Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fischer, WalMart, and Deborah Bilitski, the untold stories begin now...

Louisville, KY - Recently it came to our attention that attorney Deborah Bilitski has joined the County Attorney's office which normally would not raise many red flags but in this case it does.

Why so?

  Deborah Bilitski has been known for many years in the Southwest working as a zoning attorney, just ask some of the former members of the now defunct SCAN neighborhood association. I won't bore you with details space does not permit it at this time.

Bilitski is well known to be a team player within Democratic leadership but this recent move defies logic.

Deborah Bilitski just gave up her partnership at Wyatt, Tarrant, and Combs to work as a lowly Assistant County Attorney?

It defies logic.

A partner at one of the most profitable, and nationally known law practices, is way too lucrative to give up. Attorneys work their whole lives for the opportunity to be made partner in a firm like Wyatt so why would she give up somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 and up annually, my estimate, to work for a fraction of that?

Therein lies the question. Why did she give it up?

Was it because Bilitski was working on the Wal-Mart deal while her then undisclosed boyfriend was working with Jay Morgan, who currently has an ongoing libel/slander lawsuit against Mayor Greg Fischer, on the federally funded world class training facility to be located in the West End, and can be called as a witness to testify in that suit?

Bilitski was, according to sources, dating Frank Csapo who was the architect behind the Training facility brochure who just happened to be one of her clients as well.

Part of the funding for that facility included redirecting over $1 million in grant money from the YMCA to purchase the land at 8th and Kentucky according to the plan.

As we now know Mayor Fischer decided to pull that funding and sent it to Wal-Mart for their new proposed facility to be built-in the West End.

Why is all this significant?

Anyone remember Dana Kolter, the attorney for Karen Sypher? Although it may not be illegal to date your client it most certainly is questionable behavior and based on the Sypher fiasco it should be.

Did Deborah Bilitski create a major conflict of interest and possible unethical behavior? Dating a client who was working on a competing project? We will see what the bar has to say about that.

How do we prove she was working with Wal-Mart?

She was mentioned as the attorney for Wyatt, Tarrant, and Combs who represented Wal-Mart.  "A lot of care has gone into pedestrian access," said Deborah Bilitski, an attorney with Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs who represents Walmart.

It would appear that Greg Fischer was not going to put anything meaningful in the West End much less a federal funded world class training facility that would have been celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month. Fischer was working one deal against the other while screwing the West End out of what would have been a national hallmark of success right here in Louisville. 

So why would Bilitski give up her partnership?

A couple of things come to mind.

Bilitski can be called as a witness by Morgan in the libel/slander case against Fischer because all roads lead back to Wal-Mart and the world class training facility. Bilitski needs to answer as to what she was telling her client boyfriend at the time regarding these deals.

Perhaps Wyatt, Tarrant, and Combs thought about the potential liability there. Perhaps not, I wouldn't know.

Frank Csapo can be called to testify as well and there is nothing off-limits about his relationship with Bilitski at the time. Was there collusion?

Does Greg Fischer believe that as an Assistant County Attorney Bilitski would be immune? Hardly think so since she was a private practice law partner at the time the possible ethical problems occurred.

Maybe it is simpler than that.

I have mentioned many times that I believe Fischer's legal team is being illegally paid by our taxpayer monies because his suit is as an individual and not in his official capacity as Mayor. So is this one way to pay back Bilitski and ensure she does not have to pay any legal fees on behalf of herself so we the taxpayers get stuck with the bill yet again?

With Ford in town for the Derby, a meeting will most assuredly be had between Mayor Fischer and their reps. What message is delivered we shall soon see.

With a federal investigation now underway all roads lead right back here to Louisville and those involved with the training facility fiasco. Get ready Mayor Fischer and friends.

I already showed you the evidence on that.

I have plenty more..........

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