Wednesday, June 3, 2009


According to this from CNN money, Big city taxes: Who pays what - Apr. 14, 2009 , Louisville is ranked 8th in the most heavily taxed Cities in America. Abramson continues to defy labor and blames Labor agreements for keeping business out of here. He just does not get it does he? As I have stated over and over again the pay to play schemes and high taxes are what keeps business out of Louisville.

According to this article I am right. It just repeats what I have been saying since 2005 when I decided to run for Mayor. Abramson just does not get it or does not want to.

The way Abramson and our elected officials keep going after us reminds me of this from the Family Guy. YouTube - Family Guy - Stewie Beats Brian

Don't you just feel like the dog?

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  1. Blaming the fact that Louisville is 7th on this list on the Mayor isn't quite fair. Income Tax would mostly be state not city, Property rates are set by the state, sales tax is state and goes to the state, auto tax is also set by state. The only thing the Mayor has any involvement in is the small percentage of the income/occupantional tax and that is set by the state.

    In addition all the city ever does is waive taxes for corporations, (see GE water heater investment)so that business will move in.

    You ran for mayor, as mayor what would you have done to reduce any of the numbers in the 5 categories listed in the story?


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