Monday, May 2, 2016

Injunction requested to stop movement of Confederate monument

Louisville, KY - As many of you know by now a restraining order was issued this morning on my behalf for an injunction to keep Mayor Fischer and U of L President James Ramsey from illegally removing the confederate monument at the University of Louisville.  There is much confusion on this effort thanks to my allowing current candidate Everett Corley, or Corley Everett depending on which way he is naming himself this week, to be on the request.

He has politicized this in an effort to gain some notoriety or name recognition in his effort to defeat incumbent Rep. John Yarmuth.
While I am no fan of John Yarmuth, to use this for political purposes is exactly the same thing that Mayor Fischer is doing that most of us find unacceptable. That is a disservice to the many folks who are working behind the scenes and trying to do what is right for Louisville, Kentucky, and our history, so an explanation is in order.

Myself, like so many others, have watched for years while the politically correct have attacked and tried to erase our history in many venues across the entire United States. Last week that attack hit home right here in Louisville, thanks to Mayor Greg Fischer and U of L President James Ramsey, trying to gain favor once again, in an attempt to deflect against their personal trials right now.

Once their announcement was made last week I immediately spoke with my attorney and asked if we could seek an injunction to prevent this illegal maneuver by Mayor Fischer.

I also spoke with my attorney and agreed that anyone who wanted to be part of this effort was welcomed to be included. The more the merrier in my opinion. Little did I know that Everett, or Corley, or whoever, would try and politicize this for their own gain. As a media person with multiple venues that include this site, Louisville Politics, and my radio show, I could have easily publicized this myself and took all the credit but that would have been a disservice to so many who just want justice and the law followed.

Unfortunately, as is the usual for wannabe candidates, Everett, or Corley, just had to try and pretend that he did something other than jump on board. So he sent out a press release acting like he is a savior of something that he jumped on the bandwagon with, and pretends he accomplished something. The sad reality is that he probably does not even know the law or what he involved himself with. That is what makes a difference for those who actually get involved. Knowing the law and what the hell you are fighting for. Sadly, it shows just why he should not be trusted for any office.

Putting your own glory ahead of those you seek to represent is exactly the problem with politics these days.

Anyone can jump on a bandwagon and pretend. People who really care do the work and make it happen.

So why file this or explain at all?

The reality is that the efforts of Mayor Fischer and James Ramsey are illegal in my opinion, and they have done this kind of gestapo like stuff too many times in Louisville. The so called vault of things they have removed for safe keeping is filled with lies and promises and lay bare at the bottom of the junkyard.

There is so much evidence of this it would require writing a book to sort it all out.

One thing, however, is crystal clear in my opinion.

The monument in question is a historical landmark and as such has federal protection. The property it sits on is state owned and therefore should require, at a minimum state approval of anything. On the local front, I am sure the Metro Council does not want a vote on this issue, it is toxic to politicians to take a stand on anything like this,but they should never be allowed off the hook for issues of community importance and division, as this issue clearly is.

Considering Louisville is the recipient of Tiger grant federal funding, at last check that included about $13 million, look that one up and explain to Mr. Everett, or Corley how that works, and that would presumably be used for this project, then Mayor Fischer has jeopardized millions of federal dollars in aid to our community. All because of PC garbage by this Mayor and Ramsey himself to divert attention from them in their other failings right now.

Fischer threw away over $20 million to this community in federal money when he tossed the worker training facility for personal political favor.

It is a travesty, and a mockery of Democracy, if we allow these two to treat the citizens of Louisville in this manner.

Federal law will be used when necessary, yes I have it ready to go as well, and more will be forthcoming.

This should never have been used for personal gain as Everett, or Corley, or whatever he is going by these days, is attempting to do.  

It was done by me for accountability to we the people regardless of what side of this issue you stand on.

To make it all political for personal gain is an insult to the people that monument represents, and to the citizens of Louisville who deserve to have this issue decided by law.

The hateful rhetoric and opportunistic ways by some such as Everett, or Corley, or Fischer, Ramsey, and Jones for that matter, are an insult to all of our intelligence.

I will continue this fight until the courts decide it. That is their job.

In the meantime do not be fooled by charlatans on either side who use this issue to divide us further for their own gain.

We the people deserve better......

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  1. Thank you for standing up for us! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help save a piece of our history and artwork.

  2. Thank you for standing up for our statue! It is a historical piece of artwork. Please, let us know what we can do to help the cause.


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