Tuesday, March 3, 2009


As most of you know I follow IPL pretty closely, along with others, and I try to update when I come up with info. Well the info today is mine.

I guess when Jim King, and his buddy Bob "rubberstamp" Henderson get together I must be the topic of conversation. Funny really but on with the story.

Yesterday Henderson' pet IPL inspector decided he wanted to visit me. Miracle that this happened AFTER Henderson was at the church next door Friday night and Michael Baugh showed up Monday morning at my house.

As per the usual he said he received an "anonymous" complaint about a car I had parked in my yard (my son's) and it needed to be moved. Funny thing is I live at the end of a dead end street where only 6 houses are on. And all my neighbors are friends who help each other in every way.

As a matter of fact my son pulled his car in the edge of my yard instead of the street beside it allowing my neighbor across the street better access in and out of his driveway. Of course he has no problems with it. Nor do any others.

I just happened to be home working on some home stuff when I walked out my front door and caught Mr. Baugh on my property. He wasn't even looking at the car. I guess he decided he was a police officer or something because when I caught him, with my brother as a witness, he was bent over peering into my brother's Ford Ranger trying to see what was inside. The Ranger was parked at in my driveway NOT my yard.

This is a clear violation of law and his responsibilities. As such I guess Michael Baugh and IPL will now be sued for criminal trespass.

Upon seeing Michael Baugh, pet inspector for the Metro Council, I immediately said what are you doing. His reply I am Michale Baugh of I.. he never got to finish his introduction. He knows who I am and I know who he is and who he represents.

I asked him what he wanted then he came up with the "anonymous" crap. Immediately I informed him he was a liar, which he is, and then told him he was trespassing and to get the hell off my property.

He left immediately.

Of course he sat around the corner from my house waiting for me to leave as I knew he would so 15 minutes later my brother and I decided to leave and see what happened. When we left I had my brother go around the block to prove he Baugh was just waiting for this chance.

Of course I was right. I stopped went to his vehicle and told him simply to tell King, Shreck, or Henderson, whichever sent him, that this was not going to stop me that I have much I have not revealed yet, and to keep playing games. I will expose them and I told Michael that since he is "playing ball" this way in violation of his job, I will now pursue action to take his job away.

And because they read this blog daily I must also say I am not the only one with the info to carry forward. I believe in spreading the wealth of knowledge. You know just in case. And of course this would include everyone they know and how they are related.

These idiots are so predictable it isn't funny. the only surprise here is they actually sent Michael Baugh instead of someone else.

The obvious in this whole situation is constant. When you get caught try to instill fear.

Sadly for them their idiocy does not scare me.

So King, Henderson, Shreck keep playing this game. I for one am not intimidated by the absurdity of your foolishness.


  1. Seriouly dude, it's Schreck, not Shreck.

  2. IPL is useless. Really they are probably worse than useless because it seems (at least to an outsider) that with all the sub-standard rental units landlords' get approved/not cited for in this city (I can think of 4 or 5 apartment complexs off the top of my head that long ago should have been shut down), that there must be $$$s changing hands or political favors getting exchanged for looking the other way.

    Shreck talks a good game but when I worked at Legal Aid and needed assistance with a case, they required me to subpoena inspectors in order to talk to them about how they kept passing certain landlords' properties that clearly violated all sorts of city codes. Then the inspectors would run and hide and try to avoid having the subpoena served so they wouldn't have to talk about this stuff under oath. I'm pretty certain I've chased Baugh down with a subpoena by sitting outside the government building at 6:00 a.m. and waiting for him to show up to work.

    Hey IPL, way to stand up and work for the citizens of the city {/sarcasm}

  3. Metro my apologies. I keep making that same mistake in regards to the spelling of Schreck. For some reason it seems to be a brain fart. I will work to correct it.

  4. Find someone with access to Hansen, the Metro computer system. IPL inspectors, councilman (and aides) and many others have it.

