Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Metro Council Dems up to the usual shenanigans

Louisville, KY - The death of Metro Council President Jim King came as a shock to many throughout our community and has opened the door to the inner workings of the Democrats on the Metro Council. Two major obstacles must be overcome immediately and it has already become a farce behind closed doors.

The first issue that will be addressed is who will replace Jim King as Metro Council President for the remainder of the year. There will of course be no Republicans considered and the choice has been narrowed down to 2.

Marianne Butler, King's longtime admirer and student of all things wrong with elected representatives in Louisville, was already pushing for the job as early as last Thursday when news of King's passing was released, No time wasted for her and an insult in my opinion to the memory of Jim King.

Then we have David Tandy, a Councilman lawyer who thought nothing of signing a non disclosure with Cordish denying we the people any accountability of our money. To say I am underwhelmed with either choice would be an understatement but barring any unexpected payoffs in this case Tandy wins.

With Jim King gone no one currently has the money or the power to control the council as he did. Rumor has it that Butler wants the job solely so she and her boyfriend can benefit from some land he owns by U of L. That would explain why she didn't care much for mourning and went straight to politicking for the Council Presidency.

The edge has to be Tandy's. Republicans would surely vote for him over Butler, and the Democrats will split. With 25 votes total available, only 13 are needed to win. Republicans hold 9 votes, Tandy has his own vote meaning he only needs 3 Democrats to win. He will pick up District 1-6.

Thank goodness David James opted to stick with his Democratic Majority caucus title.

The second thing on the horizon is who will replace King in the District 10 Metro Council seat.

The fix WAS in to install, I mean select, County attorney Mike O'Connell's choice, Pat Mulvihill but there may be a chink in the armor.

Former Alderman Steve Magre has put his name in the hat for consideration. Magre needs to stay retired and Mulvihill needs to be excluded.

Magre is using former King LA Rob Holtzmann to run his limited campaign and that raises all sorts of red flags. Holtzmann left the Council under questionable circumstances, so that is always a concern as the plan would be for Holtzmann to become Magre's LA and bring more distraction to the Council once again.

On top of all that, Magre and Holtzmann are close friends of very questionable people in Democratic circles including pedophiles such as Bruce Ewing.

Yes we sincerely hope the Council does not allow this has been, Steve Magre and his wannabe relevant again counterpart, Rob Holtzmann, anywhere near public office again.

Nor do we want or believe a hand chosen candidate such as Pat Mulvihill should be installed, er, appointed, because of political connections to O'Connell and the cover up machine.

At last report there were approximately 10 candidates, that include Representative Reginald Meeks cousin, that had applied so far.

One would hope this Council does the right thing and goes with one of the others to break the stranglehold that has destroyed Louisville because of the recycled antics of questionable insiders.

But as usual we don't expect them to...

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