Friday, May 8, 2009


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case I wonder how many words were spoken when the FOP paid to have these banners flown over Churchill Downs on Derby day. While the world was watching, and believe me from the phone calls Abramson staffers made they were watching too, the FOP showed the Mayor they would do what it takes to stand up for safety and the people of our community.

I say good job guys. While we continue to short change our safety personnel, police, fire, and EMS, the Mayor continues pouring money into Cordish group.
All this at the expense of those we rely on for our safety well being.

One great example of how our illustrious never ending tax money was spent for Derby? It seems that Cordish Group split the $150,000 fee to get Paris Hilton to show up for their party.

Oh and that paid for 30 minutes of her time there.

Pretty pathetic isn't it? We give Cordish yet another monetary gift to hire a no talent bimbo to show up at a party that no one cares who she is?

Well most of us anyway.

Do we need even more from this Mayor to show just how pathetic it is getting here?

I am sure the Council could have spent that money wiser and I do not have much faith in those rubber stamps as most of you know.

Enjoy the pics and thanks FOP.


  1. Glad to see you back posting. You cannot begin to understand how much this blog means to the Metro employees who suffer under Jerry. You have to understand we live in this community too and to see it lose our potential because of one man's ego is frustrating.

    Keep up the good work Ed!

  2. Sorry for being so slow on posts. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I am working towards funding to make this a full time gig so we will see what happens with sponsors and ads in the future.

    In the meantime, thanks for the kind words and trust me I am not going anywhere. I may get a few days lapse right now but the fight continues for the betterment of our community and all of us in it.

    Thanks again.


    The some one who needs protecting is us from the LMPD, they are just a black hole when it comes to our tax money. The more you throw at them the more they want. Why can the LMPD spend like there’s no end to the money supply?

    Look at their pension plan, after 20 years retire at full benefits. Ok it is hazardous duty. The problem is their family isn’t on hazardous duty. Take this scenario. A young person gradates from college at 22 and joins the LMPD. They marry at 30. Have kids at 31, 33 and 34. Then retire will full benefits at 42. Now we are stuck paying for not only the police officers pension and health for the rest of their life, which could reasonably be another 42 years. That is totally acceptable, but also their spouses until their death. Not only that but their kids until they graduate from college at approximately 22 years of age. So their pension plan must pay for the health care of an entire family for a decade at least before it just goes back to the retiree and their spouse. Our soldiers in combat zones don’t get that kind of benefits.

    Not only is the retirement out of line, they get the same thing while working. Free, , health insurance for themselves and their entire family. Free for the officer would be completely acceptable, even though most Metro Employees have to pay a small amount for their personal coverage.

    Now let’s talk about back handed deals since they brought up Cordish (even though I agree that last deal was idiotic, but of course the LMPD believe they should have gotten the money). Any honest police officer will tell you this is how retirement works in the LMPD.

    They give a captains test, the test results are good for one year. To make this simple lets say best score gets the first captain position that opens up automatically. At the end of one year the test results expire and everyone retakes it. Before that happens though here’s what goes on that no one hears about. The Captain will let it be known he’s “considering” retiring, putting out feelers so to speak. So if you’re at the top of the list you want the captain to retire so you can move into the Captain spot. So you offer him an incentive to retire. What is the incentive? Cash, cold hard Cash. I’ve heard as much as $10,000 changing hands. Of course this is all under the table and tax free. It an can also work the other way, the captain can be bribed to stay on until after the next Captain exam is given in hopes that your score will put you at the top. Anyone who denies this goes on is lying. And it has been going on for years.

    The FOP is wearing thin on their reputation the same way the Mayor has done. The FOP needs to STFU.


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