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Greg Fischer playing a key role in Ford insider trading cover up?

Louisville, KY - We have been the only outlet to continue covering the Morgan v. Fischer lawsuit that has been continually stalled due to frivolous filings by Mayor Greg Fischer and Ford Motor Company to delay justice.

It is time to ask, is Mayor Greg Fischer playing a role in Ford insider trading cover up? We think it is clear there is a connection.

The Morgan v. Fischer lawsuit began after Jay Morgan was terminated from Ford Motor Company based on false allegations presented by Ford that Kevin Cosby and Greg Fischer made derogatory statements against Morgan. We have covered the state of the art West Louisville workforce training facility extensively right here.

After months and months of high level meetings with Ford, GE, UPS, the electrical workers and United Autoworkers representatives, Mayor Fischer and his team that included Pat Mulvihill and Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, to make the facility happen, it never did.

Why would Mayor Fischer's team of Mulvihill and Wiederwohl encourage Fischer to kill the state of the art federally funded world class training facility in West Louisville? They headed the project on behalf of Fischer and Fischer does everything they tell him to.

There are many questions to be asked but none more relevant than this. Who is lying, Greg Fischer or Ford Motor Company?

Ford's Mary Culler and their legal team that included Supreme Court Justice Scalia's son, informed Morgan at mediation that he was being terminated based on false statements, from both Mayor Greg Fischer and Simmons College Kevin Cosby, that Morgan allegedly stated unequivocally that Ford would pay the millions necessary, and own, the facility out of their pocket.

Why would I presume these were false statements? 

Kevin Cosby went on record with a signed affidavit stating that Ford was lying and he had never had any conversation with them regarding Morgan. Since Ford had terminated Morgan based on what they said were the claims by Fischer and Cosby, claims that Cosby denied through an official affidavit, then Ford lied during their settlement agreement with Morgan.

It all started long before Morgan came to Louisville to work on the workforce training facility and it began with Morgan as a whistle blower concerning Ford insider trading by his colleague.

The INSIDER TRADING allegations

James T. Young, on behalf of Ford, met with the US Treasury to present Ford's plan that they believed would make them profitable and competitive. They went through their plan including highly confidential product development through 2019.

Immediately after the meeting, James T. Young bragged to Morgan about buying Ford stock at $2 a share after getting reassurances that Ford would receive government guarantees based on the confidential briefings he had attended.

Morgan then went to Ford's Director of Corporate Compliance James Carroll and did what he was trained to do. He reported the conversation. Shortly thereafter, when Ford released their new training programs, mysteriously the insider training classes had been eliminated.

Rather than maintain privacy as was his job, Carroll went public about Morgan being a whistle blower to everyone including; Ziad Ojakli, Group Vice President and General Counsel, David Leitch, International Affairs Vice President Steve Beigun, Government Affairs Political Manager Alison Jones, Government Affairs Communications Director Christen Baker, and Government Affairs Community Relations Manager Elizabeth Brakebill.

And James T. Young himself who was the subject of the insider trading allegations.

Miraculously, though required by law, no known investigation or charges were ever forthcoming and
Morgan became a target of harassment by his bosses.

Why were SEC charges never brought about?

Morgan's immediate boss at the time was none other than current Deputy of Commerce Bruce Andrews. Andrews wife, Didem Nisanci, just happened to be Chief of Staff at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The fix was in.

Less than 3 months after the allegations by Morgan, Andrews left Ford and gave up approximately a $500k salary to work in the public sector for about $125k. Why? Was he worried about the insider trading charges? Scared that he would lose his job over it? It doesn't make sense otherwise.

So how does all this tie in? Bruce Andrews reported to Ziad Ojakli who just met with Greg Fisher, in November 2014, at an honor your elected officials dinner in Louisville.

Enter Mary Culler.

Mary Culler was an equal colleague of Morgan who was promoted to take over his office and became his boss. Immediately, Morgan was given assignments that they were sure he would fail at and instead constantly surprised them.

Within 6 months, however, since they had no cause to rid themselves of Morgan, and they couldn't terminate him due to whistle blower status, he was sent to Louisville on behalf of Ford and his biggest assignment was to produce the workplace training facility.

Morgan used every contact he had acquired through the years and put together a federal funding package in excess of $20 million.

He even went so far to secure a private meeting at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 with an Assistant U.S. Secretary of the Department of Labor between Mayor Fischer, Kevin Cosby, and current Council President Pro Tem David James to outline the benefits of these workforce training funds.

The Assistant Secretary even told them that with the proposed joint project with Simmons and JCTC in West Louisville green lighted, Louisville would be eligible for $15 million from federal grants. He also gave them leads on how to get millions more.

Louisville at that time had received $1.2 million in federal grants to aid the YMCA. After the YMCA decided not to use the money, one of the first orders of business was to have that money redirected to JCTC AND Simmons College to purchase the land for the projected training facility between 8th and Kentucky. Councilman David James made the request several times and it was ignored, a defacto "no" by Mayor Fischer.

Greg Fischer declined to redirect it for worker training and instead gave it to Wal-Mart. It became clear quickly that this project was going to be thwarted at every turn.

But since Fischer wouldn't work with the team and redirect the needed money, Councilman James went to U of L President James Ramsey and asked if they would be interested in a partnership. Ramsey jumped at the chance and said the facility could be built right on the U of L campus, and since they already had an operating agreement with JCTC and Simmons College there would be no problems.

Of course, Mayor Fischer stated later that they could not come to an agreement between Simmons and JCTC on an operating agreement. A lie? It appears so.

At this point things got bad quickly.

