Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A lawsuit was filed today against Ford Motor Company by former Ford Director of Government Affairs, Jay Morgan. You may recall we have been the exclusive source of several stories regarding Jay Morgan, Ford Motor Company, and current Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer. They can be found right here. 

While the current lawsuit against Greg Fischer is still ongoing, regarding alleged libel/slander by Fischer that resulted in the termination of Morgan by Ford, a lawsuit Fischer has never consented to deposition or discovery for to date. It must also be mentioned that it appears, at least to me, to be nothing short of political malfeasance or cover up regarding the entire case to date, resulting in Morgan finally taking Ford Motor Company head on as well.

Good for him.

The complaint can be read here.

The whole case is predicated on the allegation that Ford Corporate management employees knowingly engaged in illegal insider trading that resulted in the termination of Jay Morgan who reported it as trained to do.

As a whistle blower Morgan was supposed to have legal protections, it would appear that Ford didn't care, neither did the government agencies tasked with ensuring is whistle blower rights were upheld under Obama. We will see now if the Trump administration cares either.

The list of those who engaged in alleged illegal insider trading, or the alleged cover up is long and distinguished. It involves those at the top and a good ole boys club that consists of former President George Bush appointees. Ziad Ojakli, James Carroll, and many others. It will involve former CEO's Alan Mullaly and Mark Fields.

It also involves former Ford VP of Government Operations, and former President Obama appointee Bruce Andrews, who just happened to be married at the time to the SEC Chief of Staff Didem Nisanci.

The SEC has been investigating this for four years and counting, the FBI has been investigating for four years and counting. The alleged cover up has been ongoing for four years and counting.

Why is it taking so long?

Simple, in my opinion anyway, to protect former President Obama and others. Current SEC IG Carl Hoecker is well aware of this case and has corresponded with me previously when asked.

MSM has refused to cover this even with Obama appointee Bruce Andrews involved. That shouldn't surprise anyone I guess these days. The White House staff knows about this and every major MSM outlet as well. Both local and national. Probes Reporter did actually mention Ford had some insider trading allegations being investigated. No one else acted. They have been sent everything and to date have not acted.

It cannot be denied any longer.

Jay Morgan has played by the book the entire way. He has tried to do the right thing and it cost him everything. Now he has taken the gloves off and going after the top of the chain in Ford Motor Company.

So many questions to be asked.

Did Bill Ford engage in insider trading as well? Perhaps Charlotte Ford, or her daughter, and Ford Motor Credit head Elena Ford? Maybe Edsel Ford who has ties to the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank? The Department of Energy? The EX IM bank?

Ford is facing hundreds of millions in SEC fines minimum if found guilty. In my opinion the evidence is clear that they are. Some if not all of the players involved should be facing jail time. The only question in my mind is which one will talk first to shave some time off their sentence.

All of which have read every story we ever wrote on this. And all are aware of the truth.

Yes even Ford outside attorney, and former Supreme Court Justice the late Antonin Scalia's son Eugene Scalia. I guess maybe Ford thought they had an ace in the hole with Scalia because of his father. Who knows.

Scalia will probably send his usual threatening letter and file some sort of idiotic brief with the court as usual. He tried it in the ongoing Fischer case of which Ford wasn't even a party on. It will be fun to watch him implode.

Mayor Greg Fischer will not be able to play politics with a favorable court and avoid depositions in this case. He will be forced to face deposition and he will be forced to testify. He should have already done so. He didn't because of favorable treatment by Judge Mitch Perry it seems.

Ironically, Judge Perry is the assigned Judge on this new case. He now has one shot to get it right.

I don't think Mayor Fischer will like this in an election year. I don't really care. He should have manned up and did the right thing in the first place.

Things are heating up once again between Jay Morgan and Ford Motor Co.

I say it's about time.

Stay tuned......................

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