Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You know many questions have been asked concerning Jim and Katie King, and many unanswered, but this one is an obvious one for any rational thinking person. As you know King has claimed the appraisals done on Katie's house were done appropriately. As a matter of fact one of the reasons cited for the appraisal being so above norm for the area, according to the comps I gave to the KREF which do differ from the ones they supplied, clearly claim that the interior had extensive renovation done.

So what is the question?

Simply this.

If the interior was recently extensively renovated then why would you have to do the same thing again AFTER the appraisal was challenged in a complaint?

This appears to be what King is doing now. Trying to justify the inflated appraisal. I mean why else would you send a virtual army to renovate the interior immediately after you have it stated that it already had received it and the house is up for sale?

I do not know but here check this for yourself:

Of course there is absolutely nothing illegal about doing a renovation but the timing is suspect based on the record. So many questions yet to be asked. In a word?


Stay tuned and have fun....


  1. So did anyone check to see if he has permits for that work?

    Most likely will need a electrical permit, building permit, and plumbing permit.

  2. I wouldn't doubt it if this was being done by her brother-in-law/relatives that do this sort of stuff. Man they are scared! He is just throwing money at this thing trying to cover it up. Wonder if they do have permits, or any proof that updates were made previously to justify the asking price. Think the fence, which she got in trouble for a few years ago, and possibly the deck were worked on some time ago. Wanna say she tried to sue the city of Kinglsey over some BS she was trying to get out of due to the fence.

  3. If you copy and paste this link in your browser, you can see if Ms. King has been getting her permits. If she hasn't been, I would say do some screen shots of the page. I don't have her address, so I can't look up the permits.

  4. Thanks for the info. I checked it out and there is currently NO permits listed for this house of Katie's. There also has only been one permit issued to this address and it was an electrical permit in 2005.

    Here are the links for verification:

  5. The devil is in the details ....


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