    Do a few screen shots of the complainant screen for your case and you will find out which councilman ordered the hit on you.

    After that file a open records request for all emails for that councilman between his office and Metro Call, his office and Schreck and his office and Baugh.

  5. Mr. Springston,
    I would like to start off by saying that I am in no way attempting to be confrontational. You say that you are concerned with the truth, and I assume that the military instilled values in you such as Integrity and Honesty. I just want to ask you to set the record straight.

    When you report about IPL, you always lump each employee/inspector into the same group. You are inciting the general population against each individual, when it seems that your main concern is with those in power, and a few single inspectors. It is not honorable, nor is there much integrity, when you say that IPL as a whole is corrupt. There are many honorable and honest employees working for the Metro Government. Citizens like yourself, and many of your readers, who are performing a much needed service and are doing their best. They are trapped by the regulations and codes that were passed by others, but are able to use reason and common sense to apply the rules where needed, and to offer assistance as well.

    You are wrong in saying that all of IPL is corrupt. You are wrong to lead everyday citizens to believe that as well. I call for you to set the record straight.

    Also, I would like to comment on the above blog. I was curious why you stated that Baugh was lying when he said that it was an anonymous complaint. Surely you are aware that any person can call MetroCall and report a complaint. They are not required to give any personal information, yet the inspector is still required to address the complaint. As far as Baugh looking in your truck, were your tags up-to-date? He could have been looking for the VIN of the vehicle.

    As for the comment from keatssycamore, I would like to ask for an apology. Sure, there may be some corruption within IPL, and some inspectors may even be doing a poor job. But, how can you possibly state that nobody within the organization is looking out for the citizens and the city? Is it every single inspector who inspects utilizing the standards you stated? If you believe it is, where is your proof? I notice that the both of you have attacked Baugh, and that Mr. Springston has attacked city officials, but you always seem to lump everyone together in the same pitiful (in your opinions) categories.

    I have no problems with this blog whatsoever, but I do have a problem when lies are reported as the truth. Please cite all references when you claim that something is fact, and if it is your opinion, then please make that clear as well.

    I look forward to communicating with you in the future, and hope that you will not see this posting as a personal affront. If you do, then I apologize sincerely.

  6. Thanks for the response concerned. I appreciate the sentiments and in no way consider opposing views confrontational.

    In my writings and reports I attack IPL as an entity and only expose those individual inspectors when warranted such as Michael Baugh who has proven time and time again he is a pet boy of some Council members.

    As in all jobs there are always a few bad apples though not everyone is. In this case I quite agree with your statement.

    In a previous article I also stated that most of the problems were with residential inspectors and not the skilled trades ones and asked that they not be lumped into this mess at this time.

    As far as lies are concerned Buagh is a liar. He did not have an anonymous complaint called in about me or my property. As a matter of fact I can prove it when the time is right.

    As far as the individual IPL employees are concerned I quite agree. MOST are good hard working people who take their jobs seriously and do the best they can.

    Unfortunately, thanks to the pathetic leaders you guys must follow orders from, I have a tendency to not state this as frequently as I possibly should.

    Simply stated? I appreciate the hard efforts of those individual employees in IPL who are just doing their job as I know some personally that are.

    On the flipside those such as Michael Baugh will continue to be exposed for ruining the reputations of those hard workers who deserve better.

    You can call me at any time at 742-8519 and I would be happy to listen to you.

    Thanks for the comments.

  7. I talked to someone at the Louisville Nature Center, and they said that no one at IPL has been formally trained on how to recognize a plant from a weed, which is why I was fined several hundred dollars for growing Kentucky Goldenrod, the state flower. The court dismissed their case, but according to the metro web site, it's still listed as opened.

    One of the local TV stations had a section on several people with limbs in their yard being given letters by IPL to pick them up shortly after the ice storm because of some complaints by a neighbor. Frankly, the IPL needs to tell some of these complainers to stop being busy-bodies and to get a life. (Have they ever?) The neighbor that complains about us is just a sad widow that needs to get out more. We had no complaints on us until after her husband died.

