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A quick apology if I may. I know many of you have been waiting for updated reports on some stories I have been doing. Last week my mom died and I have been busy with family considerations as you can imagine. My apologies to you all. As of Monday Mark Hebert at WHAS11 and Andy Alcock at WLKY 32 started following the Jim King story with Andy following the Flood case as he has throughout this whole debacle. I will get into King in another article. In the meantime follow this on John Flood and his case yesterday.....

As most of you know by now I have been reporting on convicted felon John Flood and his sweet IPL job. I have been reporting about harassment and illegal quotas and abuse of power. As I reported in September a plea deal was offered that if Flood would resign by the end of the year charges would be dropped. Louisville News and Politics: Flood update and Abramson exposed

I hate to report that even with all the public outcry and emails sent to Special Prosecutor Chip McKay that this did actually happen. Sometimes I want to be wrong in situations like these because all of us deserve better.

Andy Alcock at WLKY 32 was the only local TV station to cover the story yesterday. You can see his story below:

Essentially Flood admitted probable cause to investigate him in exchange for dropping the charges. Pathetic display of justice.

Oh yeah he also agreed NOT to seek a job as a police officer, sheriff, or deputy officer as well.


From what I understand the original time for the case to be heard was 9:30 am. At that time those in attendance were told that the case would be heard at 1PM and to come back. Of course according to a reliable source who was there when they came back they were locked out of the Courtroom. Once allowed back in the ruling was that the KRS statute in regards to Flood charges did not apply to this case.

In short it appears their justification was that the charges were filed based on a faulty KRS statute.

Yeah right. If this is true, why did we not address that in September at the onset of the Court proceedings? Do we like wasting taxpayer money and time? Was the hearing done in accordance with established law? Do our Judges and attorneys need 4 different court hearings to say "oh gee this statute does not apply so we can do nothing?

This defies logic and reinforces what I said in September. Rest assured based on the feedback I have been given in regards to how this was handled we will be investigating the protocol and law in regards to how this went down. Just to insure fairness you know.

Flood did indeed retire from office and now the charges are dismissed. Too easy to predict sadly.

Bill Schreck was even quoted as saying he knew Flood was a convicted felon and had no problems with that in his hiring of him. Schreck of course also should know that convicted felons cannot have ANY police powers yet Shreck had Flood sworn in with special police powers.

On top of all this former Governor Patton was asked to grant a pardon for Flood during his final days in office. While researching Flood and his voter status I found that Patton did not grant a full pardon to Flood but DID restore his voting privileges.

Ah well all in the family right?

Stay tuned BOZA, IPL, Bill Schreck and the whole hee haw clan will continue to be exposed. The story is just beginning.............


  1. Ed, Condolences on your loss.

    On behalf of the employees of IPL a very big thank you for your strength and courage in reporting the illegal activities that permeate our agency.

    The vast majority of employees at IPL work to serve our community by ensuring safe building practices and fair and consistent property maintenance standards. It is unfortunate that the biggest crooks we face each day are our own leadership.

    It could be so much better. Citizens treated with respect rather than contempt and employees treated with empowerment to solve problems rather than achieve quotas.

    Again, thank you for what you do and to let you know a whole lot of people in Metro Government appreciate your efforts.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. It is really on behalf of the employees in Metro and who deserve better, and the taxpaying citizens of Metro who do as well, that I started this whole thing.

    We as citizenry must remember that government is representative of us and is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    Somehow we allowed our political landscape to forget that fact and we must begin somewhere to remember.

    In 2006 I promised we would get positive change and accuontability one way or the other. This is my way of following through with that promise.

    wWeird huh? A politician actually trying to fulfill a promise.

    Anyway the fight continues and I will not let up until things are right.

    Hang in there better times are coming.


  3. Even though we may not always agree on issues, I do think that we need 100 of these blogs and websites around Louisville to start investigating all of the misdeeds of the Mayors Office and all elected officials. Maybe a board and department of the day blog for each. Not to mention bringing out all of the criminality and corruption.


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