Thursday, March 19, 2009


This just in. There are no CURRENT work permits on the Katie King home that is the subject of part of the KREF complaint I filed. After doin a search of the address at the IPL website there are NO current permits pulled for work on the home.

As a matter of fact the only permit it shows on record was one from 2005 for electrical repairs done by Payne Electric.

This raises even more questions primarily this one:

As a Metro Council member, and prominent contractor/builder, would Jim King not be aware that he has to have a permit to do work on the home?

Logic says no.

Yet one more example of trying to duck and cover in my opinion. Take a look for yourself:

Once again have fun........


  1. Your link brings up a blank page. You need to search and address, which you don't post.

    Not all renovation work requires a permit. If you replace electrical fixtures, no permit required. If you replace plumbing fixtures, no permit required. If you replace windows, doors, drywall, panaling, flooring, no permit required.

    98% of all home remodeling does not require a permit.

  2. Figures. Shady ass family!! If that's not proof they are trying to cover all this up I don't know what is. So, what could come of this??

  3. Sorry on the link folks it was working last night and is not now for some reason. When you click the link go to the top where it says property browser and type in the address 2440 Tyler Lane.

    It will show you the info that way until I can get it fixed.

    Thanks for letting me know.


  4. To do the amount of work that they claim to have done, there are probably some permits that would be required, I would think.

  5. Well congratulations for putting folks out of work because they don't have the proper paper work from the damned government.

    Can't do nothin' without the damn government... *grumble grumble* free country my ass *grumble grumble*

  6. I agree that this seems petty, unless there is major work being done on the home and a permit is required.

  7. Well anonymous if anyone is put out of work because of the "government," in this situation, you can thank Jim King. He is the one who makes sure everyone else has to follow the rules, therefore, he is not allowed to disobey them himself.

    IF he wants to apply the law to others then he must himself be accountable to the same.

    He is not above the law as he, or anyone else, may think they are. Considering he is using his own crews to do the work no one is out of work because of it. He just pulls them from another job.

    Thanks for trying though.


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