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Fischer denies Ford statement

Louisville, KY - As everyone knows by now the lawsuit filed by Jay Morgan against Greg Fischer for libel/slander has been delayed time and time again. No attorney I have spoken with has ever seen a situation that a defendant (Fischer) has been able to delay justice for so long.

There have been 3 attempts to dismiss, all denied, and one appeals attempt, also denied, by Fischer's illegally tax funded County Attorneys office lawyers. On May 29, Greg Fischer and Mike O'Connell's office played one last bluff in a desperate last ditch effort to deny justice once again.

For the fourth time they filed a dismissal attempt. This time however they miraculously did not request a court hearing. Why not?
What makes it all so glaringly obvious is the trail itself.

In November, during Thanksgiving week, Ford sent Group Vice President of  Government and Community Relations, Ziad Ojakli, who is the central figure for the insider trading charges that Ford is now facing that led to the lie by Mayor Fischer against Jay Morgan, to a meaningless GLI event to speak directly with Greg Fischer.

Following that meeting Fischer filed yet another motion. It is clear, to me at least, that Ford is colluding with Greg Fischer on everything. Once they lost, again, they went back into delay mode and thus denying Justice.

After losing the appeal in March, soon thereafter Fischer's pet organization GLI set up a speech by Ford CEO Mark Fields on May 29 at a luncheon. Fields did not even schedule tours of LAP or KTP, though I was informed that he dropped by KTP for a few minutes before leaving town.

This in and of itself was highly unusual.

Any time Fields, or any major Ford executive is in town both plants are put on notice and they spend days working on clean up etc to impress the boss. No one at LAP even knew he was coming until he got here. That just doesn't happen. I know that firsthand as a former Ford employee.

Fields showed up May 29 to do one thing and one thing only. Meet with Greg Fischer over the mess Fischer created that is now jeopardizing Ford. Ojakli didn't shut it down in November, as presumably he was instructed, so now Fields is personally involved using yet another insignificant GLI event that didn't require someone of Fields caliber to attend.

Sources tell me they witnessed Fields and Fischer having a conversation and Fields appeared to be visibly angry at Fischer. There is proof, though circumstantial I admit, that this was the case. Why would I believe that?
Less than 90 minutes later Fischer sent yet another motion with the courts to dismiss the Morgan case with one twist.

He included a self serving affidavit of his own this time. See for yourself:

Greg Fischer pissed Ford off and in his own arrogance, or the ineptitude of the County Attorney's who are representing him at our expense, just proved what we have known all along. Fischer has been playing a game intentionally delaying justice.

Now that it is blatantly obvious, sanctions can and should now be petitioned to Judge Perry for legal expenses and damages, which of course Fischer and his team are trying to make we the taxpayer pay for him. Judge Perry should order it.

Now that Ford has presumably left them hanging out to dry on their own, the spoon fed rich Mayor Greg Fischer is desperately trying to limit damages.He most certainly is trying to make sure he doesn't pay out of his pocket.

The latest weak attempt at dismissal by Fischer is basically saying, "hey, you let Cosby out of the lawsuit because he gave you an affidavit so now we will give you one and you have to let us off the hook too."

It is a pathetic attempt once again by these buffoons.

Why would I think all this was intentional?

On May 14 I wrote that Fischer was trying to hide behind some sort of immunity as Mayor, which according to the Supreme Court he cannot do, I will explain in a moment, and I also made sure the whole world knew why I was outing Ford and blamed it on Greg Fischer. 

On May 16 I told the whole world why I believe Greg Fischer colluded in a lie with Ford.

Now check the date of Fischer's affidavit folks. It is not coincidental.

It was signed May 18 and it's also no coincidence that Ellen Hesen was the notary. We will expose more about her and others in another article.

Fischer and his County Attorney team decided they had to get out of this quickly and thought the best way to do that was to attempt to blackmail Ford.

Why else would you make up a bogus affidavit, hold it for 11 days waiting for Ford CEO Mark Fields to get here, have a conversation that you didn't like, and then immediately send it out an hour later?

Once again, their arrogance screwed them. The problem is Ford doesn't scare easily from lowly Mayor's like Fischer. Just ask the other Cities across the U.S. that lost Ford plants. With the new multiplatform plants Ford has built, just like LAP, they no longer have to rely on an individual plant to produce vehicles. They can move production at will anywhere they want in a very short amount of time thus eliminating any blackmail value against Ford regarding Lousiville. There is no obligation to Louisville for the LAP plant. They can spread the production of the same vehicles across multiple plants now.

If LAP leaves, as expected after all of this, you can blame Greg Fischer personally for this whole debacle.