    Think about how much money could be saved if the rule was changed from one "neighbor" (who may have ulterior motives) complaining to three different neighbors (not the same person anonymously three times). This would still allow the real problems that exist to be addressed.

    There is a police officer on South Ridge Drive in Valley Station that frequently parks his patrol car on the grass facing the wrong way. I dare the IPL to give him or her a fine.

  8. A lot of the calls to IPL are not necessarily from neighbors. SOme council members use the "anonymous" call from a neighbor as a smoke screen to try to mess with people. I know this from experience.

    You know we do have the right to know our accuser and in the case of IPL this is not adhered to. I would do an open records request and demand that the person who complained be identified. Do not be surprised if it comes back a council person's office called it in.

    As a matter of fact in the case of IPL this is all administrative and not police work so do they have the right to deny accountability? it should be tried in court and perhaps may be in the near future ;-)

    Just saying.

  9. ConcernedIPL,

    Sorry but I have plenty of experience dealing with plenty of people at IPL and so I stand by what I wrote. The inspectors and their management were NEVER helpful to me while I worked at Legal Aid. They wouldn't even come testify about the worst of the slumlords (mind you these are landlords whose properties have all sorts of code violations) without me having to issue a subpoena (which costs time and $$$s that poor people and their overworked Legal Aid attorneys don't have).

    So you won't get an apology from me. IPL stinks. It really does. Just go to ANY River Cities Properties apartment complex (try Hunt Club, for instance) and you tell me how IPL has let that company slumlord it up all over Louisville for over 35 YEARS! Any decent IPL would've shut these guys and their slum properties down 20 years ago.

    Seriously, if you're such a ConcernedIPL then how about you and your department take some steps (any steps) to get these slumlords out of Louisville? Or are you too busy citing "citizens" for having tall flowers? Cause, honestly, that kind of useless, nuisance, not even by the book citation does seem to be the only thing IPL does well.

  10. Keats,
    You perplex me. All I asked essentially is that you validate my statement that there may be inspectors that do their job. Certainly you did not deal with every single employee within IPL. You do a complete disservice to many honest, hardworking employees. Can you name each and every inspector that you had to "track down?" Can you name any cases aside from the one quoted above where IPL has "cited citizens for having tall flowers?" I understand that you are upset about your dealings with some of IPL, but you can't honestly tell the readers that it was every single inspector. As far as your comment, "if you're such a Concerned IPL then how about you and your department take some steps (any steps) to get these slumlords out of Louisville," what would you like me to do exactly? I do not make any policy, regulation, or law. I am only able to perform my job within the boundaries set forth for me. You don't know me, and you don't know what I have or have not done for people. You have NO RIGHT to judge me, or make claims about me. I would like to quote Mr. Springston: "As far as the individual IPL employees are concerned I quite agree. MOST are good hard working people who take their jobs seriously and do the best they can." If you disagree with this statement, then tell Ed that he is a liar too. I would also like you to answer my initial questions to you: "But, how can you possibly state that nobody within the organization is looking out for the citizens and the city? Is it every single inspector who inspects utilizing the standards you stated? If you believe it is, where is your PROOF?"

    Mr. Springston,
    I just wanted to ask you to answer the questions/comments that I posed in my initial post to this blog. 1. Please inform your readers that it is a fact that people are allowed to call in anonymous complaints to MetroCall, and the inspectors are never given their names. 2. Were the tags up to date on your truck, and is it possible that Baugh was looking for the VIN? 3. I have no problems with this blog whatsoever, but I do have a problem when lies are reported as the truth. Please cite all references when you claim that something is fact, and if it is your opinion, then please make that clear as well.

    Thank you again,

  11. Sheesh I tried to be nice and set the record straight. Heck I even admitted I should probably say not all are bad more often. Tis ok. I will bite again.

