Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have had a couple hundred phone calls over the last month or so asking me when I will announce my intent to run and offering their support when I do.

At this time it is under consideration and has been for some time. Sounds like a cop out I know but last election I ran to try to make sure issues were discussed not the same old political garbage we have come to expect. It was important then to try and change the landscape and get real answers for all of us. Win or lose that election (and of course I knew I had no chance) it was the goal to get people informed. UNITY in the commUNITY simply meant all would be included in the process equally and fairly. We could work together for the common good regardless of party.

I made a decision going in that I would not make fundraising a priority because I respected how hard it is for the majority of the working class here in Louisville to make ends meet. They did not need that extra burden by asking to give more. I chose to sacrifice that need for the greater good.

Sad to say that running a political campaign requires a helluva lot of money which is why the poor and middle class typically get under represented. They simply cannot compete with the millionaires like Fischer, King, or the party machine. Sad but true.

From the 2006 race I learned one thing. There are literally thousands of us who believe the same thing. We need new leadership that will work for ALL of us not for their own selfish gains or intent but because they understand that a commUNITy encompasses everyone equally. We need someone who does not have an ego that must be nourished for their own gains, but one who has common sense and good judgement. Someone who will listen to all sides and know going in they do not have all the answers but collectively working together, even with those that would oppose you, can get them.

Since 2006 the doors have opened for me to other groups and other people who long for the same thing. UNITY in the commUNITY I have worked for years promoting.

Abe Lincoln stated "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Our house of Louisville is divided and continues to be by partisan politics. It is a sickness that is destroying the fabric of Louisville, our Commonwealth of Kentucky, and this other thing called the United States of America.

While I will be chastised by some and accused of being a divider not a uniter because of my views on this website nothing could be further from the truth. The goal has always been to unite each of us against those that would divide us for their own gains. Partisan politics is doing just that. Think about it.

How much has been accomplished for our betterment by our Council for example? The partisanship has hurt us as much as the Mayor has. How effective has the seemingly all powerful Mayorship been in accomplishing the betterment of our communities across the entire Louisville area. Do you feel you are fairly represented overall?

Even Abramson in his now infamous WV speech explained merger was needed for a consolidation of power. Of course the Mayor has all the power seemingly. Is that representative for all of us?

Since 2006 my circle has expanded to include thousands of people who are on board the UNITY in the commUNITy and My View Matters mindset. SO many have come forward and work diligently everyday to make sure they are heard and they make a difference in their own backyards. I commend them all for standing up.

I have been fortunate that these people come from all backgrounds politically. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents. All working together for one common goal. The betterment of our community for ALL of us not a select few. We do not argue over what color we are. We do not argue for the party mantras. We work together and listen to each other and realize that no one single individual has all the answers.

The old saying is it takes a village to raise a child. Then apply that equally here. What does it take to make a City?

We realize that alone we accomplish nothing but together we accomplish much. We disregard our problems and find a way to communicate our differences through discussion, openness, and learn from each other.

I have had the opportunity to work with other groups that I did not know even existed at the time.

Groups like the STOP I.T. organization who recently announced the creation of the independent tip line and who opened my eyes to the ongoing MSD fiasco that will hurt us all economically in the near future. I have been opened to the plight even further of small business and the hardships they encounter while we fund Cordish Group and outside interests to our City. I work with them everyday. Or my work for the long forgotten labor that continues to be ignored.

I could not name the dozens of people who help with research without forgetting someone. They know without them we could not have come this far this fast. We also know our egos do not need personal glorification. It takes a team of dedicated individuals who all know we have a role to play in the greater idea.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. No one, not even I no matter how hard I could try, could possibly accomplish everything we have together individually. It is the larger goal of accountability, transparency, and ethical behavior we want in leadership that unites us.

Simply put the citizens of our Louisville are finally realizing that yes indeed it is our Louisville, not the playground for the rich boys with ego trips to run, but our City to make of it what we collectively want it to be.

Our Louisville consists of roughly 700,000 people with different needs and wants but one goal.

Leadership we can count on and leadership that is responsive to us.

Have I been asked to run? Yes. More times than I can count.

Will I? At this point there is much to consider.

I owe an allegiance to all the people I made a promise to. The promise to effect change for the betterment of us all.

Can I fulfill that promise better through the use of this website or the MyViewMatters radio show with my partner Ed Martin? Are we able to make a difference in the lives of others better through these means? Will we get closer to accountability and transparency through here or through a race for Mayor.

Is it more cost effective to continue this way or spend money on an election.

Financially this is tough as well which is one reason I started asking for donations and selling discounted radio ads. Are we profitable yet? Nope but we are hanging on. That's why I work a night job as well. I am not an unlimited resource nor are those that work with me. We struggle everyday with the same problems most in our community face. Trying to survive. Much is sacrificed but so much more is gained. Freedom isn't free andnever was. Louisvillians understand that sacrifice is necessary when working for something greater than yourself.

Radio air time costs money. Open records requests cost money. I work for a living just like the majority of us do. I am no millionaire playboy like so many others who want to be Mayor for their ego. My ego does not require it. I will continue until I cannot. It really is that simple. While many continue to try and discount me personally many more work with me to make a difference here at home where we live.

