Sunday, May 31, 2009


How to get reelected without trying: Rumor has it that Abramson will NOT run for reelection in 2010. True? Who knows. Could it be that this is just a ploy to get more Dems into the race thus splitting the vote to gain the nomination in the primary due to his recent negative coverage? AHHHH straight from the Bob Henderson reelection campaign booklet huh. My, how the mighty have fallen.......

Wayside Shrewd business move or payback? With all the recent criticism in regard to Wayside Christian Mission one has to wonder where the real truth lies. Rumors have abounded for years about possible gambling problems by Tim Moseley none of which have been confirmed to date. And what exactly is the relationship between Gus Goldsmith and the Mosely's anyway Getting a Late Start . Who knows but one thing is for sure. According to property records the Moseley's spend their property taxes in Indiana and not Louisville. Why reside in Indiana if you truly care about Louisville? Are there no homeless there for exploitation? What salaries are paid through Wayside for this great public service to the Moseley's?

Follow the money it always tells............

Planning and design: We all know by now that JAVANON essentially gets to keep the building built in violation, or at the very least, against what was implicitly agreed to. Secret meetings, read here Secret of Secret Meeting Revealed agreed to by none other than Charles Cash, Bill Schreck's right hand man, and Schreck himself. We have to wonder when will we finally say enough is enough and rid ourselves of these political cronies in Cash and Schreck. These two clowns are not apparently smart enough to be dog catchers and that is saying a lot considering the amount of trouble that office is in as well.

Let's not forget Michael Gordon and the Tucker House. Originally fined over $700,000 for knowingly destroying a historic building, depending on your perspective of course, finally downgraded to about $65,000 to restore what he was already going to restore anyway. And, oh by the way, what money is leftover will go into some sort of historic preservation fund or something like that.

Don't we just love to see how much we all get along? Of course we would get along better if the idiots at Zoning would apply the rules equally across the board and quit harassing homeowners for the $100 fines while allowing these idiots to prosper at will.

Perhaps if we added up all the investigations in Abramson's government and put the pieces together we would finally see the fallacies and paybacks we pay for to his cronyism and pathetic leadership.

Hopefully we smarten up enough soon.

Your thoughts?

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