Friday, August 25, 2017

Ford settles one suit, potential billions more on the line

Ford has recently settled a harassment and discrimination case in Chicago. The Chicago Assembly and Stamping plants settled for $10.1 million through the EEOC.

This is the tip of the iceberg folks with more to come if rumors are to be believed.

Buzz is going around about a class action lawsuit against Ford for harassment and discrimination regardless of Chicago. The buzz includes a contract and frauds potential lawsuit against both Ford and the UAW for contract violations in regard to unequal employee discipline. This has the potential to cost hundreds of millions to Ford on behalf of current AND former employees.

In addition to the recent Chicago settlement, which was made in the hopes they could avoid a class action, they can't, there is a settlement on the table for their faulty transmissions. It should be finalized in October. The resulting loss appears to be about a billion plus.

There also is the ongoing investigation into insider trading allegations against Ford that we have exclusively covered right here.

Another potential billion dollar payout once the SEC gets done slow walking this, it has been ongoing for almost 4 years, and may include a deliberate attempt of sabotage by the SEC IG himself, Carl Hoecker, imo, and others from the Obama regime, it also includes an FBI investigation.

Wonder why Ford stock has lost value while the market continues to go up?

These are examples why, and it will get worse, much worse.

The former CEO Mark Fields being ousted was a scam designed to pretend it was his fault.

He was involved, but the fault lies squarely at the top with the Ford family, primarily Bill Ford, itself based on my research.

Stay tuned and be wary, Ford stock will continue its slide until they finally settle these debts and begin anew.

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