Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As all of you know by now Jim King was given an ultimatum by the KREF. Submit documentation they requested, along with sworn statements and documentation of personal money gifts to Katie from Jim during her campaign, by May 15 or be subject to further investigation.

I guess King's attorneys Sheryl Snyder and Joe Terry either decided they could forego that or delay the request further. They waited until late Friday May 15 to inform the KREF that they would overnite bank deposits etc, but needed an extension until June 12 for the sworn statements concerning the personal money gifts from Jim to Katie.

This was reported by WLKY by Andy Alcock in their online version here: Judge's Attorneys Request Extension In Campaign Finance Probe - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville. Why the online version and not on air?

That is a whole other story.

In the meantime logic tells you that if you give a family member money or gifts, especially since you know the law regarding campaign finance, you certainly are not going to need 4 months, (original complaint filed in February at which time King responded he believed he could give Katie unlimited amounts of money),to figure out where the money came from and how you gave it to the family member. Yet this is what we are being force fed.

King's accounting group to my knowledge did all the accounting work for Katie's campaign, the bank account was with King Southern Bank to my knowledge, and Jim King was the acting Campaign Treasurer for one week which happened to coincide with when a lot of the money being questioned, including the mortgage loan outlined previously, came into play.

So with this in mind is it really feasible to believe it takes an additional month to gather information concerning the personal financial gift side of this? The KREF requested this info on April 30 and allowed 15 days to gather it. Plenty of time since all the documentation of the campaign and King's finances are ALL in house without a need to go to extremes gathering information from outside sources. Or so it would seem.

How foolish or gullible do they think we are? That is the sad thing. You have arguably one of the best constitutional attorneys in Snyder, and one of the best election campaign finance attorneys in Terry, for the State of Kentucky representing the King's on one side. Then you have one irate citizen, and former candidate for Mayor on the other in me, and this is the best they can do?

In my opinion, either King is pulling these strings against the advice of his attorney's or Snyder and Terry are overrated at best.

I personally do not believe Sheryl Snyder or Joe Terry are overrated. You do not get a reputation of being one of the best by sitting around. They do however have the responsibility in representing their clients wishes, legally and ethically, to the best of their ability. Perhaps this is the only thing they can do. Maybe their hands are tied. Maybe not. Who knows.

I do know tis this could have been done in a week but since the delay tactics have taken place it has forced me to look deeper ecery time I look at this and the deeper I look the worse it becomes. Seriously.

I know I would not want to be the ones representing King right now but I sure wish I had the money he is spending on them in my pocket. I work for free they are getting good money lol.

I have many attorney friends among others so they will not take this personally but every time I get into this case, daily these days, I am reminded of an old joke:

What is the difference between a lawyer and a carp in the river?

One feeds off the scum at the bottom the other is a fish.

Your thoughts?

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