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UPDATE: Apparently the backlash Abramson is receiving based on his WV comments Louisville News and Politics: ABRAMSON EXPOSED: WHAT CAN I SAY THIS VIDEO SAYS IT ALL are creating a problem for him. The announcement was supposed to be in 2 weeks but has been postponed to see if this will die down. Still plan on it by late August or early September though time is of the essence. Beshear has to name someone soon so he can start fundraising. stay tuned...

According to inside sources I am being told Abramson will be appointed Lt. Governor by late August or early September. The plan is to have Mongiardo resign to "focus" full time on his upcoming primary for Senate which will open the door to appoint Abramson Lt. Governor before the Mayor's race in 2010 and the Governor's next election in 2011.

This keeps Abramson in the Dem machine and gives him an out NOT to run next year for Mayor.

His replacement I am told will be David Tandy with the hopes being since Tandy will be a new Mayor filling the term they will peddle the notion that Tandy needs to be elected in 2010 to "give him time to get his policies in place" thus saving us all.

You know the old I haven't been in office long enough to make the changes necessary argument.

Yawn. The intent was always to have Tandy run and push him on people to replace Abramson. It really is that simple. Anyone wonder why NO ONE has announced yet on either side? This is why. Of course all bets could also be off if Abramson is considered too much of a liability since I broke the WV story out on him over the weekend.

The assumption is since Tandy will then be labeled an incumbent they will be able to keep the Mayor's seat away from anyone else because incumbents typically have the edge. Anyone else sick of these political schemes yet? I certainly am.

So since Abramson would be a liability for even dog catcher at State level this is the only way they can possibly get him the job. The party must prevail in their eyes at all costs. Always party first never We The People who deserve better. This is the crux of the problem here in Louisville, in Kentucky, and the United States.

In short, if this does happen as I am told you heard it here first. But more importantly we all lose. Start watching the spending out of Frankfort. Seriously, you will see money begin changing hands on a State level to Cordish and others as well.

No wonder we are always broke.

So to recap:

By late August or early September (this actually could have been postponed due to Abramson's exposure from my story from West Virginia but it cannot be now because it is getting late in the primary season for wannabe's) 3 things will happen:

1. Mongiardo to resign Lt. Governor spot to "focus" full time on his Senate bid (like he has a chance anyway)

2. Abramson to be appointed new Lt. Governor with the hope being his "sins" will be forgotten or forgiven by 2011 and Beshear will be reelected. Also relieves him of any responsibility for anything to own up to for the 2010 Mayoral race.

3. David Tandy (who will be exposed soon ;-)) to be appointed the interim Mayor of Louisville in the hopes that being an incumbent will keep the Dem power lock on Louisville.

I will be watching this one closely. The question is:

Will you?


  1. Ed...I can't believe it but I think you may be right on this prediction. I think it will be much sooner than September too. I'm hearing from a number of people that the series of events you describe will happen.

    I can't believe you are the one to get this right this early on.

  2. Thanks but the source brought it to my attention. I actually was told it wold happen before the end of July but I allowed extra time myself because of the fallout from the media on the recent WV statements from the story I broke thanks to a tip.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Apparently, step 1 is to announce that Jerry will replace Dan Mongiardo as the Lt. Gov. in 2011. See
    Whether your step 1 will take place remains to be seen.

  4. Very true I am being told that there was much discussed this past week over this issue since Abramson got caught with his comments in WV. Part of that discussion was how they could put him in right now with the backlash.

    It is still possible by the end of the year at the latest I am told.

    We shall see............


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