    1. Yes anyone can call MetroCall at 311 to complain. Most already know this and it is outside of what I report but for you I will verify that. I also have proof of my allegations in hand with a few copies spread among a few friends you know just in case mine suddenly disappears.

    Keep in mind though that I stand 100% behind my comment that some Council members use an "anonymous" complaint to IPL as a smokescreen. As a matter of fact I contacted my neighbors immediately and all laughed at the asinine way Baugh tried to accuse one of them. They are also all willing to sign a sworn affidavit stating they did not make the call.

    This proves to me Baugh is a liar and since he historically does this same routine when sent by Henderson, and at least 2 other Council members to be named later, it follows his normal MO. I will not divulge my sources or way of finding this out. I have documented evidence to verify it when the time is right.

    2. Of course the tags were up to date, and since Baugh was bent over looking through the passenger side window, not the driver's side where VIN is actually located, he then was in violation and frankly got caught. It was funny seeing his face when he realized it I admit.

    3. I always cite references and links to anything I say or do. By asking this question you essentially seem to be challenging my integrity.

    My sources and references will, as always, be divulged in the proper setting and until then think what you will. In the meantime have a great day and IF you are one of the IPL guys that do your job thanks. Seriously, I know a few IPL guys and have respect for those paricular individuals though I will not use their name for fear of any retribution against them because of knowing me. Oh well. If you are a hack working on behalf of the idiots rest assured I will out you.

    As always, thanks for the comments.

  12. Hey ConcernedIPL -

    IF you are one of the "good" IPL folks,
    and IF you have seen mismanagement and/or malfeasance within IPL,
    and IF you really don't like being lumped into the same category as Michael Baugh,
    then is it safe for me to assume that you have REPORTED these clowns to senior management?
    Or to an appropriate investigative agency, such as the Attorney General or State Auditor?

    Your "woe is me" attitude does not become you.

    IPL, like all city agencies, is a political creature. People get their jobs at these agencies mainly because of who they know, not what they know.

    Keats' story seems consistent with my experience with IPL and the "merged" government in general.

    IF the situation within IPL is as bad as you claim, then there are multiple avenues for redress.

    FIRST, you've got a Union. Get the Union to go after those issues within its jurisdiction.

    SECOND, you've got the Kentucky Whistleblower Act. This has been successfully used by other city employees. (most recently at MSD)

    THIRD, you can always retain personal legal counsel and file a lawsuit to recover damages and/or stop illegal behavior.

    FOURTH, there are those out in this community that wants to rein in IPL. However, folks like you, as an insider, have consistently failed to provide "clues" and/or specific evidence to folks like me (an independent investigator) about the goings-on within IPL.

    And lastly, IF things are so bad for you personally at IPL, then WHY on God's green earth are you staying? You always can leave. Oh wait ... things really aren't that bad: you've got good wages, good benefits, job security, a Union, a Mon-Fri daytime work schedule, etc.

    John Flood (the criminal) left (in part) because the "heat" being generated by those like me was increasing. (Yeah, I know what he "said", but he left a $70K/yr political job for a few hundred extra dollars a year in pension benefits? Sure ... right!)

    So ConcernedIPL,
    IF you have anything substantive to add to "fixing" what ails IPL, then why don't you provide YOUR PROOF to Springston. I know from experience that he will act on it in an appropriate fashion. I always ask that my "sources" send to me their info in a plain white envelope. After reading the contents, I almost always know where to "look" for the "proof".

    Oh, I almost forgot ...
    There is one specific issue I've been looking for some internal documentation on, and that is the QUOTA SYSTEM that IPL uses for their Property Maintenance. I know that John Flood/Bill Schreck instituted a QUOTA system, that by all accounts is virtually impossible to meet, that being 15-18 inspections per day.
    (I shout about this QUOTA policy at every meeting I attend, as I am seeking to educate the citizens about this abuse of power by IPL.)