It may explain why Fischer's public schedule is so light this week. The only event he scheduled was an insignificant tree planting at Doe Anderson, an insider private marketing firm. Did he now have to sneak out of town to meet with Ford to try and fix this?

Is Governor Steve Beshear now involved? Beshear's schedule is amazingly light as well. Beshear visited Louisville on Monday to make the same announcement he had made earlier in the day in Lexington about his minimum wage hike. Was he here to meet with Fischer or perhaps join him in an impromptu unannounced visit to Michigan to meet with Ford? It would not be uncommon for Ford to send their own jet to pick them up and take them there.

It also would leave no public trail.

Sources tell me that Fischer was meeting with Ford. Rumor? I don't believe so.

But what about the affidavit?

First, Kevin Cosby's affidavit is entirely different than the one Fischer gave, Compare them yourself above.

Cosby stated exactly who he spoke with and that Ford initiated the phone calls to him. He also  agreed to testify if necessary.

Pay specific attention to items 3-6 of Cosby's affidavit.

Greg Fischer has had this information since February 2014, and MORE THAN A YEAR LATER he decides to try a different version? Why attempt to dismiss so many times only to be denied each time before you produce anything?

He could have sent that affidavit when Cosby did. He chose not to.

Fischer and O'Connell's office know he is screwed. The affidavit is meaningless and does not answer the question he is still hiding from.

Note in Greg Fischer's affidavit two glaring problems.

One, Fischer DOES NOT deny talking with Ford, he only denies initiating the contact. The denial of any statements is not accurate. He states he did not contact Ford and make those statements. He never said Ford did not contact him or deny those statements outright.

It is an intentional parsing of words to avoid the truth once again. A 5 year old can see that.

All he had to do was state, "at no time did I speak with ANY Ford Company employees or officials and make any statements I am accused of ." It is a pretty straight forward response and one that would have aided him, yet he refused to do so.

Who came up with this affidavit? Fischer? O'Connell? Frockt? Mulvihill? Bilitski? Whoever it was made a dumb move.  

As we know from Kevin Cosby's affidavit Ford initiated the contact.

Two, Greg Fischer is desperate to ensure that the taxpayer's pay for damages from his own personal lies, rather than being personally responsible as any of us would be, by insisting that at all times he was "acting in his capacity as Mayor."

The U.S. Supreme court ruled that actions like this by Greg Fischer were not acceptable. 
“If one of the heads of [government] departments commits any illegal act, under colour of his office, by which an individual sustains an injury, it cannot be pretended that his office alone exempts him from being sued in the ordinary mode of proceeding, and being compelled to obey the judgment of the law.”
--  Chief Justice John Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court, February Term, 1803.
This ruling stands today and has never been challenged or overruled.

An affidavit is always signed under penalty of perjury. The affidavit that Fischer is trying to hide behind is laughable at best, criminal at worst, by once again trying to circumvent the Justice system itself, and tells us nothing.I

It is a last ditch effort at saving himself from personal responsibility, and making we the people pay for the damages that Fischer himself is personally responsible for inflicting upon Jay Morgan. All while at the same time illegally using our tax paid County Attorney's office to represent him.

We the people have subsidized Mayor Greg Fischer in his personal legal defense for well over six figures to date. There can be no question of this.

Fischer has had every opportunity to come clean since the beginning just as Kevin Cosby did. He and our taxpayer funded County Attorney's arrogantly, or stupidly, decided to continue denying justice and starve the complainant, Jay Morgan, into dropping the suit. It is an intentional attempt to destroy Morgan further at the expense of we the taxpayer.

It is common practice by these buffoons to use our unlimited tax resources to prevent a citizen from gaining justice. This time there is one exception.

Jay Morgan is not going away. It is clearly obvious.

This time they cannot rely on their pet insiders to protect the machine.Jack Conway can't stop this. His presumed replacement after the November election, Governor Beshear's son Andrew, won't be able to stop it either.

This time Federal investigators are involved because of their own arrogance and they cannot stop that. They screwed up badly playing the same old tired insider game of cover up and denial.

Greg Fischer should be impeached from office and never allowed to run for any office again at this point.

Such a blatant disregard for the legal system from any elected leaders, or their cohorts, should never be accepted by we the people.

It is for this reason that I initiated federal charges and am currently working with multiple federal investigators into Ford AND the political corruption in our elected leaders throughout Louisville AND Kentucky.

We the people elect our leaders and they must be accountable to each of us.

All I have shown you thus far in all the articles that have been written is the tip of the iceberg.

You won't believe what is coming.

Stay tuned................. 

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