Friday, May 8, 2015

Tony Lindauer's PVA has some serious explaining to do

Louisville, KY -  A few weeks ago I was sent a copy of a story from a rather obscure website regarding Greg Fischer and his home's assessed values. I am sure the same was sent to everyone in media in hopes of getting it widespread. Though an interesting fact based story it didn't really concern me a great deal. As most of you know I have been vigorously involved in a much larger investigation that includes a federal investigation that leads directly to Louisville.

I simply had to put it on the back burner. Then the CJ does a piece that really didn't do any serious investigations into the property values and I decided to take another look and make time.

Greg Fischer 1715 Spring Drive
This is Greg Fischer's house at 1715 Spring Drive. According to the PVA Mayor Fischer's home has been reassessed DOWN from $1,716,190 in January 2009 to a current assessed value of $1,551,300 in January 2015.

Normally, neighborhoods are very consistent in their appraised values for tax purposes. Budgets depend on consistent revenue projections.

Here is the proof from the PVA site itself:

Date                     Land    Improvements    Total                 Reason
01/01/2015    $150,000    $1,401,300    $1,551,300    DC - Decrease by Computer Reassessment
01/01/2009      $70,000    $1,646,190    $1,716,190    NC - Residential - No Change
01/01/2003      $70,000    $1,646,190    $1,716,190    NC - Residential - No Change
12/05/2001      $65,000    $1,651,190    $1,716,190    I - Improvement

A DECREASE of about 11%.

When re-reading the above linked story I decided to search known properties of the known residents in the neighborhood and see how they compared. The results are very disturbing.

Take for example the Barnstable Brown property located directly across the street at 1700 Spring Drive. Everyone across the nation is familiar with this property. It is the most well known in the nation thanks to the Kentucky Derby Barnstable Brown Gala and the national attention it receives each year.

But how does the value of this property compare?
Brown Property 1700 Spring Drive

Good question. The Barnstable Brown property gets reappraised at the same time as everyone else in the neighborhood.

How did they fare?

Date                     Land    Improvements    Total                 Reason
01/01/2015    $193,500    $744,190    $937,690    RC - Residential Computer Reassessment
01/01/2009      $85,950    $496,450    $582,400    NC - Residential - No Change
01/01/2003      $85,950    $496,450    $582,400    RC - Residential Computer Reassessment
01/01/2001      $85,950    $387,800    $473,750    DC - Decrease by Computer Reassessment


1680 Spring Drive
Greg Fischer's next door neighbor is Norma Bisig.

How did Norma Bisig fare? See for yourself.

Date          Land Improvements Total Reason
01/01/2015 $93,000 $888,260       $981,260 RC - Residential Computer Reassessment
02/23/2009 $40,330 $534,270       $574,600 R - Reassessment
01/01/2009 $88,210 $534,270       $622,480 NC - Residential - No Change

Bisig INCREASED 41%.

How about one of Mayor Fischer's right hand men Larry Bisig at 1730 Cherokee Terrace. Wonder how he feels right now.

1730 Cherokee Terrace
He is his Fischer's neighbor as well. Yep he went up drastically also.

Date                     Land Improvements     Total            Reason
01/01/2015 $150,000      $990,790 $1,140,790    RC - Residential Computer Reassessment
12/13/2012 $70,000      $551,200            $621,200        I - Improvement
01/01/2009 $70,000      $379,960            $449,960    NC - Residential - No Change

Larry Bisig INCREASED 45%.

And on it goes. It gets better going forward folks. I haven't even gotten to NULU government handout king Gil Holland or Yarmuth's government funded buddies at MD2U and Almost family like Greg Latta and the rest.

Oh by the way, The lawsuit against Greg Fischer brought about by Jay Morgan?

Morgan is Fischer's neighbor as well. Their backyards adjoin one another. 

His details?

Date          Land          Improvements Total Reason
01/01/2015 $150,000       $948,160       $1,098,160 RC - Residential Computer Reassessment
12/21/2012 $125,000       $777,750          $902,750 I  - Improvement
07/01/2011 $125,000       $695,000          $820,000 DS - Decrease Sale
08/12/2010 $125,000       $870,600          $995,600 R - Reassessment
01/01/2009 $70,000       $426,090          $496,090 NC - Residential - No Change

That ought to be a fun place to be right about now.

To the anonymous person who sent me your original Fischer story thank you. You have no idea what this has led to. 

What I have uncovered goes beyond PVA assessments folks and I will out the findings in the coming days. My investigator friends are already pleased hopefully you will be too.

Stay tuned..........

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