Thursday, November 6, 2014

Desperate Obama once again chooses "B" lister in Jerry Abramson.....

Louisville, KY - Mark Twain famously said, "When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else."

Based on Tuesday's elections Twain's words have rung true once again.

While Republicans won in droves across the Nation, whether as an anti Democratic vote, or whether people actually believe in the Republican agenda, will be proven one way or the other soon enough, Kentucky once again proved Mark Twain's words true.

Louisville Metro Council remained virtually unchanged, the Kentucky House Republicans did not pick up any seats as they expected to, and today the failures of the Democratic leadership remain in power. In Kentucky, somehow we refuse to better ourselves. We have seemingly become so paralyzed by the lies and handouts by Democratic leaders we simply don't know how to think for ourselves or make the changes necessary to provide a better future.

Today I watched the liberal agenda get moved to even new absurdity with the announcement by Governor Steve Beshear that Jerry Abramson would be appointed by President Obama as a liaison for local and State governments.

Once again President Obama chooses a "B" lister to aid him. Did Obama even get the message on Tuesday?

Obama has nothing left to his Presidency now but to pander to the poor urban core of the inner cities and that is one thing Jerry Abramson was always good at. Perhaps President Obama does not realize that we the people are finally waking up, at least on a national scale, to the reality that our poor urban core inner cities are largely that way because of failed Democratic policies.

Only in Kentucky could we be so late in realizing that. As Mark Twain said.

Abramson was the creator of our poor inner city here in Louisville. He spent years lying to the poorest among us to benefit himself. Louisville fell backward on an economic level and any other real measurable way under his too long leadership. 

When finally faced with his own nightmare creation he turned tail and ran to his buddy Governor Steve Beshear to bail him out.

Why could Abramson not get elected at State, or National level since he was once thought of as the next Democratic golden boy in Kentucky politics?

Abramson has way too many skeletons in his closet and too many people know the truth. Any other race besides a local one would have exposed everything about him and he couldn't stand up to the scrutiny.

We brought to life one of those secrets that he did not want exposed and it cost him his last term run for Louisville Mayor. What local liberal mainstream media did not do was hold him accountable. 

Here at Louisville News we did and it cost him the Mayor's office.

How so?

Jerry Abramson blamed Louisville's problems on old, black, poor people. I kid you not. It was amazing what he truly said when out of Louisville to others around the Nation. 

We covered it here complete with audio. 

Immediately following our report Abramson was confronted by the entire African American community in Louisville who finally held him accountable and demanded meetings and answers.

This is why Jerry Abramson did not run for his last term as Louisville Mayor and was saved by his good friend, current Governor Beshear. Simply put the poor, old, black people finally saw, and heard, the contempt he secretly harboured towards them. 

Finally, we saw through his lies and had to face the truth about who he really is.

That isn't all. We have done what mainstream local liberal media has refused to do. We have spent an exhaustive amount of time outing Abramson in every way imaginable. Read here for some of it.

Ask our Louisville public safety personnel exactly how Abramson treated them. It isn't pretty. Refusing agreed contract pay to them, resulting in endless expensive lawsuits that had to be filed to hold him accountable. Firefighters, police, EMS.

The unions that publicly supported him. privately despised him. And it cost we the taxpaying citizens millions of unnecessary dollars.

And Abramson is a great spokesperson for minimum wage? After costing tens of millions of additional dollars to we the taxpayer for his arrogance and failure?

Ask Abramson how he helped destroy pensions and led Kentucky into the dismal fiscal cliff that is resulting from HIS decisions. It isn't pretty.

A record built on lies and deceit that was finally exposed for the world to see. By us. Everyone else was too scared of backlash to hold him accountable.

I told Abramson before our Mayoral debate in 2006 that he was a great salesman who could sell ice to an Eskimo. The problem was that by the time he finally delivered it, in subzero temps to Antartica, somehow he would find a way to make sure that it was melted and he would have no clue as to how half of it disappeared.

Perhaps Obama thinks Abramson can aid him in his fight against McConnell. I hope not.

Perhaps this was done as part of the deal with Grimes and Beshear that had President Obama and Harry Reid directly involved with her miserable failed campaign against McConnell. Look what  that decision did for her. It should end, hopefully, any future political ambitions by her.

The Democrats in Kentucky are clearly worried about the 2015 Gubernatorial race and who can blame them. The Republicans across the Country gained 3 more Gubernatorial seats on Tuesday. So what to do?

The usual.

Abramson had no shot at winning in a State election so remove him and make way for someone who might. Resign immediately so you have a year in which to try and make it happen.

This is no surprise this is politics in Kentucky. We told you months ago that there would be a shake up in the Governor's office. We were slightly wrong admittedly. I expected Steve Beshear to resign and go to Washington to help set up Abramson. Instead Abramson goes to Washington. But it doesn't change the outcome of the game as we told you then.

The door has now been opened to see if Luallen can generate enough support to be the next Governor in Kentucky. We will see if she is willing to withstand the scrutiny of that race and can deal with the rumored family secrets that surely will become a part of the public record if she chooses to run.

Luallen of course was caught on video by Project Veritas all but acknowledging the Grimes lies about coal along with many others. This will be a problem as well but the least of it admittedly.

Or perhaps now Luallen can spend her time as Lt Governor being paid with our tax money to campaign for Jack Conway.

What of Steve Beshear? In two years  rumor has it John Yarmuth will not seek reelection of the 3rd Congressional seat he currently occupies. That sets the stage for Beshear.

So many questions emerge from the elections this week and the subsequent actions of today, but one thing remains a profund assessment long ago.

Mark Twain may have been right, but in Kentucky it is never a boring ride......

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