    Do you want to REALLY help yourself and your IPL brethren? Send Springston copies of all materials related to this system, including the reports that get posted on the Union bulletin board about the performance "ratings/numbers" of EACH IPL inspector who works in property maintenance.

    BTW, we currently have 4 IPL property maintenance inspectors on our radar and in our files. Do you wish to nominate anyone else?

  13. Mr. Springston,

    I appreciate that you were trying to be nice, and I believe that you succeeded. I merely wanted clarification, and I apologize that you took my stance as adversarial. I want to clarify my position on a few of your counterpoints. I am thankful to you for humoring me on the anonymous complaint, and just wanted to let you know that I asked YOU to state this because you seem to hold sway with the opposition of IPL. I also wanted to clarify that even if we know who the complainant is, we are not allowed to tell anyone. I have also had many people call me a liar when I tell them that the complainant is anonymous. Moving on. . .

    As far as your proof is concerned, I would never ask you to identify a source (not that I think you would), and I would rather not know.

    I was not questioning your integrity, I merely wanted clarification if something you state is based solely on your opinion. I never stated that I doubted your sources, but I can see how my comments could be seen that way.

    Finally, rest assured, sir, you will not have any reason to OUT me. If it ever comes to the point when you feel that you need to, I will make every attempt to set the record straight. I just ask for your word that you will allow that to happen.


    What blog did you read?? I never stated most of the things you said in your "response" to me. If I am incorrect, then I challenge you to prove otherwise.

    I never said that I had seen "mismanagement and/or malfeasance within IPL." I never called any of my fellow inspectors "clowns" and have yet to bash a fellow employee (don't hold your breath).

    I want to apologize that my attitude has come across as "woe is me," but I also want to ensure you that was never my intention, and I will attempt to remedy it in the future.

    As far as your experience being consistent with Keats', that is fine, but can you honestly say that it was with every single inspector/employee within the department?

    You wrote, "IF the situation within IPL is as bad as you claim, then there are multiple avenues for redress." WHERE DID THIS COME FROM???? When did I ever state that the situation within IPL was bad??

    You state that insiders like me have "consistently failed to provide "clues" and/or specific evidence to folks like me. . ." Why would I have any reason to tell you, or anyone else for that matter about the inside workings of IPL?

    ANOTHER OFF THE WALL COMMENT FROM YOU: "And lastly, IF things are so bad for you personally at IPL, then WHY on God's green earth are you staying? You always can leave." ARE YOU SIMPLY INSANE, OR DO YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE UP YOUR OWN REALITY TO SERVE YOUR OWN NEEDS??I never, never, never stated that things were bad for me.

    As far as the quota policy, that has been blown completely out of proportion in my opinion. As far as I can understand, someone stated that we had to place 15 citations a day, and I believe that they should have said inspections. Also, I am unsure of any inspector that has been reprimanded seriously for failing to meet any sort of number. Of course I could be wrong because I don't have access to personnel records, but I'm sure that you could find out with your sources. If you know about a Union bulletin board , etc, then have your source provide you the information you request. I am not a RAT. I will nominate nobody. I stand true to all of my fellow employees, and if I have a problem with someone, I will let them know to their face.

    Thank you all very much. I am sure I will hear from you soon.

  14. ConcernedIPL: Please tell my why people should not be allowed to know who their accusers are? How do you morally justify this? Don't we have a right to know who they are? Rhetorical question - just read the sixth amendment to the Constitution, which includes the right "to be confronted with the witnesses against him", then tell me why it doesn't apply to the IPL.

    I know of several people, not just myself and Mr. Springston, who have run for office in the past and afterwards have been hassled by the IPL. (I filed an intention to run for metro mayor in order to get the county Republican Party to nominate someone other than Peppy Martin so that Republicans wouldn't end up with just 6 or 7 seats on the council, and dropped out when a great man, Jack Early, filed.) What's to stop an Abramson syncophant from filing against any challenger to the "mayor for life." Can you tell me, ConcernedIPL, that the IPL does anything to weed out people who file complaints for that reason, or are you all just enablers for those who have political motives?

