link will help you understand why. Of course there is always more. You can also read here for background.

Ford is very concerned and sent in a heavy hitter this week to Louisville to meet with Greg Fischer. Need proof? Here you go. 

Ziad S. Ojakli, Group Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Ford Motor Company - See more at:
So why send Ziad S. Ojakli, Ford's Group Vice President of Government and Community Relations to such a meaningless event? An event thrown together during Thanksgiving week to "honor" elected officials? Seriously it is an elected officials Appreciation Dinner.

Ojakli has not been to Louisville previously for any reason that we know of. During the whole workplace training facility program Morgan spearheaded, that Ford supposedly wanted him to do, or for any other reason.

So why now for such a meaningless reason?

Because Ojakli and Ford are scared of what Morgan knows and what Morgan may out. But their fear is of their own doing and here is why.

Ford entered into a non disclosure agreement with Morgan regarding their termination of him and an undisclosed sum was involved. Every agreement like this involves money. Since it is an undisclosed sum and there is a non disclosure agreement does this preclude Ford from speaking with Fischer about the settlement?

Of course it does. There is no way in hell one can seriously believe that Ford had its own attorneys working with Greg Fischer in this case and it has not been discussed. It defies logic. And that is a problem if Ford violated their own agreement. The agreement is null and void at that point and confidentiality no longer applies.

Morgan can say or do whatever he wants in that scenario and Ojakli and Ford know it. When did a private employer ever spend so much time working with elected officials on a former employee matter? Think about it.

There is also no way one can seriously think that Ford, who would typically send a flunkie to a GLI event such as this one, seriously folks, a thrown together event to "honor" elected officials, and expect anyone to rationally believe there isn't something else on the agenda.

Especially during Thanksgiving week which typically is a slow news week and the opinion would be that no one would notice.

Sorry Mayor Fischer. Sorry Ford Motor Company's Ziad S. Ojakli some of us do pay attention. 
Ziad S. Ojakli, Group Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Ford Motor Company - See more at:
Ziad S. Ojakli, Group Vice President, Government & Community Relations, Ford Motor Company - See more at:

In our opinion Ford has been in collusion with Greg Fischer and his legal team period.

On a sidenote, the GLI event today is just one more indicator of the fallacy of GLI. An entity that exists to aid business interests is  now honoring elected officials?  Any business associated with GLI should be questioning the loyalty of the people running GLI and collecting their dues.

But taking the obvious aside, for Ford's Ojakli to be here now, after all this time, for such a meaningless event, during Thanksgiving week, and only after Judge Perry's order moving Morgan's case forward, the logical conclusion, for me anyway, is that Ojakli's mission is not to honor elected officials but to speak with one in particular, Greg Fischer face to face, and personally express Ford's concerns over Judge Perry's ruling.

Ford and Fischer are scared and scrambling.

Based on everything that has been uncovered and known, in my opinion they should be.

We did reach out to Mr. Ojakli seeking comment. According to his rep he would be "unavailable." No I didn't expect anything less.

Morgan may not realize it but he may hold the keys to bringing down the Kingdom here in Louisville.

Personally I can't wait.

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