I must be true to the people on my promise. It is a matter of integrity.

Have things gotten better or worse since 2006?

Is there anyone running who has the common sense and intelligence to actually LEAD us in a direction that will include ALL and not leave some behind?

Hopefully someone with the honesty and integrity we lack will step forward soon. If not then my course is clear.

I will say this. IF I decide to get in the race the announcement will come by mid- September. Certainly by then all the wannabe's will have stepped up and just maybe I would find one to work with and help elect. No one can be an official candidate until November 1 anyway. Anyone can file an intent.

In the meantime here is a copy of my letter to Louisvillians outlining my intentions last election that I sent out beginning in early September 2005. They are a simplified copy of my goals outlined to the media. Of course most did not ever see them. The paper and media outlets refused equal time for coverage until late in the race after I debated.

Check them out and see what you think. Have we addressed any of this yet? Will the "front runners" finally address it this election? Are the ideas or opinions off base and not workable?

Ask the candidates the serious questions and gauge their responses. This election is crucial to the future of Louisville. We do not need more millionaire playboys who want power for their own gain. We need regular people.

Let me know who you think qualifies and why.

If you have any relevant questions you think should be asked this election write me and let me know. I will be putting together a questionnaire myself for any candidates. If I choose to run obviously that would limit my ability to do this type stuff.

Let's open the discussion.

From September 2005:

Dear Friends:

As a candidate in the upcoming Mayoral election here in Louisville, I write today to seek your support. There are many things that we must address.

An issue long ignored by our current leadership is Public Safety. We need better police funding to include more officers and full funding of anti crime and anti drug initiatives. We also need to insure fire safety both in the City limits and the many volunteer districts that remain. MSD needs money to upgrade our pumps in case of flooding as stated by Bud Shardein. Our infrastructure is too important to ignore any longer.

Job Growth in our community does not allow for the diversity of our available work force. I will improve wages in this community by going after jobs that will raise the standard of living not lower wages and opportunity. I will seek financing for small business and pursue manufacturing jobs. Without a diverse work structure we cannot succeed long term. I will be pursuing a Southwest bridge to lead the way towards an economic recovery and jobs in the Southwest corridor that has long been ignored for overall growth potential.

I will also be focusing on a West End revitalization project. This area has been ignored for far too long.

I will overhaul our government spending by conducting audits using political outsiders, hired from within the City and State. We will look at all options to obtain accountability for spending including fraud, waste, and abuse as well as pork spending from within the City budget. I will install accountability for myself to include foregoing 10% of my salary as Mayor to be set aside until DEC 31 of each year of my Mayor ship as a "bonus" initiative. If the voter feels I have earned it I get the money, less any interest accrued (which will be donated to charity on a rotating basis), if not then that money will be donated.

Public Safety, a diverse job growth program, and accountability in spending and leadership has long been ignored. These issues have been a problem for years. When it has taken this long to respond to issues that affect each of us and make our City worse, then this is an unacceptable situation for all of us in regards to leadership and accountability.

I believe people will only give you what you are willing to accept. I hope to raise the expectations of all of us for a safer, more economically diverse community, and leaner government through responsible leadership as Mayor.


Ed Springston


  1. Paul Hosse (Another Opinion)July 22, 2009 at 8:04 PM

    As someone who has run for office a few times, and been active in politics for over 30 years, I can tell you that people have long ago lost their faith in politicians of either political stripe. Both Republican and Democrat serve the same corporate masters. As Bob Dylan said, “you don’t need a weatherman to which way the wind is blowing”. All people want is a fair shake. No pandering and no spin. Just plain ole honesty will do just fine thank you. We don’t need newspaper editors telling how to vote either. We can make up our own minds.

    Running for office is expensive, and that’s the way it is intended to be in order to keep “We the People” from messing up a perfectly good scam. Very rarely does the “good guy (or gal)” win when it comes to American politics. It’s usually the one with the most money and least scruples who comes out on top. So, unless you’re born rich or hugely popular, you almost always have to have the right political machine behind you. So long as you do as you’re told, they’ll funnel the cash to your campaign (or as importantly, make sure cash gets channeled away from opponent).

    With “King” Jerry now on his way out, folks can finally breathe a sigh of relief; of fresh air if you will. The climate in Louisville has been awfully stale around here for years. I hope we can expect to see some fresh faces, and fresh ideas. It would certainly be nice to a spirited general election, but for that to happen, we need an opposition party capable of mounting such a campaign (sort of like the Republicans used to be once upon a time. I wonder whatever happened to them?)

  2. Well said Paul as usual. The facts are that when the majority lost their faith in the party then so many just gave up and forgot We The People are the government.

    They quit voting because they didn't think their vote mattered. They continue to struggle because they are force fed party mantras.

    This is what must be overcome. Can it be overcome with the same old tired party game? Nope.

    So what will it take to unite say 40% who do not vote anymore.

    Think about the power of that one block of voters. If 40% stood together and cast a vote for an outsider to the mainstream politics that person would get voted in hands down.

    Wonder what would happen if Gatewood won the Governorship?

    Talk about shaking the establishment up huh? Think our legislators would pay attention then?

    What better way to put them all on notice.

    Thanks for the comments Paul.


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