    Several times I asked the IPL to come out and show me exactly which plants were offending, for example, but they never did - we had to spend the money doing an open records request on ourselves to find out that it was the goldenrods. (Why do you all use grainy black-and-white photos, which make things look worse than they actually are?)

    Just curious, but what is the IPL planning on doing to improve it's image and its wrong ways in the post-Flood era?

    P.S. Have you been trained on how to tell a weed from the state flower?

    P.P.S. The police car I mentioned above is number 5441 and was still parked in the grass facing the wrong way a couple of days ago. Has the IPL looked at it yet? If not, then the IPL owes my daughter an apology when they cited her car for parking in our grass. (Actually, they cited me as the homeowner, even though it wasn't my car.)

    P.P.P.S. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but I just got an e-mail from "Friend of Lou" (lou@possibilitycity.com) entitled "Louisville: City of Scandal". My kudos to Ed Springston for the great work that he has done in exposing some of the city's scandals. It's too bad that there are so many scandals in Louisville that there is a need for a blog like this.

  15. ConcernedIPL said:
    ... and if I have a problem with someone, I will let them know to their face.

    UNLESS, of course, he posts to a blog!
    And then he lives by a second/double standard!

    Every "point" that this guy has written is totally negated by his claim of letting people "know to their face" and then hiding behind a newly-created blogname that is untraceable!


    This boy is hiding behind an untraceable blogname that was just created in March 2009.

    He doesn't have the courage to post his name, yet makes the above claim that proves his double standard.

    What a nice little world in which he lives!

    My role, on the otherhand, is that of a whistleblower. I also support others who take up this cause.

    For, out of necessity in this corrupt Louisville city government, I operate clandestinely.
    And I am remarkably effective.
    No union. No tipline.
    Just using the tools already in place.

    Since you (in your latest rant) seem to want to protect the status quo within IPL, you have earned a special place on my list. There are only a limited number of folks like you in IPL. My contacts within IPL will provide me with a list of folks who are likely to have an attitude like yours. It will be a short list, as your style is in short supply at IPL.

    Then I will diligently research matters.

    Semper Fi.

  16. "South Ender" ("A REAL Progressive) is a crackhead and is getting ready to get busted so dont worry about him.

  17. To Mrs.Springston. After reading your blog about IPL, I would like to say a few words. Yeah IPL could use a little brushing up, but you're ignorance justifies what people portray IPL as being. IPL does help in many diffrent ways of the community. Maybe if you're poor mother was in need of assistance and needed help, maybe you have a diffrent outlook on things IPL can do. You are NOONE to judge ANYBODY. Just because you washed out in any political encounter you sought, you should not pass judgment on anyone or dept they may represent. As far as Baugh recieving a complaint, he probably did, tell your moranic son to quit parking in yard. Since you think you know everything about law, ordinances, etc. You should know better and lead in example. You want to be a leader in this city, start by leading yourself/family. I can agree that Baugh is somewhat of a pest, he is still doing his JOB! Get one and you'll know what I mean!

    As far as IPL, I do see it fortunatly getting better. A major problem has since left the dept which now holds in the balance of somewhat competant supervisors. If you want to sue the city/Baugh then the only advice I can give as I did for several yrs, "stand in line". You think you have sources that give you info. These pessimists are just angry at the world to, and tell you what you want to hear so you will have something to do at nite/day while doing nothing. I just hope that one day Sanford moves next door to you and you look at his junk day in/out and have to beg for someone to help the situation. Just don't leave your name in the complaint, as ALL IPL knows who you are, and would definitly make it a priority to help you in every way.

