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With so much going on these days with the Abramson administration and the party politics one has to ask the obvious questions.

This week I broke the story that the media has used all week concerning Abramson and his comments in WV. You can check out the clip here: Louisville News and Politics: ABRAMSON EXPOSED: WHAT CAN I SAY THIS VIDEO SAYS IT ALL. Essentially Abramson, every time he opens his mouth, proves exactly what I said in the last Mayoral election.

The City was broke and needed money. Whether he intended the remark as a racist remark or simply stating "demographics" he argued that the City was in great financial shape and the County needed the City to bail them out. Since these comments were describing pre merger that proves his argument was a known lie and as usual he lied for his gain.

Known behavior by Abramson.

Ask yourself who was in charge of Louisville during this time? Abramson of course.

Did he take any responsibility for the problems? Of course not. But he is quick to take responsibility for everything he says is good for us.

So the most obvious question of all is this: As a City overall, are we better off since merger?

Many think not I am one of them. For the record I voted against merger.

I admit it freely. Why did I vote against it? Simply because I knew Abramson would be the first Metro Mayor and merger would cause the problems we have today.

Have we seen a lesser consolidated government? No we have not.

Have we seen unaccounted for spending? Yes we have.

Have we treated ALL our citizens equally and fairly across the board? No we have not.

The problems of the old City continue today and now the old County suffers from the same disarray and mismanagement we came to expect from Abramson pre merger. Even Abramson, during the infamous interview in WV, stated that the County voted against merger because they did not want the same problems the City had.

And for good reason as many are finding out today.

Pretty damning evidence that he knew the City HE LED was in trouble. His responsibility and his fault yet nowhere have I seen Abramson take responsibility for the problems he created and still creates today.

Our problem today isn't City versus County, though due to the illegal harassment of IPL and others working for Abramson on a witchhunt for dollars there could be a case to be made, no our problems today are what can we do collectively to change the path we are on in spite of our political leader's and wannabe's.

By working together we can make changes.

All options should be on the table including looking outside the traditional "candidate" and seeking someone with common sense not a law degree that can relate to what the majority of us go through everyday.

While Abramson blames "demographics" for the problems, agreed with none other than David Tandy the next Mayor wannabe, yet his biggest failure is not looking in the mirror at himself. Instead he blames the people who live in the hell he created and he left behind.

The very same people he continues to leave behind today.

Take the West End for example. Have we done anything to improve the quality of life for residents? No we have not. Feel free to include Portland and other area West of 6th and Jefferson. All of these people are the forgotten citizens of our community left to fend for themselves with no help in jobs or anythng else to help change the "demographics."

Have we diligently worked for local small business growth and development to keep our dollars at home and aid our community? No we have not.

Is our financial stability at stake? Yes it is.

While Abramson continues to fight AGAINST labor, in favor of part time service economy wage jobs, and sends our money to outsiders like Cordish we continue to get further behind and our problems get worse.

One of the biggest problems is the rubberstamp Metro Council that always votes his way for their own personal gain. YES this includes the entrenched rubberstamps who want to be Mayor like Jim King (who is under investigation now by multiple sources for his involvement in daughter Katie's campaign), and David Tandy who sings Abramson's praises every chance he gets.

Are either of them worthy of the office? I think not. They are proving themselves to be the same old breed of politician that got us into this mess. We need leadership not the same old recycled entrenched party partisan politics. For people who are supposed to be so intelligent, how do they explain aiding and abetting this Mayor in this City?

The Democratic party today is all about backslapping good ole boy politics who take care of their own. No wonder why we continue to get liars and thieves in key positions. Think Kim Bunton if you will. Heck think Abramson at any level who believes taxpayer money should be used with companies like Cordish with no strings attached for accountability. This alone is criminal to me.

He is the steward of our tax money and gives it away with no accountability? Come on where is the common sense.

Think about the great jobs "friends" of Abramson get like Deputy Mayor Summers kids getting good paying government jobs and so many others I could not list them all.

Yes pay to play and good ole boy politics are alive and well and destroying every aspect of our government at every level.

When do we collectively step up and realize one thing. Abramson is going to leave and he is leaving us in a world of hurt financially. Think about the millions and millions owed to firefighters for example somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million.

He will not have to worry about how to fix that mess he created now will he? Where we will get OUR accountability of him?

But of course his buddy lawyers got paid well by our taxes to try and defend his stance. Either they are incompetent, in my opinion since the bucks did not win them anything losing at every level, or this was just a way to pay them by Jerry.

That is just one example. Think of every board he sits on and benefits from. Every one of which fund him and his field of dreams further denying us fair taxation and opportunity.

The problems he, and his rubberstamps like King and Tandy, have created will last a whole lot longer than he will. How do we fix it?

Get rid of the partisan hacks and open our eyes to someone new. Regardless of party we need someone who can come in make the tough decisions and go home.

At the end of the day isn't that what we all do? Make the best decision we can tough or not? With all of the collective so called "intelligence" and degrees, why can't they?

Common sense and integrity is what they lack.

Do we?

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