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I have written many stories on this and laid out my KREF complaint for review as well. WHAS Mark Hebert picked up the story on Monday. You can check it out here:

Additionally WLKY's Andy Alcock covered the story as well. You can read it here: Activist Accuses Judge King Of Improper Campaign Finance - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

The complaint says it all and lays out FACTS of this whole case that warrant investigation. Of course the King's attorney Sheryl Snyder, (interesting the King's need an outside lawyer for this yet did not need any "outsiders" for the whole fiasco that created this), claims that King could have just given his daughter the money and bypassed this whole fiasco.

Sadly, Snyder has his facts a bit wrong. Jim King could not give his daughter unlimited amounts of money to use for this race. He is bound by LAW not to exceed the campaign contribution limit as are us all. In fact, using the argument Snyder did why wouldn't anyone be able to give say $500,000 to anyone else to run for office? I can use $500,000 of my own money to run but I certainly cannot use that same money gifted to me by a relative. The law was set up to avoid this kind of behavior.

And most know this.

Great spin by the spin machine as usual. You may recall Snyder was Patton's attorney when he got caught. He knows how to spin it and some people will believe the spin as usual. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Knowing that campaign contribution limits can not be circumvented, regardless of relationship to the candidate, there would appear to be only one option to fund the massive amount of money Katie needed to buy the election.

This is one way in my opinion and the reason I filed the complaint outlined with FACTS supporting the allegations.

Too many times we the people are cheated of honesty in politics and I, for one, have had enough of it. We deserve better. It is the reason I entered the political arena in the first place. To force accountability to us of the issues and to show that yes indeed there are many willing to get involved who have integrity.

Like me, love me, or hate me, as some of the "anonymous" emails I receive state, there are more of us who demand truth and honesty than those of you who project hate and lies to better yourself NOT those you represent.

On an aside, Jim King quit calling people who know me and giving them your cell asking them to have me call you anytime day or night to meet with me and see if we can settle this. There is nothing to settle. Really. What has transpired needs to be investigated for truth. That is all.

IF there is nothing to hide let nature take its course. Let the investigation finish and get buried like the John Flood deal did. Once the questions have been answered and the investigation complete we will all have the answers we were seeking. Then it can go to rest.

It really is kind of telling that you would continue to say there is no truth and yet continue to call others to try to get to me. Matter of fact you check this blog out frequently and there is an email link to write to me. Of course you could always do that from your kingsouthern email account so it would not be subject to open records request as you know.

Personally, I generally do not bring others into my situations.

We all know you were wanting to announce your intent to run for Mayor soon regardless of your public position stating that you will only if Abramson does not. Interesting that this story has no merit but you are so concerned with it anyway because of the hope of running for Mayor. Perhaps you know as many of us do that "King" Jerry may not be running in 2010.

You can call anyone you want anytime and ask them to have me call you. At this point it will not happen. Had you contacted me at the beginning I may have met with you to see what you had to say. That would have been honorable.

Hiding behind go betweens and others in my opinion is not.

I have no desire to meet with you privately. Money may motivate others, promises of preferential treatment and "jobs" may motivate still more. I could care less. This story will go away AFTER it is investigated and the facts are out.

I am not one who really cares about personal glory of riches. My goal is to eliminate the fraud, abuse, hypocrisy, and lies in our politics and leaders. In short, to give we the people what we need. Accountability from our leadership and a level of trust in them again.

With that in mind I assure you my integrity is sound. I have been through the gamut in this life to date and will continue to as will we all. Nothing will entice me to quit being what I was raised to be.

A man with integrity.

Stay tuned folks there is much more to come............


  1. good for you! So glad someone did this. That whole campaign stunk, and if oit was anyone else with a last name other than King that tried to pull this they would have been gone long ago for the crap they pulled. Keep it up! I'm glad there are people out there like you! If it wasn't for sites like this people would be in the dark. I've given up on any actual reporting being done by the CJ long ago!

  2. Sheryl Snyder is the best Kentucky lawyer I can think of to defend someone from a serious charge of campaign fraud. I wonder when the retainer agreement was signed? Another question: Is Snyder Jim King or Katie King's lawyer? Their interests appear to be the same at present but if things heat up, it could possibly raise a situation where they diverge.

  3. No doubt Sheryl Snyder has the contacts to try and make this go away. I personally will not let it die until I am satisfied it has been handled lawfully and ethically. Snyder is known to handle these type cases and why not? As a former head of the KREF and his insider contacts Snyder may well be the best.

    It is truth I am after and quite frankly to date I am not impressed with the replies or rebuttals from Snyder and crew.

    Trying to duck and cover or ignoring answering the facts of the case or questions raised may be good legal work for him but it does not give us the truth.

    As they say the "truth shall set you free." They will be free of me when we get the truth.

    Thanks for writing.


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