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Back on May 30 I did a story on the effects of the drilling and other aspects for Museum Plaza on my other site (prior to having this blog) at http://www.myviewmatters.org/. The text of that is as follows:

MAY 30, 2008


I met with a couple of business owners in Downtown Louisville today concerning their properties around the Main street area and found out there is a problem.

Apparently the Museum Plaza folks and/or arena folks found out there was some major stone in the areas they are trying to develop. This was an unforeseen problem.

There has been some buried info reported in the Courier and other sites but this problem is ongoing and not revealing all info. Every time the contractors start working to get the stone out the buildings on Main Street literally shake and rattle and there are many complaints filed now that have not been reported concerning the safety of these projects.

The safety aspects are valid ones.

The integrity of the buildings themselves are at stake and if they topple (worst case scenario) the damage to the area and the lives possibly lost are irreplaceable.

More needs to be done to guarantee the safety and integrity of this area. Matter of fact a PLA allowing labor help plan this could have prevented some of these problems. Safety should always come first. Hopefully they will realize that.

Stay tuned for more as I get it.....

According to the CJ today it would appear that indeed there are some problems now surfacing. A stairwell collapsed today injuring City officials that were in the building across from the Louisville Slugger Museum. You can read about it here:

Stairway collapse injures downtown agency officials courier-journal The Courier-Journal#pluckcomments#pluckcomments#pluck...

A thorough safety inspection must be done on all surrounding buildings to insure they are stable for those who enter them. It mus be done immediately. Safety is paramount to anything else.

My thoughts and prayers go to those who were hurt in the hopes of a speedy recovery.

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