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You know vindication is a wonderful thing. I feel vindicated today thanks to a great story in today's Courier Journal. City official knew secret meeting on Javanon was illegal The Courier-Journal Finally some real investigative work. It is about time thanks Chris Otts.

For over a year now and beyond I have been working to expose the lies, corruption, and general idiocy of those in government and Abramson's leaders. In this case IPL and Planning and zoning have been one part of the focus. I have been determined to expose this monstrosity of ineffectiveness and callousness of the so called leaders of this agency.

Today yes vindication exists. In my mind anyway.

According to this from the article:

Louisville planning director Charles Cash knew it was illegal to hold a secret meeting of a city zoning board in the controversial Javanon Soccer case, and he made arguments during the meeting that favored the soccer club, according to e-mails obtained in an open records request and interviews with members of the board.
When The Courier-Journal asked about that meeting later in April, Cash said there was "no intent" to violate the open meetings law.

But when he first proposed the meeting, according to the e-mails, he suggested splitting the board into two groups "to avoid the public notice question."

Ah and therein is the illegality. Cash knew it was illegal. So did Schreck as evidenced by his add on to the Cash email between Bardenwarper and Cash simply saying ok essentially.

Of course you then have to realize that Abramson would take this serious and assuredly would discipline or threaten to right?


His statement?

"I have personally spoken to Charles Cash about the issue, and he has acknowledged it was a mistake," Abramson said in the statement. "He has assured me it will not happen again."

Asked whether Cash or Schreck will be disciplined as a result, mayoral spokesman Chris Poynter said he would let Abramson's statement "speak for itself."

Yep I feel so much better that you are assured that Mr. Cash will not do this again Mr. Mayor.

One more idiotic pathetic display of cronyism as far as I am concerned.

Cash now acknowledges that he discussed the facts of the case at the secret meeting and even brought site plans. But he said he was only trying to provide context to help the board understand its charge in the coming hearing, not trying to influence the outcome.
However, the board's 2005 resolution approving the soccer fields notes that "no structures are proposed at this time."

Yep trying to provide context? Get real.

For even more hypocrisy check out the Chairwoman Judith Frances remarks:

Chairwoman Judy Francis said she "vehemently" disagreed with Cash's assertion.
"When Mr. Cash said that, I looked him straight in the eye and said that is absolutely not correct," she said.

She is as much a problem as Cash and Schreck are. You can reference the Morris dispute with Jim King and my rant on it here Check out the January 27 rant you will find it amusing I am sure.

Apparently Judith is concerned about herself again since she is now throwing Cash under the bus to make herself look good. This is so not typical of her to go against the administration as she herself gains from the political ties.

And even more from the idiots?

In an interview, Cash said the board does indeed look at details like renderings before approving buildings, but he added that by approving the site plan in 2005, the board approved "the idea" of a building.

"It was always understood that at some point in time there would be a building. … The design review of the building itself is what failed."

Understood? What is submitted is what is considered period. To state that the board "approved the idea" of a building is about as asinine a statement you can get from a so called leader of this area.

Schreck by proxy since he approved the meeting Cash wanted, and knowing it violated open meetings laws, should go as well.

Time to clean house. Get rid of the bums who are either too incompetent to do their job or believe they can do anything they want as evidence now proves.

And do not forget one thing. These are just more examples of Abramson cronies getting caught.

The rot has set in from the Abramson top down and has hurt us all for too many years.

Time to clean it up.


  1. Charles Cash and Bill Schreck need to be asked to resign or be fired. There is a history of corruption in this agency for way too long! I wish the Attorney General would step in on this one and produce some indictments on these crooks!

  2. oh for heavens sake - anyone who knows or has ever worked with charles cash KNOWS that the LAST thing he is is a crook. OR IN ANY WAY corrupt. that is just silly! very overworked for sure. consider all the complex dealings and negotiations he has handled skillfully for many years and give the guy a break.

  3. We will disagree on this. I have spoken with many people who work with and know Cash and they all have essentially agred with me that he is inept and shady in many ways.

    Of course getting caught KNOWINGLY setting up an illegal meeting to circumvent open meetings laws, with Bill Schreck's approval of course, just reinforces that IMO.

    Thanks for writing I appreciate it.


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