    I see that you guys are the bottom feeders of today's society. Condoning a person for doing a job that you so much wish you could do, don't lie, come on! Maybe if you want some lienancy in how laws (rules) are enforced, I would suggest a small secluded cabin nestled in the hills of Hazard, Ky. Check it out, it is on craigslist. But wait, I am sure the mountain men wouldn't want such a WORM coming in to BREED with their kind. That would be one messed up individual!

    In closing I would like to say that you do not intimidate anyone if that is intent. But rather show how angry you are with yourself, and life. But do check out the ponderosa listed on craigslist. Sounds like the ideal place for a junkie ford ranger!

  18. Ah you "anonymous" insider posters kill me sometimes. Really. I love how you totally ignore the facts to anything. LMAO. The facts are simple. And documented. And proven. The idiocy that is IPL will be coming to a close thanks to the moronic efforts of abuse so prevalent from folks like Michael Baugh.

    The sad thing is rather than support your argument you decide to go on a personal rant which further devalues your position with most folks.

    Many of the IPL people are good people who are just as concerned about what is going on as we the citizenry who suffer from the idiocy of people like your hero(or husband ;-)) Michael Baugh.

    Many IPL folks have come to me in confidence complaining that they are not allowed to help the people anymore. They cite examples of being able to in the past perhaps go help repair a home, fixing gutters, or paint, for an elderly person to keep them from being cited.

    You know volunteerism in your neighborhood, community involvement, making the world a better place, earning the respect of those you represent.

    Not anymore.

    While many IPL officers in the past have donated time, money, and material to helping better our community with active involvement in helping those who need it most, they have become disillusioned as well with the gestapo tactics now employed by leadership.

    The comments to me simply have been this is not what we are supposed to do. Since it is more than one source who does this daily for a living I am inclined to believe them and I quite agree.

    They want to serve the residents in our community not hurt them. Unfortunately they are no longer allowed to do so.

    They are now looked at like invasion police and their lives literally in some ways are jeopardized thanks to the efforts of those who, like Michael Baugh, have allowed themselves to be bought and pass it on to the citizens of our community.

    So thank your local Mayor, Zoning leadership, Bill Schreck, etc, and some Council members, eh Bob Henderson?, for allowing this to happen.

    And oh by the way, according to public records Bob Henderson called in my complaint.

    So much for the anonymous neighbor theory huh?


  19. I understand the anger over IPL. What a worthless organization. I am president of the Jurisdictionary of Louisville. We meet every second and fourth Tuesday at Shoney’s off of Fern Valley and I 65 at 7pm. We teach people how to go to court and win. It seems that most people want to complain rather than solve the problem.

    Now I am not a lawyer, so this is not legal advice. It would seem to me that if someone wanted to sue IPL that they would need to identify a civil right that the IPL officer has violated. Once that right has been identified and suit bought upon that officer you have created an opening to sue IPL for failure to properly train their employees. Most anything else would be spitting into the wind.

    If you would like more info on the Jurisdictionary of Louisville, feel free to e-mail me at Don_FitzGerald1953@yahoo.com

  20. Another example of the way IPL 'helps' the people of this city:

    "According to eyewitnesses, two white guys estimated to be in their mid-20s were seen about 8:30 a.m. (in broad daylight) going up both sides of Market Street with spray cans. The witnesses called police, but the callers say there was no response from police.

    The graffiti artists got away. The graffiti was reported to MetroCall. And according to property owners in the area, the city responded by sending out IPL inspectors to write citations for the building owners.

    According to Robert Kirchdorfer of IPL, standard procedure for graffiti left on privately-owned property is to alert property owners by writing citations. Property owners get about a week to fix the problem before inspectors are sent back to the site to see that owners have cleaned up their property. If not, owners can be fined. {wow, is that ever a 'helpful' response to the graffiti problem or what? Fine the VICTIMS! Makes perfect sense, right?}

    That, of course, is not the kind of response property owners want from the city."

    As a certain ex-president might say, "Heckuva job, Schrecky!"


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