Miraculously lobbyist Mike Helton, who was under contract with Ford through Morgan's boss, Mary Culler, decided to interject himself into the situation and went to U of L President Ramsey and claimed that Morgan had no authority to work on the project or speak with Ramsey.

A lobbyist does exactly what they are told to do by their employer, so why did Culler instruct Helton to lie to Ramsey? Was there collusion between Culler and Fischer on behalf of Ford?

It would appear that this was a clear lie designed to kill the project. How so?

In Jan 2012 Greg Fischer met with Ford President of North America, and current CEO, Mark Fields in Detroit to discuss urgent workforce development needs in Louisville. He empowered Morgan to work with Federal, State, and local government officials to find a solution.

Fischer knew it, he was there. So why lie?

Caught off guard by the lies from Helton, Ramsey immediately contacted the Ford Louisville Plant manager, John Savona, to seek the truth.

Savona corroborated Morgan, let Ramsey know that Helton was lying, and verified that Morgan had been empowered by Ford's Mark Fields personally. At that point Savona immediately began attending all planning meetings at Ramsey's request.

Shortly thereafter Savona was transferred back to Ford headquarters in Michigan.

In January of 2013 Governor Beshear met with Ford manufacturing executives in Michigan to continue discussing Ford's workplace development needs in Louisville. His public schedule shows he met with Joe Heinrich at Ford and presumably, though we don't have details to support it, the meeting would have included Morgan and Culler who were heading the project up.

3 months later Ford terminated Morgan and Morgan filed a complaint through the Department of Labor which Greg Fischer presented himself in the Morgan v. Fischer complaint and is now a public document.

Greg Fischer

In December of 2012 Morgan was summoned to Michigan headquarters for a job performance review where he was informed that Greg Fischer had made FALSE statements about his performance and he was given notice for termination.

Specific details of what Greg Fischer said was not shared until mediation with Ford over the Department of Labor insider trading complaint. Fischer's false claims prevented the insider trading complaint from moving forward.

At that point he was informed by Culler that the reason he was terminated was because Greg Fischer and Kevin Cosby made calls to tell her that Morgan had guaranteed Ford financing for A FORD OWNED ONLY facility.

It defies logic. Consider this.

Why would Morgan make a statement that Ford would finance the facility when he was seeking and securing federal funds for the project? No company employee would make such an absurd promise that Morgan was accused of.

His whole job was to find government funding for projects not commit Ford to pay for it. As part of the deal to keep Ford in Louisville, Kentucky, Governor Beshear GAVE FORD $300 million. No company would put themselves on the hook for the kind of promise Morgan was accused of.

It is an absurd suggestion and no one in Morgan's position with his experience would ever make such a ridiculous claim, but who came up with the lie? Ford or Greg Fischer.

So why the lies?

Culler, presumably on orders from Ojakli, made the statement to avoid admitting that Morgan was actually fired for reporting insider trading. Speculation? Yep but one based on many years of working in the corporate world as a boss. It was a deliberate and intentional statement by Culler to set up plausible deniability. I can see no other reason to volunteer that kind of statement.

Greg Fischer had publicly stated he wanted this project, had openly stated that it would be good for his reelection, and then all of a sudden threw away $1.2 million available from the YMCA unused funds, to give to Wal Mart, decided Simmons would not be part of the project because they couldn't secure an operating agreement that Ramsey already had in place between Simmons and JCTC, and then sought up to $50 million from the State to do the same project solely with JCTC outside of the West End that would benefit his sister Lynne.

In the meantime, Bruce Andrews requested that his former aide Haley Stevens be hired for the BEAM project that includes the workforce training facility blueprint that Morgan put together, and she is now employed there.

Favors owed? Favors paid? You be the judge.


Since Kevin Cosby has signed an affidavit stating that Ford is lying about his comments, why has Greg Fischer delayed for more than a year answering the same question?

Why is Greg Fischer spending tens of thousands of our tax dollars defending himself in his personal lawsuit? Is it legal? What is he AFRAID of?

This creates a dilemma for Ford since they named Fischer and Cosby.

Since Cosby has now sworn that Ford made a false statement against him, why has he not sued Ford for defamation?

Since Ford mediated in bad faith, based on Cosby's affidavit, the settlement agreement at this point should be null and void.

Why has Ford tried repeatedly to interject themselves in this lawsuit in which they are not named? To cover up the insider trading allegations?

Is Greg Fischer aiding and abetting Ford in the cover up? Is that why he made false statements or why he declines to answer as Kevin Cosby already has?

Is there a deal between Fischer and Ford's Ojakli?

Does current Ford CEO Mark Fields know what is going on?

Fischer subpoenaed Ford and their records relating to the settlement and Ford has talked about it, assumedly to Fischer anyway this negating the NDA, does Jay Morgan now have grounds to reopen the settlement with Ford and file an additional lawsuit against them?

According to law, any allegations of insider trading must be reported and investigated, why was no investigation done by the SEC?

Did Bruce Andrews use his wife to aid in the cover up?

How deep does this go? Why is Fischer so scared to answer a basic question?

A simple question at that. Greg did you make those statements to anyone at Ford about Jay Morgan?

I don't know if Fischer is holding Ford hostage, or Ford is holding Fischer hostage, but I do know this.

Insider trading is illegal and the feds have a mandatory obligation to investigate. That is where this all began and that is what needs to be addressed. Was their collusion between then Ford employee Bruce Andrews and his wife Chief of Staff at the SEC in order to protect Ford?

On a side note, why does Ford allow James T. Young, as a Ford employee, to write for the Washington Times. Isn't this an ethical conflict?

Someone knows and it is time for the feds to do their job and get answers.

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