Monday, March 23, 2015

Fischer/Ford? LOSES appeal: Morgan v. Fischer moves forward

Louisville, KY - In baseball we all know that it is three strikes and you are out. In the criminal defense portion of our justice system it is three strikes and you are out. We as a people accept the three strike rule as a way of life seemingly, but when does it apply to politicians and big business?

Mayor Greg Fischer's latest shenanigans backfired once again in the Morgan v. Fischer lawsuit. The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled AGAINST Mayor Fischer. Judge Mitch Perry has ruled against Fischer and his frivolous attempts to dismiss the Morgan lawsuit at least twice before and now the Kentucky Appeals Court has as well.

Apparently even Fischer attorney Joel Frockt's relationship with his former partner, current Appeals Court Judge Irv Maze, couldn't get the job done as Maze signed off on the Morgan victory as well which surely was a slap in the face of Fischer who relied on that connection to prevail.
As you can clearly see by the language of the decision, it appears that even the Appeals Court was offended by this blatant attempt to misuse the court by Fischer and Ford Motor Company.

Rumor has it that Ford attorney Eugene Scalia, yep son of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and who has been involved in Ford's attempts to intervene from the very onset, was the brains behind this latest attempt and just had his butt handed to him by the Kentucky Appeals Court. Good job Kentucky! Seriously.

The latest rumors now circulating are that Fischer is so desperate after this ruling that he has made sure yet another attorney is added to his case that we the taxpayer's are funding. The name?

Nathan Scott Lilly, who if rumor is to be believed, is otherwise known within government attorney circles as a joke. BUT Lilly has supposed connections with Court of Appeals Judge Janet Stumbo, and Judge Lambert.

Desperation anyone? Clearly Fischer is going to try once again yet another political connection in an attempt to circumvent justice and is banking on the supposed political connections of Lilly to help save him.

This of course brings the total number of taxpayer funded attorney's to 5. All getting paid to defend Fischer in a private lawsuit. This equates to approximately $500,000 in salary and benefits alone to defend Fischer with our tax money. That is my estimate.

Hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars being spent because Fischer is scared to be deposed and answer a couple of basic questions.

This doesn't even include the thousands of dollars Ford has spent on his behalf, to Thad Keal and Eugene Scalia, in their attempt to prevent answering for any alleged insider trading allegations. You can read about that here.

Insider trading that very possibly leads directly to current Ford CEO Mark Fields and the Ford family itself. Fields can't deny knowledge of any of these allegations nor can Ford.

Both have received emails of my stories and asked for comment previously. They also can't act like they never received them or there will be a mass firing at Ford since they employ full time people to do nothing more than report to them daily every single story that mentions Ford.

So what does it all mean?

The egos are running wild and they think they are above the law. So far the good Judges in Kentucky have shown them that they aren't.

It is past time for the feds to get involved and mainstream media to address this issue. They all refuse to. The feds will not do anything unless it is terrorism related at any level, but can we define terrorism for the common man?

Is Jay Morgan the victim of "terrorism" by Mayor Greg Fischer and Ford Motor Company?

Strong term? You bet but think about it. 

Could terrorism in a very basic form be defined as the systematic use of intimidation as a means of coercion? 

The FBI itself defines one aspect of domestic terrorism as, involving acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law. 

Surely this has affected Jay Morgan in a way that is dangerous to his way of life, through no fault of his own based on the allegations, and that of his family by the lies that keep him from gaining any meaningful employment to provide for them right?

Terrorism does not necessarily require a violent or physical attack does it? What about an economic terrorist, does Ford qualify for this moniker?

The term economic terrorism is strictly defined to indicate an attempt at economic destabilization by a group. While it generally refers to nation's etc, could it not apply to the individual as well?

One would think so since Ford tried to interject themselves into this case with their vast resources and in my opinion bought the legal services of one Eugene Scalia purely because of his political connections to try and win. Has it created an economic instability in the Morgan way of life?

Political terrorism?

Clearly the actions by Greg Fischer and Ford throughout this whole mess have been due to political considerations have they not? 

Fischer and his lackeys, Mike O'Connell, Joel Frockt, Pat Mulvihill, Scott Lilly, and the list goes on,  could surely qualify for this term since they are illegally, in my opinion anyway, using our unlimited tax resources in a blatant attempt to starve Morgan out and thus force him to drop the suit.

By the way, there are plenty of cases on record where this type of behavior by Fischer, and Ford in their frivolous attempts to intentionally inflate legal costs, have been proven to be illegal and the courts have ruled that those defendants had to pay all costs of their accuser.

Maybe the better word is bully.

Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. Call it what you will.

As a consumer, Ford owner, and former Ford employee myself, I have major reservations about ever purchasing another Ford again after all of this. No one should be rewarded for this kind of behavior.

But what other lies are out there?

We are digging deeper into the shell that is Ford Motor Company and the real behind the scenes double dealing that our hundreds of millions in tax incentives to them really bought. Ford and Fischer bring to light many serious allegations of abuse and trust from we the people.

Initial research is not pretty and Ford has more problems than what we have outlined so far. So does Greg Fischer.

But hey that's another story.......

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