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City of Louisville sued over March 2014 riots

Louisville, KY - The City of Louisville is being sued by alleged victims of the March 2014 mob attacks here in Louisville. Last week the City of Louisville agreed to pay an astounding $1.5 million settlement to 4 youths who were jailed as a result of the riot in March 2014.

Tyrone Booker Jr., 20, Shaquazz Allen, 19, Jerron Bush, 22, and Craig Dean were originally arrested on charges of robbing a woman at gunpoint during the March 22 night of mob violence in downtown Louisville.

They were immediately dubbed the "misidentified four" and a public outcry ensued. The question now is, were they indeed misidentified and is there a cover up going on?

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According to LMPD, the case was mediated because LMPD failed to follow proper procedures in obtaining positive identification of possible suspects that night that led to the arrest of these individuals. 

What hasn't been widely reported, and surely should have been before any settlement, are details that have come out thanks to the lawsuit filed today against the City on behalf of Viola Loeffler and Ronald Carter.

Who are they?

Everyone in Louisville got to witness the assault on the plaintiffs and their car by every media outlet and yet none of the mainstream bothered to do any serious follow up or investigation on the crime, opting once again to rely on the sensationalism angle rather than doing due diligence in reporting.

According to the complaint, Carter was driving East on Liberty Street, heading to I-65 to return home to Clarksville where he lived, with him in the car was Loeffler and their 3 children. Their car was surrounded, near the intersection of Liberty Street and First Street, by the mob that included SHAQUAZZ, TYRONE, and CRAIG.

Shaquazz, Tyrone, and Craig were positively ID'ed by Viola and Ronald on March 22, 2014, from a photo pack shown to them at their home in Clarksville, Indiana, by officers of LMPD. This is within normal identification practices of LMPD and yet miraculously no one at LMPD or Metro Louisville apparently cared.

According to the complaint Loeffler and Carter were attacked by Shaquazz, Tyrone, and Craig, who began screaming and yelling profanities, and racial slurs, at them while at the same time surrounding their car with the rest of the mob that was present. They were part of the group that surrounded the car and made it impossible for them to leave or move. The kids were traumatized by that alone.

Then it got worse.

Shaquazz, Tyrone, and Craig began throwing all kinds of stuff at the car, including rocks and a trash can, and caused an estimated $4000 damage to the vehicle.

Ronald eventually got out of the car to try and stop the attack on the car at which point he himself was attacked by Shaquazz, Tyrone, and Craig.  

Meanwhile, as Ronald was getting pummeled Viola moved to the driver's seat hoping to get the car out of there to protect the children.

As she attempted to start the car and move it, Shaquazz allegedly reached through the open car window and punched her in the face with his fist. Viola was knocked out and then treated later that night at University of Louisville Hospital Emergency Room.

What about the kids? Elicia, Holly, Leo, Isabella , and Julissa all aged between 3 and 9 years old?

They were hurt by thrown rocks and flying glass, but worse they were forever traumatized and live in fear because of the alleged actions of Shaquazz, Tyrone, and Craig that has resulted in recurring nightmares and permanent psychological damage.

These so called "misidentified four" were positively id'ed by victims of their alleged brutal attacks by accepted, normal LMPD customary procedures,  and yet somehow are deserving of $1.5 million of our taxpayer money?

Where are the criminal charges based on the Loeffler and Carter allegations. What about that investigation? 

Personally I would petition the court to withhold any payment to these so called "misidentified four" with an immediate personal  injury lawsuit against them before they have a chance to spend any of it. Let the courts decide because quite frankly something about this deal smells extremely bad.

There is so much more to this story and we will release more details as they emerge in the coming days including LMPD's Yvette Gentry internal memo dealing with flash mob violence, the manipulated crime stats in Louisville that present a false sense of security to our residents, and much more.

Stay tuned...

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