Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mayor Fischer, Confederate monument, and Ford Motor Company

Louisville, KY - Over the last 48 hours since an injunction was sought by myself against Mayor Fischer over his illegal attempt to remove the Confederate Monument, there have been hundreds of people locally asking for more information and wanting to join us. The more the merrier. 
Additionally, thousands right here at home and across the Country have been paying attention to the renegade Mayor and his attempts to play dictator and have been in contact with us as well. 

This Mayor has a history of destroying things in Louisville, for his own pleasure or ego, who knows. 
What I didn't expect from all of this was the enormous amount of email and attention now being redirected to Mayor Fischer and his illegal dealings in the current Morgan v. Fischer ongoing lawsuit based on alleged illegal behavior between the Mayor and Ford Motor Company.
Each of you right here at home and around the Country are now wanting to know more about this issue as well.
Currently there are many active investigations surrounding this issue. Federal investigations are ongoing. 
Meanwhile, I have been the only outlet covering that issue and so in the interest of time, and the convenience of our readers, here are some links to prior stories that I hope will help answer so many of the questions I am wading through from all of you who have called or emailed me over the last 48 hours.
It is impossible for me to get back with each of you in a more timely manner. your response has imply been overwhelming and i thank you all. I will do my best to reach each of you personally, however, I want to ensure I make it as easy as possible to answer a lot of what you have been asking so I am including these links to prior stories for easier reference for your  review. 
Hopefully, they will answer a lot of your questions in advance.
Thanks to you all for your calls and emails.
Here is a timeline on the Ford/Fischer stories for your review.

Jay Morgan SOX complaint

West Side Story: Fischer/Cosby lawsuit that began it all December 16, 2013

West Side Story the machine in action December 17, 2013

Kevin Cosby affidavit. Major piece of evidence. March 25, 2014

Ford trying to intervene in Fischer lawsuit (Denied by Judge) July 10, 2014

Yet another attempt to dismiss by Fischer (Denied) August 21, 2014

Ford/Fischer exposing the game October 6, 2014

Ford running scared November 24, 2014

Why is Ford involved anyway December 7, 2014

Ford/Fischer Insider Trading Cover up  January 19, 2015

Ford/Fischer lose appeal March 23, 2015

Ford SEC Cover up with Bruce Andrews and Didem Nisanci  March 29, 2015

Ford Auto bailout lie  April 14, 2015

Ford/Fischer/Wal Mart, Bilitski  April 28, 2015

Ford SEC investigation is on May 13, 2015

Why expose Ford? Ask Joel Frockt  May 14, 2015

Ford, How deep does the rabbit hole go May 17, 2015

Ford and the LIBOR scandal May 22, 2015

Ford daring the feds May 25, 2015

John Yarmuth Ford insider trading  June 17, 2015

Ford/Fischer under federal investigation  August 18, 2015

Judge Mitch Perry plays with himself  October 18, 2015

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