Sunday, June 14, 2009


You know sometimes I could not even begin to make this stuff up.

Apparently the City of Louisville has made a series of videos to promote Louisville. Great idea right? Sure it is I totally agree with the concept really. BUT when you use a landmark that you have been fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the hypocrisy is so laughable I can not even imagine what the idiots were thinking.

The Pepper fish that was the cause of so much publicity last year and even propelled Mr. Pepper himself to run for office, though he could not figure out what he was running for, is now on the front page again.

Why you may ask? Check this small tidbit in the Courier: At the water cooler The Courier-Journal

Seems the City does not mind using the image from Mr. Pepper's fish as part of promoting the City while trying to get it torn down at the same time.

Advertising firm red7e, which has a contract to promote Louisville as "possibility city," has a video showing sights of Louisville that includes a one-second snippet of the big fish (at the 4:10 mark).

Is this not so typical of this administration? Try to tear someone down but use them for your own gain?

Laugh with me folks this certainly deserves it.

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  1. Ed -

    Here is the link to that VIDEO:
    Pepper's Catish being used in City of Louisville promo

    The 1+ second snippet occurs at about the 4m 10s mark.

    Government hypocrisy in the 1st degree!


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