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Morgan v. Ford Motor Co. heating up, look out Louisville!

Louisville, KY - We have been the only outlet for well over two years now that have been reporting on the allegations against Ford Motor Company and Mayor Greg Fischer by former Ford employee Jay Morgan. The allegations regard an illegal termination of Jay Morgan by Ford, aided and abetted by our own Mayor Greg Fischer. We have told you and brought to you our evidence as to why we believe it to be so.

Read here for a refresher on some of the previous stories.

You will also recall that Morgan reported Ford for insider training and suffered backlash because of it. Illegal by the way which is how he ended up here.

As many of you know by now, Morgan was sent to Louisville by Ford specifically to aid in getting a worker training facility project off the ground. A facility that would be built using federal grant monies already appropriated by Congress for these type projects.

The US Department of Labor (USDOL) apparently agrees. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) department of the USDOL has now ordered a hearing on this issue. The ALJ does not hear these cases unless there is merit to believe wrongdoing has occurred.

Since this case involves insider trading allegations one could reasonably assume that the USDOL requested a report from the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of Justice as well, before making the decision to proceed forward.

Simply put? They have evidence in my opinion.

Now we can confirm it.

The days of home cooking by Mayor Fischer and the County Attorney's office are fast coming to a close. The case number is 2016SOX00019.

To date the Mayor has avoided accountability by working within the rigged system that favors elected officials. That is no longer the case. Since this is now a federal issue Greg Fischer will have to testify, under oath, as to all the allegations against him in allegedly colluding with Ford Motor Company in the termination against one Jay Morgan.

As we know we have two conflicting affidavits in this case.

Kevin Cosby admitted under penalty of perjury that Ford Motor Company contacted him about Jay Morgan (see affidavit here). He also did it within a month or so of the lawsuit filed against Fischer, a suit that is ongoing by the way. Cosby did this in conjunction with Morgan's then attorney, Shane Sidebottom, after negotiating the affidavit based on Cosby responses. Jason Nemes represented Cosby.

All Morgan asked of Greg Fischer was the same he asked of Cosby. He sought an answer to a couple of basic questions, the first, and perhaps the most important of which, did Ford contact Fischer and lie about Morgan promising something Ford did not authorize?

Fischer refused to answer such basic questioning and refused to engage in any discovery or depositions.

Mayor Fischer on the other hand kept filing motion after motion to dismiss, all of which were denied, rather than give a simple agreed to affidavit as Cosby did. There is never a better example of Rule 11 being necessary in the court system than the shenanigans by Fischer and his attorneys throughout this entire ordeal.

Miraculously, well not really, Judge Mitch Perry refused to hold Fischer and crew accountable as he would anyone else and instead actually threatened Morgan and his attorney with Rule 11 violations.

Fischer and crew kept filing the same motion over and over to keep from allowing this case to move forward. Once a motion is filed, a hearing must be had on that motion before any case can move forward. To allow these shenanigans to continue by the Mayor is exactly why Rule 11 was created. To avoid this travesty of the court system. Judge Perry knew it and allowed it anyway. There are many questions to be asked about that.

This after Perry is on record as telling both sides to schedule depos and get on with it. This after Morgan's attorney tried on multiple occasions to schedule depos and Fischer refused to acknowledge or agree to any date. Morgan agreed to meet with him on any date at anytime. Fischer was given the opportunity to schedule it all and still refused.

And Judge Mitch Perry allowed this to go on.

From the beginning all Morgan asked for was the truth and to be allowed discovery and depositions as accepted by Kentucky law.

Instead, Fischer and the County attorney's office was allowed to run roughshod over the judicial process, wasting valuable time and court resources for more than 18 months, before he finally submitted an affidavit that is not legal in Kentucky. You cannot just enter a self serving affidavit into record without any questioning. Judge Perry, after refusing 3 times to dismiss the case, allowed it anyway and cost Morgan even more time and money.

It cost Jay Morgan everything and his way of life. And the case is still ongoing costing him even more. After an entire life built on trust and solid business relationships, he has been branded a trouble maker and whistleblower thus denying him any opportunity to get meaningful employment in his career field. This is what powerful business and political elitists do for fun.

I am sure that is what he is going through. Believe me I know first hand about what you lose when you challenge the status quo.

Destroy someone so they aren't accountable.

It has been a mockery of our Kentucky judicial system throughout and shows just how dysfunctional our political court system can be because of what I can only presume to be political favoritism.

But now it is out of favorable hands.

Mayor Greg Fischer will have to answer pointed questions by the federal authorities. His home cooking advantage is now gone. We will finally get to see the way it really is behind the scenes. The process is a public one. They can't hide behind the bought and paid for local msm media who covers up all there woes in this one.

With conflicting affidavits between Cosby and Fischer in this case, one will be guilty of perjury at the very least. We will know very soon who.

Ziad Ojakli of Ford Motor Company, and perhaps Mark Fields, or even Bill Ford himself, will now have to answer questions. Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews. Councilman David James, Kevin Cosby, even U of L President James Ramsey may have to testify in this one. The list is a long one that includes local politicians and public figures, as well as, Ford executive management.

There is no more hiding.

None can hide, or manipulate the system any longer. It's too late for that, the feds are now involved.

It will cost us millions to right this wrong and all because of the inside home cooking shenanigans played by the political elitist.

Blame Fischer and crew for that.

In the meantime, get ready Louisville things are going to heat up quickly.......

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